Friday, April 29, 2016

The Peanut Post - A 22 Month Update

  • You've traded all other shoes for your new light up rain boots.
    • You even wear them with capris and riding horses....
  • You attended your first Trails for Kids trail ride
  • You're working on manners. 
    • The other day momma asked daddy to get her some hangers and you yelled at me... MO Peas (more please) because I didn't say please to daddy.
  • You decided potty training is for you.
    • You get Kit Kats as a reward for peeing in the potty....
  • Your clothes are 2T-3T mostly. 18 month is just snug or the pants fit fine but are too short, etc.
  • You can count with someone to around 7
  • You can say ABC to about H
  • You know cows moo
  • You LOVE Minnie Mouse
  • You still LOVE to ride horses.
  • I think horses are your favorite animal
  • You attended your first Rendezvous
  • Your vocabulary is shooting through the roof. I can't even keep up documenting your new words
  • You still love the stupid binkie
  • You try to dress yourself, even if you're already wearing clothes.
  • You've learned how to run a water hose and soak people for fun
  • You love books
  • Grandma says you're quite the shopper
  • You like to make phone calls now
  • I think Pete is your favorite dog, closely followed by Sisco
  • You're finally riding your rocking horses like you should
  • You drag them around the house even.
  • You literally put your boots by the door almost every night

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trail Riding

Saturday we were headed to a friends surprise 70th birthday. The birthday party just so happened to be held down at Crag O'Lea, and it wasn't until that evening so we decided to go trail riding during the day. Hey we had to have a cover story as to why we were there, right?

To enter the trail you have to go up a steep hill. Then you can either ride along the ridge or go straight back down the other side. I was on our old gelding (he's 21, it's okay to call him old) and he was asking a little fresh. Hey, it's been a short while since he's been ridden. So when we got to the top of the hill I asked Karen if Abug could ride with her on Rogue. I'm sooooooo glad I made that switch. We went straight back down the hill and through a little wooded area. There was a big log down across the trail, KG didn't pick his feet up and down we went. My knee slammed against a tree and got pinned between KG and the tree or maybe the ground, I'm not really sure. The instant shock on my knee about made me sick... it was terrible. I'd say we were like 20-30 minutes in to our ride.

There was a clearing just ahead of where this happened so we all quickly moved to the clearing and Jared hopped off to check my leg. (helpful to have a paramedic with you huh?) At first I wasn't sure if I could straighten my leg or not, but eventually I was able to move it (about a minute later) so I hopped off and we checked my leg. The best part is we were all more worried about KG. Hey, it's all good.

On the way back, Abug fell asleep and wanted to sleep on her belly. At one point she threw her leg over the saddle horn and had herself all on Karen's left side so Karen spread her out on the saddle so that she was "evenly distributed" :). Silly kiddo.

KG and I were both okay, although we were both slow moving the rest of the day and Sunday too. KG had a few cuts on his front and back leg and my knee was swollen and scrapped up pretty well. 1) I'm glad Abug wasn't on with me at that time. 2) could you imagine what my leg would look like had I not had jeans on? (both sides of my knee got it although the front side was worse.

After Harriett's surprise birthday party, the group decided to go back out on the trail. I was doing good just to walk and I was tired so I stayed back at the camper and laid down. Just before they came back (just lucky timing on my part) I hobbled out to take pictures of them. I caught them coming back off the hill and through the gate. I noticed that Jared was on the ground and I wasn't sure why until they got closer. I guess Abug wanted to ride with Tbug and so once they were in the wide open field, they moved her over so she could ride with sissy.

 Here we are a few days after that... as long as I'm not running or navigating stairs, I can move fairly well but my knee is still a little swollen, maybe why I can't navigate stairs so easily...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fruit Pizza

If there's one thing I like, it's fruit. And cookies. And food really.... But... Putting fruit on a sugar cookie with a "sauce" layer... and calling it a pizza? I'm down for that! Seriously!

When my mom was pregnant with me, I guess she ate a quart of strawberries and a tub of cool whip every night. Every. Night. At that time there were 3 grocery stores in town and she would alternate between them so that they didn't see the pregnant lady coming back for more. I think when you're pregnant you get a free pass card, but who knows. My big thing was cheeseburgers. I think strawberries would have been the healthier choice truthfully....

Anyway, back to fruit pizza... So we went to a surprise birthday party for a friend this weekend. They were supplying the meat, everyone else supplied side dishes and dessert. Hubby and I were trying to decide what to make for the occasion when I suggested fruit pizza. He looked at me questioningly and I said, no really! I started describing and the "sauce" layer is cream cheese mixture. That's about when he drew the line... and suggested cool whip. I was like just trust me.

So long story short, he trusted me and while I was making the cream cheese mixture up Friday night, I dipped a piece of fruit in it and made him try it. Well, he was sold. I used my 12" Cast Iron skillet to bake the sugar cookie and there was a piece about 2 bites worth left at the end of the night. I would say that is a winner.

So how did I do it you ask? Well....... I'm so glad you asked!

refrigerator store bought cookie dough (although I'm sure you could make your own)
1 8oz-block cream cheese
1/3 cup sugar
about 1 tsp vanilla (give or take, I don't measure)
fruit (I used strawberries, kiwi, and green grapes, but you can use any combo you like or have on hand)
Jelly (I used Cherry... I think....)


  1. Place the sugar cookie dough into (or on to) your pan. I used a 12" Cast Iron skillet that I sprayed with some cooking spray just to be on the safe side (didn't want it sticking) although you could easily use a pizza pan or pie plate.
  2. Place in a 350˚ oven for 18-20 minutes. For my oven, 18 minutes worked great. You want it a nice gold brown color and when you take it out, to press down on it and it spring back. 
  3. Place an aluminum foil tent over it just to make sure it baked through thoroughly. Then remove and allow to cool.
  4. While the mixture is cooling, make the cream cheese mixture. I used my small bowl Ninja because I didn't want to have to clean my mixer as I had just used it for another cookie and the dough was still sitting in the bowl waiting for my oven to free up. Place a softened block of cream cheese into your mixer/ninja bowl. Add 1/3 cup sugar and about a tsp of vanilla (I don't measure vanilla). Turn on and mix thoroughly.
  5. Once the cookie has cooled, spread the cream cheese mixture on top of the cookie.
  6. Then wash and slice up your fruit. Grapes I sliced in half, the strawberries into fourths. Blueberries I would probably leave whole (I didn't use blueberries), just use your best judgement on the fruit. The kiwi I peeled and then sliced in half and then sliced each half into moon shape. Like I said, use your best judgement.
  7. Place on top of the cream cheese mixture.
  8. Next mix your jelly up and use a spoon to glaze over the top.
  9. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour if not over night.
  10. Refrigerate leftovers (If there are any...)

And I'll leave you with one last funny story. We pulled jelly out of the pantry and there was no label on it. My mother in law made it for us and I guess the label fell off or something. So I grabbed 2 spoons out of the drawer, one to taste the jelly with and one to use for drizzling. I took a bite to see what flavor it was and couldn't decide so made hubby try it. He thought it tasted like honey. We were puzzled but I used it anyway. Then after I was done drizzling I took a big ole bite of the jelly and thought it tasted like cherry pie. So We think it was cherry jelly that had been sweetened with honey. But who knows :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Time for a Change

For months I've been talking about chopping my hair off. I kept letting it grow because I wanted to donate it to Locks for Love or some sort of place again. So I just kept letting it grow. It kind of got ridiculous.

Then came the day. After a chop and trim, I'll say it came close to 4-6 inches off. Not enough to donate. I needed it long enough to pull up into a ponytail and... I didn't want it tooo short. I feel like really short hair makes my face look chunky. Maybe it does anyway, I don't know, but short hair makes me feel like it does.

Then we decided to put highlights also. I was kind of tired of the boring mousy brown and needed to cover up my gray hairs too. Now at least they blend in if nothing else.

And this is the finished product. I always joke about doing something crazy and usually wind up with a similar haircut. Oh well, maybe next time. And while I'm at it I'll dye it some random color too ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trails for Kids 2016

{WARNING: Picture Overload... again...}

So what we were up to this last weekend? Well it involved friends, camping, and horses. What more could you ask for? Hubby took Thursday off and he and Jared worked on moving horses, trailers, stuff down to Underwood's Crag O'Lea in Pineville, MO, for the weekends adventures. I met Karen after I got out of school and picked up Abug and she got off work, then we headed down.

The evenings meal consisted of Steak and potatoes. A good kind of hearty meal :).

Then our friends Tony & Stephanie couldn't get power to their camper, so the men went to work trying to rewire the box and figure out why. And just like that (you know like 20 minutes later, not bad) they had power. Woot woot! Nothing like rewiring by flashlight. Tony had a flashlight on his head and every time he'd look away hubby would grumble at him because he took the light.

Then we wandered down to the tent. I guess I should tell you this weekend was Trails for Kids. It is to raise money for the Tri-County CP Center.

Once we got to the tent, we checked out the lighting that hubby/Grady/Jared/Jason helped wire up. There was a dance floor so I turned on baby girls favorite song, "Girl Crush" and she and daddy danced. Then Jared tried to teach her how to break dance.

Friday morning our plans were breakfast and then to hit the trails. We had Bacon and Eggs and steak left over from Thursday night. They got out tortillas and cheese and made breakfast burritos. I knew Jared came into the camper looking for cheese but it wasn't until my second burrito that I actually found the cheese. I made the comment I thought cheese would make it better, but it really didn't. And if you look at the plate of bacon, a few pieces are burnt to a crisp... I had them on my second burrito. I wound up not eating the whole thing. The burnt bacon was not so yummy but the other bacon was excellent! We also had hubby's candied jalapeƱos. YUM!

So funny story... Baby girl was eating bacon and eggs, mainly eggs. She had a couple helpings of eggs and on her last helping, she had one bite left. Karen nor I could get her to eat that one last bite so I told her if she would eat that last bite, we could ride. She ran to Karen, gobbled up that last bite and then drug me to the horse pens. We laughed and laughed. Sadly we had to go back up to camp and help clean up before we could ride.

Then it was time to head down and saddle up horses. Abug had a friend close to her age this weekend that we rode with. ER (her initials...ha) was about to turn 5. They had so much fun and kept each other entertained while the adults got the horses out and saddled. Aloha doesn't like Karen's horse Rogue. It's kind of funny... I'm not sure if it is because he's an Appaloosa or what the deal is... but they don't play well together. They learned to this weekend though.

On our ride on Friday we ran across this tree. I'm sure there is a story, we just don't know what that story is...

Abug rode with her daddy on Friday as he rode Aloha. I'm sure she could have ridden Blonde Barbie with me, but Aloha is about as bomb proof as they come for kids horses so we just felt more comfortable with her riding Aloha. Eventually Jared asked if Abug wanted to ride with him and she said yes, then she fell asleep in Uncle J's arms. He rode with her asleep for at least 30 minutes.

We got back to camp around lunch time and just scrounged for lunch. Eventually we decided to take the horses down to the water. On the ride that morning, Barbie wasn't real sure about water, so they decided to take her into the creek/river and get her more exposure. I'll admit my butt was raw and I wasn't sure I wanted to hit rocks if she bucked with the water (not that I thought she would) so Jared volunteered to ride her into the water. She did excellent.

Then we went back to the trailer/pen area and fed horses. Abug, ER, and I held Blonde Barbie outside the pens while all the other horses were separated so they could eat. Eventually Deb and SW got there so Abug went up to the campers with them. Hubby went to the campers too to work on dinner before the Friday night baked goods auction. We had Fajitas.

These were some of the most expensive baked goods I have seen. haha. So this cookie here is just a chocolate chip cookie I baked in a new cast iron skillet. Mine was the last to sell and I figured that sales would go down and it wouldn't even bring the $20 I had in the skillet. Um... I'm pretty sure we had to pick my jaw up off the ground when my cookie sold for $135. No joke.

Also a special thanks goes out... So they had a 50/50 pot. You pay for tickets and half the money raised goes to the winner and half goes to the CP Center. They sold $800 worth of tickets so the winner got $400. She donated $200 back to the CP Center. Awesome!!

And on a side note, Saturday night while sitting at the item auction, the people sitting next to SW were talking about my cookie and how they couldn't believe that just a chocolate chip cookie could bring that much money. Note to the wise... be careful what you say because you never know who is sitting around listening... I'll admit, I couldn't believe it either but.....

After the auction I went around and gathered up pictures, because that's what I do. I passed Abug, Deb, and SW a few times. Abug was leading Pete yelling, "Come on Pete, Come on Pete." We laughed and laughed. She had so much fun.

After Friday nights auction, there was karaoke.

So the real reason for us to all come together was the Trails for Kids. It is a fundraiser to raise money for the local CP Center.

Saturday morning's view! Beautiful!! Our breakfast was quick because we were to go out on the first trail ride of the day that left at 9am. Deb bought breakfast burritos from SAMs and that's what we all ate. They really are good. Thank you Deb for breakfast!!

Harriett brought Abug this blanket. How gorgeous is this? Abug loves it too. And it is sooooooo warm! Abug is a little protective of this blanket. She let grandma borrow it but not mommy....

And while I was getting ready on Saturday morning I saw this. Not your typical crock pot huh? haha.

On these rides, the Missouri Governors Mounted Guard is on duty :). Horses were saddled by this time, we were all just waiting for 9am.

I let hubby take Blonde Barbie on Saturday and Abug and I took Aloha. About 30 minutes in to the 3ish hour ride, Abug fell asleep and I got to carry the sleeping baby. She slept for 30 minutes to an hour, then woke up and chattered the rest of the ride.

When we got back from the ride, I started studying for Comps until Abug and I took a nap. The weather was gorgeous! Around 3:30 or so, Memaw showed up and we went down to the water and she and Abug played, throwing rocks into the water. Memaw thinks they had to have thrown at least 100 rocks into the water. We were waiting for the duck race. Sadly hubby didn't win this year... oh well you win some, you lose some ;). They gave hubby waders and he was the duck dumper. I guess the waders leaked and he got soaked. haha.

Now here's the exciting part of the duck race. They had around 500 ducks to sell. They sold every one of them. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen!

Then we had the item auction. Sadly it started before 6pm (when it was supposed to) so by the time we got up to the tent, we missed out on auction items as well as having bad seating. So I didn't know half of what sold. Hubby got a pencil drawing from our friend Robyn Cook donated and it brought about $250, then I donated a painting (I didn't do it!) and it brought $150.

After the auction Kinsey Sadler put on a free concert. She helped raise even more money.

Sunday morning breakfast was a use up breakfast. We added all kinds of things from the previous evenings meals and made the best eggs and bacon and whatever. Tortillas were thrown in as well. YUM! I think the eggs were better Sunday than Friday and they were good Friday. Karen and I had to wake Abug up around 9 or she'd still have been asleep.

Abug still was ready to ride so we saddled up horses and just the girls went out for a short (couple hour) ride. Then we went back to camp and packed up. Finally we went down and loaded horses up. Abug was STILL wanting to ride (after 3 days at 2-3 hours a piece) so we put her on Rogue bareback as we were saddling horses. (fyi, there is a person just outside this picture just making sure nothing happened to her.... not that we were worried but.)

And we raised $37,736.50. Thank you everyone for coming out!


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