Tuesday, June 30, 2015

10 Things to Smile About June

Man this summer is flying by way to fast. It makes me sad really! So I couldn't decide if I wanted to do this blog post or if I wanted to blog about Abug's birthday. I'm not going to lie, Abug's birthday still has me a little distraught. I can't believe I have a 1 year old now... So because of that... Here's 10 Things to Smile About June Mem with EmmyMom.

So in no particular order...

3. My baby turned 1 year old. I'm still in denial about this... How do I have a toddler?

5. We finally got some new family photos. I was excited and LOVE them. Yes I took them. I put my mom behind the camera to help get Addison to look at the camera and smile... we got the look at least.

9. Tbug participated in the Underwater Safari Hunt. She found an animal too!!

1. Father's Day! Any day to celebrate dad's is a good day in my book!

4. Taco Tuesday. That's all :)

2. I had fun answering questions with song titles. I'm not going to lie, some didn't make sense but some cracked me up for the way they actually answered the question.

10. This picture although it really has nothing to do with anything other than I had my sleeping baby in my arms. She was sure lovey that night.

6. So I might as well put my bad luck of hitting red stoplights to find fun things!

8. I made it through my blog crisis.

7. I finally had time to sit down with my dad and find out why our family had Santa Gertrudis cattle.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Have a Snickers

So I'm going through the multiple photos I took of baby girls birthday... trying to keep myself together that I have a 1 year old! I plan on writing a post about it... and maybe, just maybe I won't cry while writing it... but today... today let's talk about Snickers. Yes as in the candy bars...

During Memorial Weekend this became our slogan and it just stuck...

One of the mornings I hopped out of the truck after annoying hubby by pointing out that his mirrors were going to bump into Grady's mirrors. He grumbled at me and I told him fine leave it that way. Dan asked me how I was and I said that someone was grumpy and it wasn't me. Dan asked if he needed a hug and I said he needed something alright.

So that is how the motto broke out. We went around asking everyone if they needed a snickers. Because you know the Snicker's motto, you're not yourself when you're hungry. Dan had me text Carlene to bring Snickers to the dive site and from there we proceeded to ask everyone if they needed a snickers.

btw, he was asked to move the truck so the mirrors weren't so interconnected... Oh and come Safari Hunt weekend we all made sure to have snickers on hand.

Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm a Year Old!!!


Underwater Safari Hunt 2015

So in 2013 we experienced our first Underwater Safari Hunt. And by that I mean we stayed on dry land and watched as those who found animals came up to claim their prize. Sadly hubby and I weren't certified Scuba Divers at that point in our life. We didn't get certified until a little less than a month later.

Jump forward to 2014 and I was 38-39ish weeks pregnant and banned from coming down to the lake because they didn't want to have to duct tape my legs together and drive like a bat out of hell to get me to a hospital if I went in to labor.

So now it is 2015. Plans were to either dive with the divers who were hiding the animals so I could get pictures, or else dive with Tbug when she competed. Enter in what may have been the flu... I'm not really sure. I was out of commission and couldn't/shouldn't/didn't dive. But, that didn't stop Tbug from diving! She either has to dive with a parent or a dive instructor so we asked Doug if he'd be willing to dive with her so she could compete. He was happy to. Hubby would have dove with her but he volunteered to help with cooking food.

That morning we headed down to the swim beach around 8am because they were having open water check out dives for current students that morning. Also the water levels are up so much that we were afraid there wouldn't be enough room for people so we had to stake out our spots early on.

While classes were going on Tbug, Abug and I all ventured around just for fun. I am so happy these two have the sisterly bond that they do have.

Btw, can you tell how much Abug LOVES cherries by this picture?

 Now Memorial Weekend we had quite the story going on with Snickers. I can't remember if I blogged about that or not. It's late right now and I'm tired but anyway we made sure to have the snickers on hand and ready.

Tbug decided Abug needed to get in the water and "swim". Daddy said she was getting tired so we needed to get a move on it so Tbug and I stripped off our outer clothes, put Abug's life jacket on and took her into the water.

Then I decided that since one of the picnic tables was underwater, it might be easier because she could stand on the bench or sit and still be deep into the water so we ventured over to the picnic table.

Not only do I have my blog but I am the blogger for Extreme Sports Scuba. Being the blogger I take pictures of EVERYTHING so when they found this scorpion they were hollering for me to come take a picture of it.

 Finally it was time to start signing up to do the Safari Hunt. Hubby grabbed Tbug and they went over to sign up since she's "underage" and has to have a parent/guardian's signature.

And proof that the animals made it and weren't forgotten ;)

 At 1:30pm the Safari Hunt was to start. Then you dive to either 500psi in your tank or 45 minutes. At 45 minutes the duck call is sounded and everyone comes up. There were 12 animals that were hidden and 29 divers. Some of the divers were just dive buddies while others were on the hunt.

So if you don't know about Scuba Diving, you're only supposed to dive solo if you have your solo certification. We are trained through SDI and to get your solo certification you need to complete 100 dives before you can take the class. That's why some were just "dive buddies." They weren't actually looking for an animal but more so just making sure someone could dive. Now buddies makes it sound like it's just 2 people but you can dive more than 2 as long as you know that you're all doing that and you keep track of each other.

Grady gave the rules/regulations and then they sent the divers off.

At one point I saw Doug and Tbug come up and thought maybe she got an animal. Then I noticed that they were doing something so I wondered what was going on. She didn't have enough weight to go down so Doug was giving her a few more pounds. Basically you want to be neutrally buoyant and sometimes if you are too light you have to work too hard to stay under water so we add weights to our BC's (that vest thing the tanks strap to).

They finally got their problem solved and went back down. Eventually they came up and Tbug had a Green Gator! Yey!!!

So another tip about Scuba Diving. We wear dive boots that fit into our fins. It's easier to walk into the water without fins and then put them on just as it's easier to walk out of the water with them off. If you have them on in the water, the best way to maneuver is backwards.

So Tbug comes waddling out of the water and I asked her why she hadn't taken her fins off yet. She was like I don't know and then belly flopped down into the water to take them off. We all just cracked up laughing at her. Especially when she started flailing around like a beached whale. Now as you can see by Doug she wasn't in very deep water and Doug was having to help her get her fins off because she was being a goober :). That's okay the flopping into the water she gets from me, the flailing and being a goober she gets from her daddy :).

So each animal is numbered. This year they wrote the order down and then they go through the numbers. Each person then goes up when it's their turn to draw for a prize. Tbug won a collapsible cooler. It'll be great for our trip later this summer!

Someone else took the opportunity to nap.

And that was the 2015 Safari Hunt.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day

My Father's Day started out with me spouting off something about hubby could just snore by himself... or something like that. He woke me up snoring but if he hadn't... I wouldn't have seen this beautiful sunrise! This last weekend we spent at the lake, but got up early Sunday morning to head home. This was about 6am. Now if you remember Sunday was the Summer Solstice so that means the longest day of the year. I played on the swings down on the playground for about an hour and then wandered back to camp to converse with friends before going in and waking Tbug, Abug and then hubby at 7:30 to open Father's Day presents.

Hubby got Taya Kyle's book, a decorative bottle of sand, quotes and a KC Chiefs beach towel.

Then we loaded up camp and headed for home. We were having dinner (lunch...) at my parents house at 1pm. When we got home we took showers and then headed to their house. My mom got Pork Shoulders for lunch (dinner....). We fired up the grill and hubby started grilling but was "complaining" about being tired so I took over the grilling.

Abug was standing at the door and didn't want to let us back in. My MIL had to rescue us.

Before lunch we gave the dad's their presents. My dad got a huge (talking huge) container of peanut butter. My FIL got a handheld battery charger for his cell phone.

Once lunch was ready mom gave Abug her sippy cup and she downed what was in it. It was half full.... then proceeded to down a second one. Yikes.

We had the pork, baked beans, red potato salad, steamed cabbage and garlic toast. For dessert mom made her Peanut Butter Pie.

Abug thought the pie was a touch down. Then hubby and I crawled on the couch and love seat and went to sleep. My MIL, mom and Tbug entertained Abug... woops. In my defense I was sick over the weekend and getting over whatever I had. Hubby was apparently just tired.

And that's how you have a low key Father's Day.


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