Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Saturday Post {64}

Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. The Peanut Post - Month 2

2. Why I Don't Push Carts

3. Happy Halloween Y'all

4. 1 Month Photos

5. Fair Days Fair Days Dear old Golden Fair Days

This Weeks Posts
Fair Days Fair Days Dear old Golden Fair Days
1 Month Photos
The Peanut Post - Month 2
Why I Don't Push Carts
10 Things to Smile About August

Blast from the Past
2013 - A Hermann We Will Go
2012 - Oh So Simple
           PMM - I Want To Drive - Ironic this post happened... especialy after telling you about Tbug and the Vdub...
2011 - Wedding ABC's
2010 - Lead Line - OMG the Leadline post happened in the same post here :)

Recipes made from the Blog This Week

Instagram Lately
Still don't know what it was for... we'll see next Wednesday...

Week's Happenings
++Is it sad to say I don't remember....
++I had a paper due on Wednesday by 2pm. I turned it in at 1:01pm. I got a notification that it was graded and when I saw my grade it was a 0. The only way you get a 0 is if you plagiarize or if you don't do the work. I didn't plagiarize and I turned it in so I emailed the professor. He said he didn't see it when he went to grade it but then he did and so I got 100/100. whew! Glad I asked! I just wanted to make sure I didn't do it again!
++Baby girl loves her sleep sacks (I dunno what else to call them). I finally found more this week :). Yey! Now she has 6.
++Late last week my birthday present finally came in. I'm excited!
++Next week is my wedding anniversary.
++Happy Labor Day Weekend. Be safe!
++Peace out!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

10 Things to Smile About August

Holy cow, where did the month of August go? Seriously?!?! Yesterday (the 28th) would have been my grandpa's birthday. Boy I miss him every day! (as well as my other grandma and grandpa... I wish heaven was a place we could visit!). But anyway with the thought that his birthday would have been yesterday means that we are at the end of the month... And at the end of the month it is time for 10 things to Smile about hosted by EmmyMom.

1. Amendment 1 passed. I was for it passing. I did a lot of research and there was a lot of crap put out there by the wrong people and that is the stuff people wanted to believe. It only passed by 2,500 votes or so, but it passed. That's what matters!

2. Baby girl had a really bad day but that meant lots of mommy/baby snuggles for me!

3. I've found a new found love for meatloaf. I think I had it 6 times in 3 weeks or something like that. YUM!

4. Baby girl has started smiling, a lot!!!

5. We've been cleaning out my parents basement and I stumbled across the reason I wanted to be a teacher that I wrote back my senior year of high school. I'm not going to deny I still feel that way...

6. We went to the Lamar fair where I judged leadline and took pictures :).

7. OMG baby girl turned 2 months old. I'm not sure if I want to smile or lay down in the fetal position and cry but the fact of the matter is she turned 2 months old. I love my baby girl!

8. This baby girl. That's all!

9. The KC Chiefs game. It's crazy the last time we had this picture taken, she was in my tummy and it was a hush secret we weren't telling yet.

10. I started school and while I'm not just totally ecstatic about that... it makes me that much closer to graduating with a masters.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why I Don't Push Carts

If you knew me, you'd know I HATE pushing carts with a passion. I have no idea what my deal is against them but... I guess because I don't like to push them, I kind of suck at pushing them. Let me explain...

Saturday hubby and I had plans to go to Kansas City to a Chiefs preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings (which they lost big time... no hard feelings... maybe). We were going up with a group that we dive with and they wanted to go up early to tailgate. We were told to bring chips and condiments so Saturday morning we woke up and went to Walmart to pick out chips and get some water and cherry coke/orange sodas (yeah we party hard!).

We picked up our purchases and went to the cash register to pay and then leave. Well we had baby girls carseat sitting where the babies/kids sit. I got behind the cart to push it out the doors and head to the truck and lets say I misjudged the distance and ran the cart right into the door. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, it jacked it open. Seriously? Hubby hasn't let me live that down since... oy!

So anyway I'll leave you with that thought and these photos from the Chiefs Game. Enjoy!

We got this type and the Ginger Wasabi. I wanted to try the Bacon Mac & Cheese but they were all sold out. I'm not sure about the Cappuccino... have you tried any of them? Thoughts?

Holy cow, can you believe what a year will do? Check this out... baby girl was here a year ago, no one but hubby and I knew though!

We have to protect her ears! She slept through the whole game except when she was hungry.

and one last story... I went to change her at the end of the game for our ride home. I went to go into the family restroom and walked in on a lady. If that was you, I'm sooooo sorry! I was really on my game Saturday!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Peanut Post - Month 2

On Monday August 4th you officially weighed 9lb 14oz at the drs office and were 21 3/4 inches long. Unofficially on Sunday you were at 11lbs based on mommy on the scales with and without you.

You are predominantly wearing 0-3 sized outfits but a few of your Newborn outfits still fit. We tried a 3-6 month outfit on you for the Chiefs game and it was really big.

Diapers are size 1. We had a few blowouts early in August with Newborn size... so we decided we needed to go up a size. Much better!

You prefer mommy and daddy's bed.
You tried your crib this month. Tried being the keyword. We've tried it a few nights but not had the best of luck yet. We haven't given up yet though.

You are a happy baby who likes mornings better than afternoons and then you start doing better again in the evenings. You smile a lot in the mornings and this month you started smiling and we know it isn't because you're passing gas.

You have put yourself off on an every 4 hour eating schedule although you'll usually go through the night without eating. We didn't do this, you did... About that 4 hour mark you start screaming your head off until you get fed. You're eating 4 to sometimes 6oz every feeding.

Your eyes are still blue :). Your hair has a reddish tint to it. Your eyebrows and eyelashes are blonde to strawberry blonde in color. You had a huge rash at the beginning of the month that the doctor issued you a steroid cream to clear up. You've scratched your face a couple times and you scratched your eyeball one day. It looked awful but it cleared up on its own.

When you're crying your favorite soothing song is We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
You like evening walks.
Your favorite position to sleep is on your tummy, with your chest next to someone else's chest.
You like your sleep sacks.
You LOVE showers. (not bath time but shower time)
You like Cherry Coke Icee (just not the cold).
You like sleeping on mommy & daddy's bed.

You hate coming from the warm shower and getting cool lotion put on you. (Don't blame you)
You hate cold wet wipes.
You don't like sleeping by yourself.
You don't like being hungry.
You don't like when you have to burp and can't get it up.
You hate when you have the hiccups.

Your smiling more.
You went to your first voting pole with mommy and daddy.
You helped at your first yard sale.
You attended your first Kansas City Chiefs Game.
You've slept through the night a couple times.
You're getting really close to laughing.

Mommy is getting better at figuring out your cries, although not always. There are times when you cry that I just want to pull my hair out because I have tried everything to make you better and you still cry. One day I just had to go take a shower and strap you in to your swing because nothing I tried made you feel better. When I got out of the shower you felt a whole lot better. I have learned that you love going for walks outside. I'm not sure if it is the change of scenery or the temperature change or the fresh air you love but you've enjoyed going to see the neighbors cows, our dogs and our horses. We'll get this figured out!

Daddy still loves to come home from work and snuggle with you and cover you with kisses. He also likes our little snuggles before bedtime. Now that mommy is back to going to school, you spend Tuesday nights and all day Wednesday at home with daddy. He made his work schedule so he could work from home on Wednesdays to be home with you. Sometimes he's the only one who can calm you down when you get to crying but it breaks his heart when you cry.

Mommy started back to school the 18th of August. You lucked out because you get to spend time with family instead of a sitter for the first 6 months of your life. On Monday's you spend the day with your great grandma while mommy is in class. Mommy has a Tuesday night class so you spend the evening with daddy and then daddy watches you on Wednesdays while mommy is in class. Thursday and Friday she doesn't have class so you stay with her.


Dear baby girl,

Mommy couldn't have asked for a better baby to learn how to have a baby with. She sometimes hates to hear you cry but at the same time loves your sweet little cry. You are extremely sensitive when daddy and I are upset with each other but you still love us unconditionally as we love you unconditionally. Don't worry, he and I still love each other too! I was saddened the other day thinking that you won't always be my sweet cuddly baby and someday you might be a teenager that thinks she's too cool for school or her parents but daddy told me to calm down, don't make you grow up too fast. He also said you might love us just the same. I can't wait to see what kind of a woman you grow up to be but please don't grow up too fast! Stay as little as you can for as long as you can!


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Monday, August 25, 2014

1 Month Photos

A Portrait

New Mannerisms



Bath Time

Squeaky Clean-Baby

Favorite Toy

A New Trick

A Picture with Mom

A Picture with Dad

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Fair Days Fair Days Dear old Golden Fair Days

I don't know about where you're from but here in Missouri we've been having some extremely warm days. I do believe the dawg days of summer are upon us. Maybe that should be dog days of summer... anyway... they're here. I'm not sure how long they will stay though. I like the summer but I think 100 degrees is a bit excessive but I won't complain because shortly winter will be upon us and we'll all be wishing for warmer days.

When I was younger, one thing that signified that summer was coming to an end was Labor day, another was school starting and the third was the Lamar Free Fair. I started showing sheep when I was a freshman in high school and showed up until I was 21 which is the oldest you can show in FFA. My parents took me all over the country side showing sheep but once the Lamar Fair came, summer was drawing to a close. I've met a lot of great people and friends while showing that have lasted into adulthood.

So one day this last week I got a message via facebook from a friend asking if I wanted to come up and judge leadline at the Lamar Fair. Then later that afternoon I got a text from a number that I didn't recognize asking the same thing. Turns out it was the same person, they still had my cell number but that's another story. Anyway I checked with hubby to make sure we didn't have any plans; make sure he hadn't volunteered us to do something else. He said we were free and clear for the evening, so I said I'd come up and judge leadline.

When we got to the fair the Fat stock sale was going on so we went up and walked around the square where they hold the carnival portion of the fair, then we went back down to the barn and sat and chatted with old friends. It's crazy that a lot of the people I grew up showing livestock with are either in their late career of showing (some weren't even born when I started showing) and others have children of their own.

Once the sale was over, they set up for leadline and then 2 other girls (one of whom I showed with/agaisnt) and I judged the leadline show. In leadline the kids dress in at least 20% wool and lead sheep around to promote the sheep industry and the wool industry and show the versatility of wool. There were 4 divisions of leadline, tiny tots that were ages 2-7, juniors ages 8-10, intermediate 11-15 and seniors 16+ (to 21).

Once leadline was over I wanted to run back up to the square and get a few photos you can only get at carnivals... Then it was time to head home and crash. Can you believe I made it past 10pm. These days that seems to be about my max. We got home at 12. You know you've gotten home and gone to bed later than normal when your normal tv programs you watch going to sleep have gone off air and others have come on in their place...

btw, I used my phone to help me write this blog post via the blogger app. I edited my photos with the photofy app. It's an app I had to download for one of my classes this semester and I'd never played with it before so I thought it might be fun. I should have paid the 99 cents to get rid of the photofy watermark on my photos... but anyway, enjoy the fair!

I call this one... Waiting on a Woman (aka my wife to take her pictures)

And momma can take her time... I can snooze anywhere.

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