Thursday, January 26, 2017

2 Years 7 Months

  • You are my little farm girl.
  • You love the movie Frozen and want to watch it multiple times per day (not that you get to which makes you think it's the end of the world)
  • Your second favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast (mommy's favorite) but there are parts in it that scare you and you run and hide (it's rather cute).
  • You love Cinderella even though you've only seen the movie once.
  • It sounds like you watch a lot of tv and most days you don't, but it is winter so sadly some days you do.
  • You love your papa, grandma, memaw, grandma J, sissy, grandeb, grady, jared, karen, and of course your mommy and daddy.
  • Your at the point now when other people are around, mommy doesn't exist, but if mommy leaves, you'll scream for her (makes me feel good that you still want me around!).
  • You'll say you can't take your shoes off and need help, but you're one of the fastest people I know about taking shoes off.
  • You've gotten in to wearing your socks as mittens.
  • Some days you're happy go lucky and other days you cry your head off. I can't ever explain.
  • You have nightmares some days and wake up crying but put yourself back to sleep.
  • Your favorite thing to do is chores with papa.
  • You argue with anyone about whose Aloha she is, whose Memaw she is, and other random things like that.
  • You love pooncakes (pancakes), butter, chicken nuggets (but only from Chik-fil-a), bootsnacks (fruitsnacks), applesauce (but it has to be pink because you like pink)
  • You watch Doc McStuffins so you have to check our hearts and eyes at least once a day and think everyone needs a boon-daid (bandaid)
  • I typically let you sleep as close to 8-9 as I can keep you asleep. You refuse to nap these days although sometimes lose that battle, then we start showering between 7 and 9 depending on the night and settle in. Most nights you fall asleep because you're exhausted, some nights we have to totally ignore you so you will go to sleep. And that sounds way worse than it is... you just feel like you should stay up talking.
  • you are a chatty kathy.
  • If I tell you we're going to go get dressed you think that means you'll wear a dress, every time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It was a Birthday!!

It seems like on everyone's birthday, you know except for mine, we're out riding horses. Tbug's 14th birthday was no different, but she does have a thing for riding horses. I hope she always has that desire! Sadly, Abug might have confiscated her horse....

Never fear, Kansas stepped up to bat for Tbug to ride... only problem was, then Abug wanted to ride with Tbug. Aloha looked a little lost. At one point, I hopped on her back but Abug told me I was to get off her horse. Tbug said, I'll share a lot of things with you, but Aloha is mine. Gosh I love both of those girls.

I wish there was an explanation for this photo. I think Abug told me not to touch Aloha and after the third time of telling me I put my hands up to prove I wasn't touching her... but that was back on the 2nd of January so I don't quite remember.

Abug is our treat feeder. In fact, she drug papa to the barn to get treats for all the horses.

Just as we were getting done riding it started to sprinkle. Perfect timing! I was so excited to give Tbug her Birthday present from us (a new Hydros BC for Scuba diving) that I couldn't stand it anymore. I didn't wrap it though... so I made her cover her eyes. Abug then threw her jacket over sissy's head so she wouldn't peek.

Once I had the present in there, we told her to look but she wouldn't right away.

This face shows she was a little excited, but I seriously think I was more excited than she was. bummer. ha! This... this thing is cool. Because of back orders and everything else, not many divers have these right now. She's pretty special.

After she opened her presents, then we weren't sure what to do. I suggested having everyone help me take down the Christmas tree but I was quickly nixed which means I got to take it down all by myself. Typical.... sigh. So instead we went to the movies and watched "Moana." Let's just say, that's a really cute movie.

We had plans to meet up with my parents at Outback around 7 that night (you know, after the movie). Then we headed home to open the rest of her Birthday presents from my parents.

She got her own personalized Kansas City Chiefs jersey, body soap, a picture of HER Aloha, and Deb and Grady gave her 3 rash guards for scuba diving.

While I can't speak for her, I'd say she had a fairly good 14th birthday. Then the other day I realized that oh crap... next year she's getting her learner's permit. HELP US NOW!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year's Day Dive - Dive on in!

Things you'll learn if you go dive with us on New Year's Day
  1. The weather doesn't always cooperate... some days it's warm and sometimes it's cold. 
  2. We actually have people that will dive (10 this year).
  3. Pete likes to go. He's Diver Dog Pete afterall
  4. He may or may not share a seat with anyone.
  5. He might also fart, a lot... and they stink!
  6. If Dan picks on you, it just means he likes you. And Poor Kim finds a lot of things randomly in her purse.
  7. You know you're with divers if dive weights are used for more than buoyancy compensation.
  8. Pete likes to be the beach bitch. (aka sits on the shore and watches over things)
  9. Kim and I always take pictures with our tongues stuck out. It's just what we do.
  10. You can't dress yourself once you start scuba diving... you have to enlist friends.
Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bye Week

I googled it. It says it is correct: Bye Week but could be by week or it could be bi week. So you call it what you want but know I'm talking about the off week that the Chiefs didn't have to play because they were sitting second seed!

What what? or Woot woot if you prefer 😁.

So unfortunately Grady wound up back in the hospital due to his surgery before Christmas. Jared and hubby conjured up a scheme that we were going to go sit in his hospital room with him and watch the Dolphins Steelers game and the New York Green Bay game on Sunday, but he was able to "break out" on Saturday night so we changed our plans and decided to make lunch and go to their house to watch the games. One was at noon and the other at 3:30. The game plan was to make a day of it 😀.

The game plan for the meal (yes, I keep saying game plan, going with the scheme of the day....) was chicken wings because why not? Hubby made some of his "famous" salsa and the wings and carrots/celery and as a last minute thought, No Bake Cookies!

When we headed to the store, Jared asked if I knew how to make them. I really have only tried once and that was about 10 years ago or so, so after a friend from high school posted a recipe on Facebook I decided it was time to try my hand at making them. Let's just say it's a keeper of a recipe!

The wings we made, well there were multiples. Some were made with seasoning and baked, some were deep fried, some had wing sauce, some had Greek or Jerk seasoning. I couldn't keep it straight and I"m not sure which I preferred but I think it was the Greek. Let's just leave it at Oh My Gosh they were pretty darn good.

Now, ask me how much of the game I watched. Truth be told, I like football, especially the more I understand it but watching it on tv, I get side tracked a lot. And since the Chiefs weren't playing... good luck keeping my attention. Every so often I would but I wasn't sure which team to root for so I just had a hard time watching. When the Chiefs are on, I can keep my attention to a tv better and being at a stadium really keeps my attention. So there you have it. We play the Steelers on Sunday, I know that. Go Chiefs!

Tbug went out and played with the dogs some and we played in the house with them too. Playing in the house was more fun because it was chilly outside! 

And that was my day. How was yours?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Our New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve I woke up thinking about the Beer Cheese Fondue we had the year before. We didn't have any plans so I asked hubby if he'd be interested in doing that. He said sure. I also asked my parents, grandma, and mother-in-law. Low key and good food. We had to get up early the next morning so it was perfect for us. (and yes, I was in bed by like 10:30... I'm in my 30's 😉)

I also saw this on facebook and laughed. It's probably true...

The next morning we were headed to the lake for the New Year's Day Dive. I made Champagne cookies to toast in the New Year with.

That morning we headed to breakfast to discuss what else we wanted with our cheese fondue (that was just an appetizer). We went to IHOP and holy YUM! I got a dark chocolate pancake breakfast. OMG... the pancakes were awesome topped with chocolate sauce, peppermints, and whipped cream along side 4 pieces of bacon (yum), 2 scrambled eggs (yum), and hashbrowns.

We decided to go along with our Cheese fondue we'd have Pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, and mashed cauliflower (fixed up like mashed potatoes).

While it was low key, it was a lot of fun! We even had to bring out the Minnie Mouse tent and play hide and seek. I also got to chat through Facebook with a friend of mine I went to college with. It was a great New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Day night - Go Chiefs

What did you do Christmas Day evening? If you wondered what we did... we went to a Chief's game. Why yes, we are just that crazy! Especially because the weather predictions called for 90-100% chance of rain and by golly, we got that. Every bit of it!

This year was our year to have Tbug for Christmas Eve through around noonish on Christmas Day. The game was a night game so we decided that since we'd be done with Christmas festivities, we'd just head up for the game. We are season ticket holders after all. Grady had open heart surgery the Monday before Christmas so he wasn't able to attend, so we "snagged" a couple of his tickets and took my nephew and mother-in-law up with us since we didn't go to the game the previous week that we had tickets for them to attend (too dang cold! I think the high that day was like 5-10˚... NO THANK YOU) and I refused to let Abug stay home on Christmas. She's young enough now, that she still gets in on our tickets (to sit on our lap).

Normally when we attend games we're there in time for the gates to open, but being Christmas and the fact we weren't tailgating we decided to go up a little later. DANG was traffic horrible around the stadium. I think it took us 15-30 minutes just to get from the gate into our parking gate. Wow! Then we sat and waited because we got there around 5:30 or so and the stadium didn't open until around 6:30 (give or take a few minutes).

Carlene and Dan met us up there and saved us a parking spot. Carlene saw on radar that there was a rainstorm headed our direction so she went to get into the stadium a little early. We waited a few minutes behind her, then started putting on our cold weather gear (it was in the 40's-50's but the rain added a damp feel). Just as I got Abug situated on my shoulders to take off through the parking lot, the rain came. We had her rain jacket on her, hubby got the rain slickers on Memaw and Dill pickle and eventually himself and I just got soaked. We couldn't pull Abug off my shoulders easily to get one on me and it was POURING. In fact, it was raining so hard I could hardly keep my eyes open.

Let's just say, the experience was interesting. We stood outside the gates for what seemed like forever. Abug refused to keep her hood up until her hair was soaked then she cried because her hair was wet but by this time we finally convinced her to put her hood up. We got inside the gates and I put Abug down to stand with hubby and ran to the bathroom. As I was walking by some lady looked directly at me and said, you're just ridiculous. I sure hope she was talking to the person she was with.... And then it continued to rain. I wrapped Abug in a huge warm blanket and sat on the ground with her until just the last minute to go out to our seats (one thing we've noticed is all the enclosed stadiums are in places that don't really need them for weather... like sunny California, Houston, Texas, etc....). Then we re-wrapped her in the blanket and put a rain slicker over her to keep her blanket warmer and dry.

But I would like to say that our Chiefs played well. We beat the Denver Broncos! Go Team!!! We beat them with a score of 33 to 10. Yeah buddy!

We left with about a minute and a half left on the play clock which was perfect. We were able to get out without sitting in a horrible amount of traffic. On our way home we stopped at the IHOP in Harrisonville and had dinner around midnight. Thank you to the employees who got stuck working on Christmas Day. You were excellent! I appreciate you!

Hubby and I made a deal, he would drive us out of the stadium to where we decided to eat and then I'd drive the rest of the way home. I was so tired driving home that I woke him up and made him talk to me. As long as someone was talking to me, even if it wasn't all coherent thoughts, I was at least awake. I also had a water bottle I was hitting against everything. That was a rough drive home. I was awake but oh so tired at the same time.


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