Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Round and Round We Go

Last week was the Lamar Fair. I pretty much grew up there during high school and college. In fact, from the time I was 15, I think I only missed 1 until I was too old to show there. That's not to bad I don't think. And I have lots of good memories from there... like the time that I got into a water fight. I'll have you know I didn't start it.

Okay, so the water fights at the Lamar fair... At the end of every livestock portion of the fair, there was typically a water fight. The officials tried to stop it, but it never happened, so then they banned it from being under the tents (yup we were under tents at the time, now they're under a pavilion). So as long as the water fight stayed outside the tents, it was fair game. 2 friends and I had left to go get lunch. When we got back, Chelsea and I made a deal that if one of us got wet, the other would join in on the fight.

I took off running like mad because we both had kids hot on our tail, I dove into someone's sheep pens head first while she got soaked. So I walked out the front of the tent and said hit me, which caused me to get hit with 4 different buckets of water from all directions. But then, the hunt was on. What do I mean? Oh Chelsea and I were out to get all our fellow sheep participants involved in the water fight. By the end of the water fight, I'm pretty sure that most all sheep participants we showed with were soaked, including our official leader. He was a parent, but we didn't take mercy.

Those are the kind of stories I want my kids to have. Fun ones. Even though it sucked being soaked in jeans and boots, it was a lot of fun and something I wouldn't trade. Luckily for me, I brought dry clothes to go home in. Poor Lexie, a fellow competitor we got soaked, she did not, so she had to ride home pants less or so her mom told us.

Abug is too little to show yet, but when I heard the Lamar Fair was going on, I asked the hubs if we could go up one night. The one thing about the Lamar fair is that they have rides as well as the animal portion of the fair. We always start out in the livestock barns because, well, that's where I grew up. It's always funny to me to see the kids who were her age when I was showing, now being at that showing age. It's CRAZY!

Case in point... This kid right here was like 2-4 years old the last year I could show. Now he's 17 year's old I think someone told me earlier this summer.

After yacking with my friend Casey and his dad Randy for a while down in the sheep barns, and Casey and hubby ganging up on me more than once (by the way, I have multiple stories on Casey... we've been friends way to long), we decided to head up to the carnival portion of the fair.

Some of our friends were up on the square with the search and rescue team trying to promote it so we stopped and chatted with them a bit before taking Abug over to ride rides. They gave her suckers and got her all hyped up on sugar. Good times! Abug has never ridden carnival rides before so we went to see what we could let her ride. You had to be 42' to ride most of the rides and she isn't quite tall enough, so we bought some tickets and she rode the carousel.... multiple times. You only had to be 32' to ride it. She had a blast... plus it's like a horse, right? and she loves to ride horses... so she rode! and rode and rode and rode. 6 times to be exact.

Poor hubby knew that when I said I wanted to go to the fair and I brought my camera... some pictures were in order as well....

So while I took pictures... hubby and Abug danced. There was music playing loudly and they just had an impromptu dance session.

We stopped by our friends booth one last time before heading home. There was a rainstorm blowing in and the lightning was crazy. I tried to catch it in some shots with the carnival rides but never had a fast enough trigger finger. I sent them on to the truck, took a few last pictures and then decided getting my camera wet wasn't worth it so I headed for the truck. It started raining about 5 minutes later.

Monday, August 29, 2016

My Kitchen

Once upon a time I ran across a list of blogging prompts. One of the prompts was share the favorite room in your home, and why you love it. I immediately knew which room I would choose, I would choose the kitchen. And while that may be a bit of a stretch, here is my reasoning.

Growing up I had a love hate relationship with cooking. I loved to cook but I hated to wait for whatever it was I was cooking to finish because I was usually "starving" or at least so I thought at the time.

As I got older I started making a "hope" chest. You know what that is, right? A hope that you get married, except I wasn't hoping I'd get married, I hoped I'd have my own kitchen. Everything I collected happened to be kitchen gadgets and utensils. When Food Network started up, I used to watch it religiously, trying to learn how to cook from the greats, Tyler Florence, Emeril Lagassee, Rachael Ray, Paula Deen... I wanted nothing more to do than to learn to be one of the greats when it came to the kitchen.

I wanted my own kitchen. I wanted my own Food Network show in fact. I wanted to write my own cookbook. Oddly enough, I never thought to go to culinary school my first time through college... boy wouldn't that have been fun! I played in the kitchen of my apartments. I cooked for no one but myself. I moved back in with my parents after I graduated and started stocking my mom's kitchen with all my favorite gadgets.

But when I moved out and had my own kitchen (pictured above) I was in heaven. I could decorate it the way I wanted. I could trick it out with all the gadgets I could afford. I could cook what I wanted and when I wanted.

My grandma always said, the way to someone's heart was through their stomach by cooking good food. And while I may follow recipes more than most... I love to cook. I love to try new things, test my boundaries. Go for the gold.

But this kitchen... this kitchen is more than just about cooking. The memories are endless. My husband and I picked out the appliances (all but the microwave). We pulled up the linoleum and laid the tile. We tried to kill the kitchen aid and therefore have a gash in the tile. We redid the cabinets the way we could afford (not necessarily how we wanted, but how we could afford). We danced in the kitchen the night we found out we won a breeding to one of the outstanding studs in NCHA that year. We cried when we got the news that our baby might have a genetic disorder. We've laughed, we've cried, we've danced, and we've fought in this kitchen.

We've spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, trying new recipes, growing as a couple, teaching our kids how to cook, planning meals, looking at each other wondering what on earth we're going to have for dinner, and entertaining our family and friends.

The memories that this kitchen holds are outstanding. But big changes are coming. Changes I don't quite yet want to talk about, but know it won't be long and I'll share the details. I hate when people do things like this, but I'm afraid of jinxing life. So know for now, this is my favorite room in my house.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mermet Springs 2016

There's a story, of a trip to Mermet... oh wait, that was last year's theme song. There actually wasn't a theme song this year... more of a quote... but I'm not putting that out there!

It's the yearly trek to Mermet Springs over in Metropolis Illinois. Last year on our way we found an Italian Restaurant we wanted to eat at. Turns out we'd have had to wait for 4 hours. This year, we made reservations and trust me, it was worth it. Italian Grill on Broadway. After dinner we went down to the Ohio River shore which was like 8 blocks or so. The weather was perfect for an outing like this. And our friends John and Nelda met us for dinner and our walk to the shore.

Down at the shore there were all these murals on the wall giving the history of Paducah. I wish I'd have had time to read them all!

We found out that they have a concert series all summer, every other Thursday night that is free. How cool and fun is that? We need culture like this around home!

Just after sunset over the Ohio River.

We stayed at the Super 8 again this year. They've done us well, especially since that year that we were kicked out of that one hotel at 2am.

Friday was the first day we headed out to Mermet Springs. We like diving on Friday and Saturday so we have a leisurely stroll back home on Sunday instead of a rushed drive home on Sunday.

Just your friendly fresh water shark... lol.

Saturday is when the big group shows up. This year our numbers were down. I made sure to bring my tripod so we could do photos like this. This was missing one member, Justin, who got in at 2am and wasn't quite awake for this photo op.

It poured. Did you know that Scuba diving is a dry sport... lol. Oh come on, my scuba diving friends get that joke :).

Gorilla... that was my mascot during Grad school.

This little girl kept everyone entertained on the surface. Once, Dan came up and said he wanted a sandwich. This little 2 year old ran over to the bread and started trying to make him a PB&J sandwich. He came and helped her, but if he didn't want the sandwich, he never said. Instead he ate it with joy and bragged on her. She's quite a pistol!

The 727 from the movie U.S. Marshals.

We might have been having fun with the diving bell... just maybe....

And that makes for another memorable trip. This year, Karen and I went diving together, I lost her, she lost me. We finally found each other and had a happy reunion. Such a fun and great trip!

Monday, August 22, 2016

I am Superman

This weekend we went on a trip to Metropolis, Illinois. Do you know the significance of Metropolis? Well of course that's where Superman lived/worked. Now is it really Metropolis, Illinois? I highly doubt it, but they have Superman everywhere.

My friends and husband surprised me. As we all know I love pictures and said I wanted to go take pictures with Superman, but I thought they forgot about it. Ok, no big deal. But, nope, they came through. We found Superman yesterday morning (Sunday) before heading out of town. I love my people!


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