Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bacon Green Bean Hors d'Oeurve

Bacon Green Bean Hors d'Oeurve

1 cup brown sugar
1 stick butter
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp garlic powder

Melt these 4 ingredients.  DO NOT Boil.

2 cans whole green beans, drained
Bacon cut in 1/3 to 1/2 pieces
Toothpicks (optional... I don't use them... I place seam side down)

Wrap 8 green beans in bacon piece & hold together with toothpicks.

Place in a shallow pan.  Pour sauce over appetizer and bake 350 degrees for about an hour or until bacon is done.

Keep an eye on it or it will burn.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Star of the Show

So this year we weren't able to make it down to Southern Oklahoma where my aunt and uncle lives to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. I think we were all sad, but sometimes life gets in the way for everyone and you have to do with what you can. So hubby and I decided to do dinner at our house Thursday night with my parents and his parents, that way we could go to his dad's that day to see his family.

A couple years ago you may remember that we did the Bacon Wrapped Turkey... YUM!
Circa 2012

We discussed how to cook the turkey this year. One thing that was proposed by hubby was just to buy a Turkey Breast and do that, but then my mom said that they had a turkey already and suggested smoking it.

Not going to lie, I kind of had my heart set on the Bacon Wrapped Turkey again, so I asked/suggested doing a Bacon Wrapped Smoked Turkey. Hubby said we could probably handle that. Now a few years ago we did a dry brine on the turkey but this year he decided to do a wet brine.

Our brine consisted of:
Dissolving 1 cup Kosher Salt in 3 cups of water.
Then we used a quart bottle of Cabela's Marinade (that is no longer made but hubby bought a whole bunch of....), about 15-20 cloves of Garlic, 1 serving Mandarin Oranges and juices, 1 serving peaches and juices, about 2 tbsp Rosemary, about 2 tbsp Black Pepper Corns and 1 cup of Sugar.

Place it all in a large stock pot and add about 1 quart of water at this point and stir. Then place the turkey in the pot. Fill the rest of the way up with water (this avoids overflow!) and cover with cling wrap and place in the fridge over night for up to about 24 hours.

And we only had a few cloves of Garlic commit suicide. The Kitchenaid mixer tried too but that's another story for another day!

The next morning we got the butter ready that we were going to slather the turkey in. You want a half pound of butter (2 sticks or 1 cup) with herbs added to it. I used the food processor to add the herbs. We used Oregano, Marjoram, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley and Sage.

Thanksgiving didn't get off to any better of a move... we had butter commit suicide. Oy! Such a sad day!

We cut up a pineapple to put up inside the bird to add even more flavor. All evening hubby kept asking Who wants Pineapple, it's only been up a birds butt! lol.

Thanksgiving is the only day of the year where slathering in butter is A-OK :). haha! :) The seasoning on the bird is some mixture that hubby made up and he told me he couldn't even begin to tell me what was in it... lol. Guess we can't replicate that huh?

So we had plans of adding the bacon to the turkey and we kind of forgot... woops! So the last hour or so while the turkey smoked hubby added bacon but it really didn't add or delete from the flavor I don't think and the bacon didn't really cook.

Now had we roasted the bird in the oven, we would have placed vegetables and fruits all up and around the turkey, but we were smoking it instead so we went ahead and cut the Onions, Celery and apples up to place in the smoker with the bird to help with the flavor, plus those veggies are really good after they've roasted with the bird so we were attempting that part. Sadly, they weren't very good... oh well, lesson learned.

So then...... we used Jack Daniels wood chips in the smoker. Hubby now has an electric smoker which is more consistent than his propane smoker used to be. The wood chips you soak in water to help with the smoking process so we placed them in a ziplock baggie with water so they could soak. Boy they smelled good coming out of the wood chip bag!

Finally in prep work for the smoker, hubby wanted fruit juice of some sort to add so that it would add that flavor into the smoker. We forgot to buy some but had frozen orange juice concentrate in the freezer so he defrosted it a bit in hot water and we added that juice to the smoker for additional flavor.

And here was the Turkey! All I can say is it was a pretty good combination. It was extremely juicy which a lot of times turkey isn't. It smoked all day and it was great. Now here's a funny word on me... the night before I was so tired (I even left the hot glue gun plugged in and glued it to the table) I got my words jumbled around and asked if the "cookie needed to turk all day" instead of the turkey needed to cook all day.

My one complaint was there were NO drippings to make good gravy. My gravy sucked this year... oh well.

And that my friends was our turkey. So much detail so in years to come when I'm asked what we did, I can answer that question :)

The Saturday Post {77}

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Week's Happenings
++One more week and then finals week. I'm kind of freaking out!
++Our washer isn't working right.... oy!
++Hubby has a cold :(

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Peanut Post - Month 5

Stats: At your 4 month appointment (a week after you were 4 months) you weighed 14lbs 4.4oz and were 24 3/4 inches long. You saw the Nurse Practitioner and she said that you were in the 60th percentile both in weight and height and that you looked great. She said that you were proportionate for your height and weight as well. She was very pleased.

Wearing: You're wearing 3-6 and 6 month outfits for the most part. There are a few 6 month outfits that are too large for you, but for the most part you're wearing 3-6 month outfits. Diapers are still size 2. Shoes... well you still don't like shoes nor do you like socks. Shoe size is like a 2-3 for what I put on you but again you don't keep them on so I don't fuss with them much, yet.

Sleep: Your nightly routine is shower, food, bed. You're sleeping about 7 hours through the night for the most part. You fight sleep, especially for nap time and I'm not sure why. A lot of times you like to try and do cat naps (10-20 minutes) and they seem to make you more cranky than if you sleep about an hour. When you get tired you start crying, a lot, and you get mad at poor effelhump (your elephant) or your binky fink or a towel or whatever is in your way. What I've read said you should be sleeping just shy of 16 hrs per day right now and we're not getting there sadly.

Behavior: You're not afraid to let us know when you're hungry or tired. There is a difference in the screams too. You still love to kick your legs and even stick them straight up in the air if you're laying on your back. I think your feet are your favorite toy. You love to sit up and you also love to play with the baby in the mirror although the other day I think that baby made you mad. lol.

Eating: The nurse practitioner gave you the go ahead to start trying to add solids to diet. You eat about every 3 1/2-4 hours. We've started you with the rice and you're just okay with it. We've also tried sweet potatoes. You seem to like the taste but don't seem yet to know what to do with it.

Appearance: Your daddy found a stork bite on the back of my neck so finally you and I have something in common. The nurse practitioner verified you have the stork bite. You appear to be long legged like your mommy. Your hair is still bouncing back and forth between the red/strawberry blonde/blonde. Your eyes are still blue and at times almost a steel gray color. That was the color of mommy's grandpa's eyes.

Likes: You like the outdoors. You like to smile. You like car rides for the most part. You like playing with your feet. You like sitting up. You like to be a part of the group. You like Christmas music. You do like to chew on everything in sight. You like the baby in the mirror (when she isn't upsetting you). You like your swing. You like the new play center grandma got you. You like to help mommy with homework or at least help her push buttons. You like to be held all the time (even when we can't).

Dislikes: You don't like to lay down all the time. You don't care for new people at first. You don't like to be by yourself. You don't like playing by yourself after a short while.

Milestones: You rolled over on the floor (although mommy missed it because I walked around to the other side of the bed for just a minute... dang it!). Standing in the new play center you got and playing with all the toys. You can almost hold yourself up in a sitting position. The nurse practitioner said you might be an early developer... we'll see.

Mommy: I can't stand when you're upset but I'm having to let you try and self sooth which is killing me. I still feel like I'm doing things wrong all the time. People are trying to make me feel guilty for the way I raise my baby but you are mine and I am the one around you. You are mommy's shuggy bear! Mommy isn't a morning person but you smile at her and it makes her morning much better, even if it is 5:30am.

Daddy: Daddy loves spending time with you. He loves to snuggle with you and lately you guys have been playing, especially right before shower time a lot. You stick your tongues out at each other and spit at each other (don't know the best way to describe this... it's where you have your tongue stuck out and blow air across your tongue and out of your lips...). Sometimes when you are upset, daddy is the only one who can calm you down. You are still his baby squirrel.

Other: I think you got mommy's hair when it comes to being crazy but it grows a lot like daddy's hair. You have this swirly area on the crown of your head where one part goes this way and another that way and yada yada. You've cried bloody murder at your Aunt Liss and at Memaw. I'm not sure why... When you're eating, you like to rub your head on both sides and run your fingers through your hair. You've been known to sleep with your hand in your hair and the other with on your foot which is up by your face. You really like your feet.


Dear baby girl,

Tomorrow we're getting ready to celebrate our first Thanksgiving with you. It just brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the first we're about to experience with you. You break mommy's heart every time you cry and cry and won't quit for anything. You've stayed the night with grandma and grandpa a few times and I miss you when I wake up in the morning and you aren't at the house. While we're kind of on that topic, you need to learn that sleep is okay. You dream a lot and sometimes whimper in your sleep. I'm not sure why. I would really like to know what you're dreaming about.

I can't imagine you not in our life. It's crazy how you go from a life without you to a life with you in no time flat. But I guess I better go because this crying thing we've been addressing, you're doing it. Oh it's hard to be tough but you need to start self soothing. You're really tired, I wish you'd take a nap. Stay sweet and remember that mommy and daddy love you!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

4 Month Photos

A Portrait

New Mannerisms



Bath Time

Squeaky Clean-Baby

Favorite Toy

A New Trick

A Picture with Mom

A Picture with Dad

New Experience

Monday, November 24, 2014

T-posts... who knew?

This post is not for the faint of heart.

Saturday night hubby and I were cleaning the house and my phone rang. I answered and it was my mom asking where I was. I told her standing in my kitchen, why? She kind of had this panic in her voice. She said that Colonel had been hurt and could hubby or I one come help her? I said well of course. Hubby put his bibs on and grabbed his coat and he was outta here. He told me that he's pretty sure 2 of his wheels didn't hit the road going up my parents driveway (there is a curve in the driveway).

I asked him how bad it was when he got home and he said it wasn't great. The one vet has been out of commission since June/July when he had surgery and his daughter (also a vet) wasn't able to come so they told us what to do and that they'd be there first thing Sunday morning since my dad assessed the situation and they all decided he'd be okay over night.

Sunday we went over to help and I finally got to see what happened. Colonel has a huge hole in his chest that goes straight up and Dr could put her fist in it. Yikes!

We weren't able to sew up the hole, and it would have needed a drain anyway. Vet said the best thing was to cut off the hanging skin (not much and it wasn't salvageable) and he should heal up just fine. Especially since it has the perfect drain since it's straight down.

Then hubby and I went on search of what poked the hole. And here's the culprit. We think that one of the mares was teasing him (he is a stud after all) and he went to mount her and met the T-post instead.

T-post-1, Stud-0

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Saturday Post {76}

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Week's Happenings
++I lost track of what day it was this week
++Baby girl spent most of Friday crying. It wore me out.
++We got our Christmas cards in! I started addressing them.
++I don't really remember much about this week, how sad is that?
++Chiefs won Sunday against the Seahawks but lost Thursday night against Oakland Raiders :(
++They're now 7 and 4.
++I want baby girl to write a letter to Santa... is she to young?
++I'm excited about our first Thanksgiving. Sad that Tbug won't be with us but we get her for Christmas.
++I'm already trying to decide what "goody" we'll make for our list of friends. Last year was cinnamon rolls and the year before was cookies.


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