Tuesday, March 31, 2015

10 Things to Smile About March

This morning when I walked into the kitchen I looked at the calendar hanging on the wall and questioned if it was on the right month. It was, it was still on March. Today is the last day. Then just typing that title again had me questioning if I was typing the right month. Holy cow where did the month go? Wasn't it just the end of February? So without further ado, let's join up with Emmy Mom for that fun monthly theme, 10 things to smile about!

10. I'm still plugging away at my 365 project... speaking of that I haven't posted yesterday's picture yet. Woops, oh well some days I post the next day :)

9. We survived our 1st sickness... it sucked but we survived and I got lots and lots of extra baby snuggles!

8. While a tragedy happened to a college friend this month, it was a reminder to hug your families tighter and it gave me a great reason to reminisce with another college roommate. I hate the reason behind it! but I loved talking to Becky. It's been far to long. I never could get Camille on the phone.

7. Warmer days means spending time outside and baby squirrel getting to swing. Boy does she like to swing!

6. Going through old photos. I have always LOVED taking pictures, just ask my mom who I used to annoy! one week in South Dakota, film Camera - 80 photos. One week in Washing D. C., film camera - 90 photos. One week in New York City, digital camera and film camera - around 500 photos. One week in Hawaii, digital camera - 2500+ photos...... Do I have a problem?

5. Spending the day with the Missouri Governor's Mounted Guard but more so the conversation with a 3 year old makes it even better!

4. Baby girl and Tbug getting to meet the new babies!! Baby 1, Baby 2

3. Spending the day with my dad, just him and his girls (minus my mom, she didn't go). We went to the Buffalo Sale.

2. Attending Spring Gathering.

1. Baby girl turned 9 months old. How in the world did that happen? I guess read my comments at the top and we'll all know. I'm soooooo glad she's growing up but at the same time I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry because it's going by way to fast!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Brain splat on Monday

++Today I'm feeling extremely overwhelmed.

++I may have even cried a bit while sitting in the middle of the library. But it made me feel a little better. I still feel overwhelmed though.

++Hubby said I get this way every semester and to relax, it all works out.

++I swear the spring semester is so much worse than the fall semester because you've been cooped up in doors so long during winter and now it's so nice and warm and sunny.

++I swear, Grad school has taught me I don't know how to write like I thought I did. I am learning and that's a good thing I guess... but oy!

++I have a headache.

++Last week in my Medieval British Literature class, one of the girls works in the writing center. The teacher is over the writing center. The girl was talking about giving up coffee, she drinks 5 cups per day. The teacher asked her if she needed to know that there was a coffee shortage approaching or something. The girl was like, nope it's just me.

++So in Writing for the Profession, we've been working on a paper for 2 semesters now. We've had 2 professors and lots of students read and give opinions on it. Last week one of the gals was like, It may be crap but it's well reviewed crap.

++I don't like Alexander Pope. No offense Mr. Pope but I'm done with you.

++Did you realize in 2 days we'll be in April? Seriously? No joking there... how did that happen?

++I had a good weekend. We went and hunted the Easter Bunny down :)

++My ears itch.

++I guess I should get back to working on homework before class tonight.

++One last thought, I like Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Saturday Post {94}

Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. Shortstop Grill & Giant Ice Cream Cones - Garfield, AR

2. Baby Number 2

3. Buffalo Sale or Bust

4. Spring Gathering

5. The Peanut Post - Month 9

This Weeks Posts
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Blast from the Past
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Recipes made from the Blog This Week
++None. When you're at the school 2 nights a week it makes your time limited.

Week's Happenings
++I spent a lot of time at the school this week. Ah the life of a grad student...
++Warm to cool weather... hello nose stuffiness. ugh! (and not me... try baby girl)
++Our second baby was born. Now just waiting on the third and last foal of the season.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Gathering

Note: The last 5 pictures I didn't take, I stole them off facebook because I'm cool like that :)

So anyway over the weekend it was time for Spring Gathering. It's been a few years since we've been to Spring Gathering.

Earl told us the story:
One guy from this family was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The family asked what they could do for him. He said he wanted to have one last shin dig before the Good Lord called him home and wanted the whole family invited. They planned this big gathering and people from all over the country planned on coming in. 10 days before the "shin dig" he passed away. The family decided to go ahead and have the get together in his honor because that's what he would have wanted. From there they've been holding this every year in his honor as well as to honor all of those who have been lost. It's just a huge gathering of family and friends.
Usually it is a 3 day event. Hubby, Tbug, Abug and I weren't able to go and stay for the whole thing. We made appearances Friday and Saturday nights because at our house it seems like our weekends are either all or nothing. Sometimes that will wear a person out.

Tbug entered the Chili contest. It was people's choice and they only announced 1st place (which Early won) so we're not sure how well Tbug's chili did but hers was all gone so that's a good sign, right? I dunno :). Anyway it was a lot of fun!

Sunday Zebra Girl had her birthday party out there. Sadly we missed it but let me tell you her cake looked amazing!

So a fun story from Friday night:
Our friend Lee recently had to buy a new truck. He bought a one ton Ford extended cab. Nice truck. It's just 2 wheel drive which really around these parts you maybe need 4x4 10 times a year... between mud and snow? So really not an issue until you need it and don't have it. Well he hauled their camper down there and was told to put it in this specific spot. The day before it rained all day so mud. Lee was having trouble getting traction without his tires spinning and he was getting frustrated (although part of his frustration stemmed from everyone giving him fits about having a 2 wheel drive truck...). Anyway Rowdy went and got the tractor, hooked it on to the back of the trailer and pulled while Lee pushed and they were able to get his trailer where he was told to take it. Earl said, don't tell a bunch of rednecks you can't put a trailer where it's supposed to be. ha!
And that's a wrap for this year's Spring Gathering.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Peanut Post - Month 9

Stats: We're waiting to go to the dr for our 9 month check up. It's in a couple weeks... maybe even next week... I can't remember I need to look at a calendar :).

Wearing: You have some onesies that still fit that are size 3-6 but your little body is getting so long that you're outgrowing most of them. For the most part you're in 6-9 and 9 month clothing. Still size 3 diapers although we've debated moving you up. We were having a lot of blowouts a couple weeks ago. Yuck! For the most part your shoe size is a 2. Deb and Shaye recently bought you Mini Mouse shoes and then your boots grandma bought you, those tend to be the only shoes you'll wear.

Sleep: For some reason when you stay the night with grandma and grandpa and then come home you're up at 2am wanting a bottle but grandma says you don't do that at her house. I can't explain it. If there is a lot going on you refuse to nap but when you nap sometimes they're good 1-2 hours and sometimes they're rough, 30 minutes. Bedtime is usually between 9 & 10 and you get up around 6-7 for a bottle and then sleep until 8-9am. You tend to take your naps around 10-11am and around 2-3pm.

Behavior: I still can't say that you've said your first word but you're sooooooooo darn close that it makes me wonder sometimes. Especially tonight when you looked at me and said mom mom mom mom and looked at daddy and said da da da da da. When we put your hair in a single ponytail or pigtails we see a different side to your personality. It's hilarious. Tbug and I thought you needed a onesie that said spoiled rotten ornery little fart. You seem to think that you can walk without help and are definitely willing to try. Words to the wise... you aren't there yet.

Eating: You still like your bottles for the most of the time, especially the first one of the morning and the last one of the night. Otherwise sometimes you like them sometimes you don't. You definitely like real food and anytime any one is eating you're right there with them trying to see if they have something you can eat. We usually try to make sure we have something on our plate you can eat.

Appearance: Just yesterday we noticed your first tooth has broken through. Mommy almost cried. I know she's crazy... anyway your hair can't decide if it wants to be blonde or strawberry blonde. Beautiful blue eyes. 

Likes: You like tags, as in the tags that come on animals etc. You like black beans (are you mommy's child?). You like to be held, especially by mommy. You really like mommy right now. You like real food. You like to swing. You like to stand and walk. You like to babble.

Dislikes: You don't like naps if there is a lot going on. You don't like to be placed on the floor by mommy. Really this time around there isn't much you don't like, except you absolutely hate when mommy puts you on the floor to crawl. But you like to crawl.. If mommy gets on the floor with you, then you're okay with the floor. You don't like mommy fixing your hair.

Milestones: We finally broke through our first tooth. We're very close to saying Mommy and Daddy. We're getting extremely close to walking without assistance.

Mommy: Mommy isn't real sure she likes her baby growing up and wanted to cry when your tooth popped through. It means you're growing up. I love you more and more every day and wonder sometimes how I was so lucky for God to give you to me. I absolutely Love you with all my heart and definitely keep growing, mommy will deal.

Daddy: Daddy loves his baby squirrel. He's excited for her to start walking and loves it when she just makes the fart noise at me. One day this month you said what sounded like hi and then did the raspberry... Daddy thought he needed to go around and do that to people from now on.

Other: It's starting to get nice out now that we've come into a new season. You absolutely love to be outdoors and love the swing daddy and I got for you.

Dear baby girl,

You are the light of our life. We absolutely love you and experiencing new things through your eyes. It's fun to stare at you when you're sleeping, you're beautiful. I absolutely love that you get to spend time with your great grandmother on Monday's. That is one thing mommy was able to do growing up and it was absolutely awesome! Definitely learn all you can.. :).

Love you so much,
Mommy & Daddy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

8 Month Photos

A Portrait

New Mannerisms



Bath Time

Squeaky Clean-Baby

Favorite Toy

A New Trick

A Picture with Mom

A Picture with Dad

New Experience

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Buffalo Sale or Bust

Saturday after we got the new baby taken care of and in the barn, it was time to hook up the truck to the trailer and head to Passaic, MO to the MOKAN Livestock Market for the Buffalo Sale. It's been a few years since we've been to the Buffalo sale but this year we were able to make it fit into our schedule.  And the cool thing, it didn't conflict with a horse show!

So either 2008 or 2009 was the first year my dad and I went to the Buffalo sale and we came home with 3 bull buffalo which we paid $300 a piece for roughly. This year... the cheapest one went for $950 and it was the only one we saw go for less than $1050. Holy cow! Buffalo prices are UP!

Needless to say, we didn't bring any Buffalo home with us, but baby squirrelly girly was able to attend not only her first buffalo sale but her first livestock sale at that.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Baby Number 2

Goodness I swear, weekends at our house are all or nothing. I walk away from the weekend needing a weekend and the weeks are starting to stress me out as we approach the end of the semester so if I seem a bit scatter brained, please forgive me!

This week was spring break and while spring break is supposed to be relaxing, this was the most stressful one to date. But let's not focus on that... let's think about butterflies and kittens, deal?

I mentioned that Thursday night we had our first colt of the season born followed closely by colt number 2 first thing Saturday morning.

Colt number 2 came on his own terms and didn't need any help so he was ripping and rearing to go when we got to my parents house at 8am. Yup, he looked like he had been on the ground a couple days. Crazy how it works when they don't stress.

I took baby girl in to see the latest foal, but momma Freckles isn't as nice as momma Blondie so we kept at a bit of a distance and I was ready to move baby girl quickly if need be.

By the way Blonde Barbie is kind of mad right now since she went out to pasture and gave her stall up to the new baby.


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