Friday, October 31, 2014

Project 365 - October 2014 - Day 31-61

31/365 - Happy First Day of October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was sporting the pink!

32/365 - Dive Club Meeting. We had Baked Potatoes for dinner, YUM!

33/365 - This is how you carefully get the pregnant lady out on the jagged rocks! She was a rock star!

34/365 - My Love Stand is almost done. It needs one more coat of paint!! and then it's ready to be placed in the living room. Thank you hubby for supervising! (Thanks to

35/365 - Snookums wanted to chase cows too...

36/365 - I went to pick baby girl up at Great Grandma's today and this is how I found her. She had fallen asleep just before I got there.

37/365 - Great Grandma made baby girl a KC Chiefs Quilt for home or the Game!! Daddy might be jealous!!

38/365 - Finishing up my paper that is due at 11:55pm tonight. Nice way to procrastinate right?

39/365 - Partying hard on grandpa's birthday with Great Grandma!

40/365 - It's the bro's reunited... and the cute girl with them :)

41/365 - Got Milk? Gives a whole new meaning to "Milk Mustache".

42/365 - The night of the Addison's. Although one goes by Addy and the other by Addison.

43/365 - Won't knock the rain but I need a pair of rain boots! My feet were soaked all day... but the rain is good so I won't complain!

44/365 - Fall is starting to arrive, Finally!

45/365 - Sometimes when all else fails you need to photograph your food...

46/365 - God paints gorgeous pictures every morning... I'm just not always up in time to see them. I sure was this morning though!

47/365 - Sometimes when the puppies won't move you have to do what you can so they'll get out of the way of the wheelbarrow...

48/365 - Dad helping Tbug carve a pumpkin on land... may or may not be prepping for underwater pumpkin carving tomorrow.... since she hasn't carved a pumpkin in a year and definitely not underwater...

49/365 - All ready for Cassie's baby shower.

50/365 - Poor Baby didn't feel good tonight. She wound up going to bed early. I hate when she doesn't feel good.

51/365 - I opened the window this morning and saw the beautiful frog (fog). I hate driving in fog (frog.. haha) but it made for a fun shot!

52/365 - Deconstructionism Theory... It makes you want to scream... just saying!

53/365 - I miss baby snuggles. She hasn't slept on my chest like this in about a month. But I took full advantage tonight!! 
54/365 - Had to make sure to get the Pumpkin picture before Halloween was over!!

55/365 - This is definitely a beautiful sight to wake up to. And a reflection at that!

56/365 - The kick off for one heck of an awesome game. KC 34, Rams 7.

57/365 - This is her favorite way to lay, just like her daddy. Crazy dogs!

58/365 - No one told me that when you have a baby, you start finding random baby things in random places... case in point socks on my floor board. Earlier this week it was a onesie and I had baby shoes in my camera bag...

59/365 - This isn't quite what I was wanting, but I tried... we'll see, I'll try it again!

60/365 - We're getting sooooo close to rolling over. Happy Halloween Eve!!

61/365 - Happy Halloween

Halloween Costume Reveal | Blogtober '14

The story. So obviously this isn't my costume, I'm not 0-6 months old :). So a year ago October Tbug and I were walking through the store trying to find hubby when we veered off looking at the Halloween costumes. I should add he found us because we got distracted :). So I saw this costume and fell in love. I even said something to Tbug and then took a picture. I wasn't pregnant at the time or didn't know I was anyway. About a week later was when we found out I was... odd right? Then when I found out I was like dang I wish I would have bought that but at the same time, I just found out so... definitely didn't know if I was having a boy or a girl. After we found out in January then I was like, dang it why did I buy this. Well they just so happened to have it this year! Yey! So we bought it back in like August or whenever the Halloween costumes came out into stores because I knew that's what I wanted this beautiful baby girl to be :)

Helene in Between

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch Excursion

I must admit that Halloween never really has been exciting for me, and maybe that's because I grew up in the country so we didn't really trick-or-treat, just family and that was it. But this year I had it in my head I wanted to go to a Pumpkin Patch and I didn't quit until we did... lol. My Mother-in-Law, Mom & Dad, Hubby, Tbug, Baby Girl and I went.

I don't think this was Tbug's first time, but whatever, it was her first time to go to one with us :)

I think someone was having fun!!!

And we all had to take our turns going down the slide because, why not!

If hubby hadn't been standing at the end of the slide I would have fallen face first into the ground. I came to an abrupt stop at the bottom, that blue mat grabbed my feet and I went flying forward. He caught us though, thank goodness!

Ah, daddy with his girls.

I still think someone is enjoying herself!

That is until daddy thought it would be fun to put her in the corn pit. She really didn't seem to care for that. There was one little kid in that pit who was filling his shirt up with corn kernels. It was interesting for sure.

My dad (grandpa) got stroller duty at one point... He looks thrilled doesn't he?

That's better :)

Does she look scared of the scarecrow?

These two have a special bond. It's fun to watch them.

My mom was less than thrilled to take this picture and refused but we still got it in...

Same with this one, but I think I took this photo, my mom just rolled her eyes.

We decided to ride the hayride, but we couldn't all get on the current one so we waited for the next one.

It was interesting... we killed the tractor. The driver thought it was out of gas but really he had the engine in the wrong gear to get up the hill.

Somebody was tired! She'd had a very busy day! We went to the Maple Leaf parade that morning, then up around the square, then to the pumpkin patch. By 5:30 she was tired... she didn't care. She woke up long enough to eat at 5:30 and was back out until 9 when I made her wake up while Tbug carved her pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Patch was fun but not really what I expected. There are others around the area that I may need to try out next year... beware :)


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