Thursday, April 30, 2015

Brag on Hubby Session: 1st & 2nd Stage Certifications

So I made the comment that hubby was out of town last week and I gained new respect for single parents. Boy oh boy did I!  Anyway, what was hubby up to you might ask? And maybe you didn't, but I'm sharing anyway because I get to brag on my husband!

Hubby got the opportunity to take classes to become a certified ScubaPro Technician to work on first and second stage regulators. When it was offered to him, he jumped at the opportunity!

He and our friend Rachele made the trek to Kansas City Monday night for a product line demonstration, then stayed for Tuesday and Wednesday for the seminar classes. Rachele had to leave early though because she's graduating nursing school (Go Rachele!!!) and won a prestigious award that was being presented to her at a banquet on Wednesday evening.

René Dupré and Scott Dawson came in to do the seminar.

And you know, if there's food they will come.
Tuesday's meal consisted of Lasagna, Baked Chicken, Salad & Cheesecake for dessert.
Wednesday's meal Pulled Pork, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Beans, Coleslaw & Peach Cobbler for dessert.

The conference was held at the hotel they stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton - Airport.
Initially when the rooms were booked they accidentally put hubby and Rachele in the same room together with a King sized bed. We all got a good laugh out of that. They got that fixed and hubby had his own room.

Nights they were on their own for dinner. Monday night and Tuesday night hubby ate at the restaurant there at the hotel. He had bad service both nights. No pictures of the food or anything because hubby isn't as habitual with photos of stuff like that as I am :).

Monday night baby girl and I face timed hubby so she could tell daddy night. She also got to talk to Rachele. Then Tuesday morning we face timed daddy again.

Hubby is now certified to work on MK2 EVO, R-Series, BPI, Air2, B.C. valves, SPG's, SG10, SG50, MK11/17, MK 21, MK25 EVO, S Series, A700 & G260.

Is that all foreign to you? Don't worry, it kind of is to me too, but basically first and second stage regulators :). It's another one of those technical things that if I break it, I hand it to him and say, here fix this :) haha!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last Week of Classes

How on EARTH is this the last week of classes? Dang, I feel like we just came off Spring break. Which in a way we did... This semester was a bit of a weird one. I only had 2 night classes and an internship a week. For my internship I had to put in 120 hours plus write 4 blog posts for the school site. I've been a blog writing fool this semester!

Anyway Monday night was the last Monday night of the semester (other than next week which is Finals week and I don't have to come over on Monday anyway).

We have a final portfolio due next Monday night that is worth 75% of our grade. No pressure or anything!

We did a workshop on our Preface and then when we had an hour left of class Dr. Greene said we could all go to the bar and the first round would be on him. I'm not sure why but everyone looked at me. I'm one of 2 people who have the longest drive home... but whatever I was game. Although I really don't drink and don't know Pittsburg all that well. I definitely don't know where the bars are.

So we got directions and headed off to Lelands. We were told if you hear the Polka music you're in the right place. I'm sorry, what? Polka music? Apparently Pittsburg city ordinances changed in downtown for music or something. So some guy bought the building next door to the bar because he was annoyed with the new city ordinances so he blares Polka music all night every night. Only reason he bought the bar. I smarted off I wish I had the money to buy a building just to play music like that... although I'd do something more worth my while than blare Polka music.

Being the fact I'm not a big drinker, I only like beer for beer bread and I had to drive an hour home, I opted out for a coke. One other girl did too so I didn't feel to bad/guilty. But I went to the bar so I was a team player, right? I just don't drink really, especially not beer. I cook with beer.

Last night was the last night of Medieval British Literature. That's quite the interesting class that's for sure! We were discussing Le Morte D'arthur. So it's basically like the first novel without being an actual novel... yeah go figure. And why they put the Used sticker on the title of the book who the heck knows.

Today is my last day for required internship hours. I need 2 1/2... I wonder if I'll get those? (I'm being sarcastic... where's the sarcastic font when you need it?!?!) But you know... my internship was based off the fact I already did this stuff so why not get college credit for it. Score! At the beginning of the year I set a goal of 52 blog posts, one per week about divers who dive with us. So far we're week 17 divers in which puts me well on my way to making my goal. I also have diver interviews waiting to be published so I might just make my goal. Wish me luck!

Once today is over I have a blog post for the school, a paper (rough draft and final draft), a final, and a portfolio to turn in and I'm done for the semester. Then it's crack down time on reading 50 books for Comps next fall. Please hold me accountable on my reading this summer, PLEASE!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

10 Things to Smile About April

This month has been a bit of a struggle, I'm not going to lie. It's always fun to see how everyone's life in blog land is always butterflies and kittens, but in reality I'm pretty sure it isn't, we just don't typically tend to focus on the bad and that's maybe a good thing.

Add the stress that next week is finals... NEXT. WEEK. and I'm kind of freaking out. So in the next few days I need to finish my portfolio, write a school blog post, finish a rough draft and then a final draft of a paper (yes both, grades on both) and a final. This semester I don't feel quite as overwhelmed as I have in the past and I don't know why... Now let's hope I didn't just jinx myself... but in the mean time, let's find 10 things to Smile About so I can link up with Emmymom.

4. My baby girl turned 10 Months Old. OMG, how did that happen?

7. We helped/attended Trails for Kids to raise money for the local CP Center. As a whole, over $31,000 was raised! woohooo!

2. He has risen! Easter came!

5. You got to spend a day in Baby Girl's life - Work edition. That was followed up by a day in baby girl's life Church edition.

3. Armadillo Eggs, need I say more?

1. The last of our 3 babies hit the ground.

10. Tbug has been so busy with cheer these last few weeks and really even months. We finally saw her for the first time in over a month for a day. One day in April we saw her. Yup, you read that right. Not our choice but it is what it is.

6. I finally got new windshield wipers. Yes that makes me smile. Look how awful that one was!

9. Squirrelly girly has hit a bunch of milestones this month and while it makes this momma sad, it makes her happy too. And one day she wasn't having a nap but was tired and actually curled up on momma's chest and slept for 2 hours.

8. I attended the 2nd SW MO Blogger Meet up.

And on a sad note, do you watch Dancing with the Stars? Can you believe Willow went home... SERIOUSLY! And sadly no I didn't vote for her but I don't vote for anyone because I don't get to watch the show until later in the week. I have Monday night classes. And by the time I finally get home the voting poles for my time zone are closed. So no I didn't vote for her, but why didn't the rest of America.

Monday, April 27, 2015

SW MO Blogger Meet up and Springfield Gourmet Taco Company

Saturday we had our second Southwest Missouri Blogger Meet up. (Read about the first one here.) Fawn told us that we were the largest group of our Missouri Women Bloggers, kind of exciting, right? There were 6 of us who attended, 4 of the 6 were from the Springfield area. I came an hour and Alicia came an hour. Kate and I were the only two who attended the first and second meeting. So just who attended?
We met at a new restaurant in Springfield called The Springfield Gourmet Taco Company.

Since only 2 of the 6 of us had been there previously they brought us all 4 types of salsa, mild, sweet, medium and spicy. I tried all of them and while the spicy isn't just extremely spicy it caught me off guard and let's just say I started coughing. All were good though! We also learned that the tortilla chips are completely gluten free if anyone wants to know :).

I felt like quite the pig compared to the rest... I ordered the Gourmet enchiladas: red and green chili sauces, queso, aged sharp Cheddar, Pepper jack, shredded romaine, fresh tomato, cilantro citrus sour cream, on a bed of Spanish rice. I went with the Green Chili Ground Beef. They were good. Why did I feel like a pig though? Everyone else went with a taco. Now the taco's are large. 2 of them went with lettuce wraps instead of tortillas. Yup I'm a pig. :( bummer.

The food was good and if we're in Springfield and want tacos, we'll definitely try there but sadly I wouldn't drive an hour just for this Mexican. It was good though! Don't get me wrong.

We had a great conversation although I didn't get to get much in conversation wise. I was one of the (not the) longest blogging people from where everyone said they started.

Sadly we didn't get a group picture. In fact I think I'm the only one who took pictures. ha! I read all these get togethers where everyone feels at home taking pictures because they're with other bloggers, but I was the only one who took pictures. Please don't judge me!

Fawn brought a door prize...

and guess who the winner was!!! Me :).

So it was a great lunch meeting and it was definitely nice to put a name with a face since I feel like I'm constantly bugging Fawn with questions. Here are the states that currently have Women Blogger groups, if you are in one of these states, definitely check it out and get signed up!! I'm fairly certain they're trying to bring on more states so keep checking yours if you aren't listed here:
Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Peanut Post - Month 10

Stats: So at our 9 month check up (2 weeks ago) I was 2 feet 4inches tall and I weighed 18lb 6oz.

Wearing: Onesies range from size 3-6 to 12 months. It mainly just depends on the onesie. Pants are 6 months and higher. Your Minnie Mouse Shoes are a size 2 and you out grew them :(. Size 3 diaper.

Sleep: I hate to answer this because I don't want to jinx it but so far you're back to sleeping through the night. When you're cutting teeth though that's a different story. Usually you go to sleep around 8-10 (closer to 9-10) and you're up somewhere between 6-8 am for a bottle. If you wake up at 6 we can sometimes take a nap, other times we can't. It just depends. Naps during the day... usually 1-3 depending on what's going on and just how tired you are. Plus how long your naps really are.

Behavior: So you babble a lot... mainly momma and dadda. This week you've started waving and clapping. The clapping surprised mommy and daddy because we were driving down the road when you did that. You're also giving 5.

Eating: You love food. We really haven't found any foods you aren't caring for but you baulked at Ketchup. You like a bottle in the morning and before bed, otherwise during the day it's hit and miss.

Appearance: You have 2 teeth, both bottom fronts. They're starting to become more prominent in your smile. You still have beautiful blue eyes :).

Likes: You like tags. You like things that make noise like chip bags. You like your grow with me chair. You like the elephant Aunt Liss got you for Christmas. You like mommy. You like daddy. You like real people food. You like bath time. You like to play with necklaces.

Dislikes: You don't like being told no. There doesn't seem to be much you don't like. You become a little grouchy when you're extremely tired. HATES when you enter the house and we set you down without getting you out of the car seat immediately.

Milestones: 2 teeth now. I'm pretty sure we can say mommy and daddy. Playing by yourself more.

Mommy: Mommy just absolutely LOVES you. I never want you to say you weren't loved! I was so lucky that God picked you to be mine.

Daddy: Daddy loves his baby squirrel. Daddy's excited to see his baby squirrely girly growing.

Other: Mommy feels a little guilty because coming up on the end of the school term I've spent a lot of time studying but you've luckily gotten to spend a lot of time with grandma and grandpa. Those are times you'll never forget nor regret!

Dear baby girl,

You are the light of our life. We absolutely love you and experiencing new things through your eyes. It's fun to stare at you when you're sleeping, you're beautiful. You really love playing with mommy's school books. I just hope that someday you love to read (especially way more than mommy and daddy do although we like it!). Learn all you can and experience everything you can! It is so cute when we're driving down the road and it sounds like you're singing along with the radio. I just want you to have everything in the world (within reason ;)).

Love you so much,
Mommy & Daddy!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

9 Month Photos

A Portrait

New Mannerisms



Bath Time

Squeaky Clean-Baby

Favorite Toy

A New Trick

A Picture with Mom

A Picture with Dad

New Experience

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Five

5 thoughts:

1. I've spent most of the week writing a paper. It was due at 9am this morning. I sent the professor a question on Wednesday and she finally answered me at 11:30 this morning. I'm glad I turned my rough draft in and didn't wait on her to answer my question!

2. Hubby was out of town this week for work for a couple days. I kind of felt like a single parent. I wasn't real crazy about it but I survived!

3. My grandma is going out of town next week for a couple weeks. Please say a prayer for safe travels for her!

4. I have one more week of classes, one week of finals and I'm out for the summer. This summer I'll be busy reading 50+ books for comps next fall. YIKES! I'm scared!

5. Today and tomorrow the Dive shop that I dive with and am doing my internship with is having a huge Warehouse Sale. It looked like they might get rained out this morning but we didn't. Instead it's just been cloudy and cool all day. Oh and part of the day we listened to 80's music.... wow I didn't realize I knew so much of it (read that as all of it) and then the other part of the day we listened to Latin/Island music... that was a bit weird.

5 pictures:

I'm so glad I turned my paper in without the question answered. It's just a rough draft and she didn't answer me until 2 1/2 hours after the paper was due.

Don't ride with me if you plan on being somewhere on time. I usually hit every stop light along the way. I claim major feat when I can make it through 1 green light.

I've started planning baby girl's 1st birthday. Her boots came in!! These are for her outfit.

This tippy cup rode right there just like that for 3 days. Then hubby took my car and filled it up for me and now it's laying on its side still sitting there. I might say that 2 of those days I drove 80+ miles a piece. The third day wasn't quite that many miles but pretty dang close.

This picture cracks me up still. Just what the windshield says.

Linking up with EmmyMom

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Kayaks.....

Baby girl has hers picked out... do you?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trails for Kids

This weekend was a busy weekend. I was holding off on this post a bit for some numbers to add to it. Now that I have those let's get started. (be warned this is a photo heavy post!) First thing Saturday morning. I'm talking FIRST. THING. My alarm went off at 5:30am and I was up before it. We were headed to Pineville, MO to Underwood's Crag O'Lea for a Trails for Kid's benefit ride.

And I promise, Devil Dawg is okay... she wanted a belly rub. I just tripped over her and she still laid like that so I took her picture. (The red is coming off trailer lights)

We planned on taking Blonde Barbie but she refused to load into the trailer. Not sure why so after trying for 30 minutes and starting to run late, we decided to leave her home. The crazy part was Aloha refused to load too and Aloha has NEVER refused to load?!?! Sorry about the poor quality but it was cloudy, 6:15ish and I lightened this photo so you could see her :)

Once we got the horses loaded I started loading stuff into the truck. Don't you like how I was carrying 3 hats? I thought it worked :)

We finally hit the road about 6:45, just 15 minutes after we planned. As you can see the sun was coming up but the clouds were rolling through. The forecast was anywhere from 60%-100% chance of rain...

Once we got to Pineville, we no more than pulled in, and walked up to where a lot of the guard members were huddled around, they started pulling out the awnings to the campers because it was about to start pouring.

Hey, great use of tow hooks huh? LOVE it! And that is a Mule not a horse in case anyone questioned :)

Then, it poured and poured and poured. We're talking flat out poured rain. We're talking pouring water out of a boot pouring.We got there just before 8 and I'd say it started right around 8 and went through the 11 o'clock hour. It rained. Not that I'm complaining, I like rain, especially come July and August when it's dry as a bone here... but it poured.

The dogs all got banned to campers so that they could hopefully keep muddy paws out of the campers later.

Even little boys got banned to campers ;) (And Lee too....)

At 10 o'clock there was supposed to be a horse shoe tossing contest up in the main tent. When we got up there, we were the only ones up there and there was so much mud even under the tent. They said it poured the night before too.

The girls found a nice mud puddle to play in outside in the rain. Guess they weren't taught to come in out of the rain? haha! nah it's all good! definitely best to play in the rain while you can!

Sometime just after 11 it quite raining finally. Now the original game plan was supposed to be 2 different trails that were guided, one 4 hour and one 6 hour. Because of the rain and a potential storm to blow in around 2pm we just decided a big group of us to go out and get a ride in. We left camp just after 12 noon. And the rain we thought was over, started again. We had sunshine the last 30-45 minutes of our almost 3 hour ride. The rest of the time it rained so we rode in the rain. I guess we didn't learn to come in out of the rain either :).

We made a wrong turn along the way so we got an even longer ride which was fun. Once we got back to camp some people swapped people/horses and went back out while others went back over to the camper area and hung around. Hubby and I were hungry so we went over to the cook shack, got some grub (like the terminology!) and went and ate. We got a ham sandwich, chips, cupcake and drink for $5. I didn't that was too bad and that ham sandwich was GOOD!

Because of the 2 days of rain and all the walking through the area, the area between the campers was a total mud pit. I started out the day in my boots but quickly changed to my Muck Boots (mud boots) but before we went riding I switched back to regular boots. By that time after the ride, my boots and jeans were so muddy and wet I just stuck with them until later in the evening when I couldn't wait for clean dry socks, clean jeans and I put my muck boots back on.

Because of all the mud, the dogs got to get out as long as someone took them out on the grass, otherwise they still hung out in the campers to try and keep muddy paws off furniture/beds.

Friday night there was a baked goods auction. Deb & Grady wound up with these "faux" chicken legs. They were either brownies or cake done up like you would for cake balls? Then there was toasted coconut on the outside and the "bone" was a marshmallow. I'm not sure what held the coconut to the cake/brownie though. They were good but boy were they rich!

At 4pm there was a duck race. You could buy 2 ducks for $5. Tony waded through the water and went and dumped the ducks up stream.

They caught the 1st place duck. Then... One mistake, the catchers forgot to weight down the net and ducks escaped! So we sent the kids all out into the water to catch ducks. That was almost more fun to watch than the actual duck race.

Maggie wanted to help too :). haha! She was having a ball in the water.

From there we went back to the campsite area. The item auction started at 6pm so we had a little time to kill. Shaye took Pete through the mud so she had to clean his paws off. Stephanie gave her hand wipes to use and Pete was hanging his head in what looked like shame. It was hilarious!

Finally around 6pm we all started to mosey up toward the big tent for the big auction. They auctioned off a few items and then started calling for hubby to come up to the stage. When he got up there they told him his duck won the duck race. His share of the pot was $322.00. We knew we had duck 26 but they said 326 won so we weren't sure if we actually won or not until they validated it here. But that gave us $322.00 to put back in the auction to help raise money for the CP center. We came home with a new saddle pad and some liquor. Funny thing is we really don't drink but we were running out of things to bid on so hubby paid for some and put them back in to be resold. You know, raise a few more dollars.

Obviously the sun was out enough for this. And look at Pokey's poor shirt.

Chuck had his golf cart right in front of us. When he got up I sat down for a few minutes and this sign cracked me up.

And the grand total raised for the CP Center was...... drum roll please....... $31, 026.00.


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