Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Saturday Post {42}

Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. The Saturday Post {41}

2. Week 25

3. Spring Break Part 1

4. Spring Break Trip Part 2

5. The Saturday Post {40}

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Spring Break Part 1
Spring Break Trip Part 2
St. Patty's Day, Absolutely Nothing & Melting Pot
Week 25
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2013 - Homemade Bread... Yum!
           It's Time to Revolt
2012 - OMG, there isn't one....
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Recipes made from the Blog This Week
Homemade Garlic Toast

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Week's Happenings
++2 different days without classes this week. ah!
++I decided that Limeades are the absolute BEST things in the world!
++We had a baby born Wednesday. I think it's a colt, momma is so protective that we're having a hard time checking out the babies gender.
++70's one day, 40's the next. Gotta love Springtime in MO.
++How is this the last Saturday of March already?
++We got Peanuts crib put together!!
++New carpet was laid in her room as well! Now our house has all new carpet!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

When Real Life Takes Over

Back in 2006 I took cake decorating classes. I've been teased for years that when I get bored I learn something new... and that just happen to consume most of the spring/summer of 2006 :). Another day, another time I'll share all the things I've learned throughout the years :), but for now we'll focus on cake decorating!

I've never claimed to be good, but I like to do it (although I've been known to get stressed out a few times). Earl asked if I could make a cake for ZebraGirl's birthday. I said sure. So she brought over the stuff that she had. It was a Chef Duff cake mix for Zebra Stripes and the sugar pages to do designs with. Easy right? Ah, the ever infamous words to set you up for disaster!

I read the directions on the box. Mix the white cake mix with water, oil and eggs in one bowl. Mix the Chocolate cake mix in a separate bowl with water, oil and eggs. Easy peasy!

Spray your pans down with butter and flour or in my case Baker's Joy. I swear by this stuff. Love it!

Starting with the chocolate, put 1/4 cup chocolate cake batter in the middle of the pan. Then place 1/4 cup white cake mix in the middle of the chocolate. repeat until you run out of cake batter. Do not move the pan, let the cake batter do all the work.

So far, so good! Then put in a 350 degree oven for 50-55 minutes and bake off. I've usually had really good luck baking cakes the minimum amount of time so that's what I did. It came out of the oven looking like this. Score. Now cake recipes always say to cool in the pan for x number of minutes then remove to a cooling rack to finish cooling. I've never done this. I always leave it in the pan. Once it is completely cooled, I cover it in aluminum foil and then it's ready for me when I'm ready for it.

Um... that didn't work with these cakes sadly! It was a disaster from the git go!

So the cake was needed for Friday night. No big deal, I planned on decorating it on Friday. Well come 2am Friday morning I couldn't sleep. I don't know if I was dreading worried about this cake and hoping I had enough time to finish it or what my deal was but I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned for about 30 minutes and finally decided to get up and go to the kitchen and work on this cake. I might as well make myself useful and not wake hubby up, right?

I pulled the first cake out of the pan and it came out fairly decent. Now one thing everyone wants with cakes is a moist cake, but dang these were moist cakes! Later (as hind site is 20/20) I wondered if I'd have left in for 55 minutes if it would have helped.... Anyway I went to level it off and a chunk of the side fell off. Okay it's a PITA but no big deal, I've dealt with that before. I got the center iced and went to get the second layer out of the pan. I'm sorry but all Hell broke loose!

A chunk didn't come out of the bottom of the pan, problem number one. Then it tried to break in half, problem number 2. I got it leveled off and went to flip it over onto the other cake and a chunk came off in my hand. Crap! So I got my cake mover and had it help me flip it. I flipped it, put it all back together and went to ice it. It was so moist and the icing was so heavy that half the cake fell off. By this time it's like 3ish or something in the morning. It never looked right. I was soooo flustered! So then I thought that the sugar sheet might help hold it on. I didn't want to just put strips but I thought well if it helps, what the heck. Yeah, it looked awful!

I debated running driving into town and buying another one of these cake mixes (actually would have taken 2 boxes to get 2 layers), but then I remembered seeing on Pinterest the Zebra cake with regular cake mixes so I grabbed a chocolate and vanilla out of the cabinet and layered them in the pans like I did these. My vanilla was a little thin so it wasn't totally pushing the chocolate out like it should have but it was working. So at 4:20am I had new cakes in the oven baking.

So once they were out (which I baked them 55 minutes) I put them on the stove and called it a night. I got up around 9am that next morning and had some errands to run. I had to get more powdered sugar for one because I used up most of mine making the first rounds of icing. My plans were to get home by 2 at the latest and start working on redecorating this cake. Yeah you what plans are like right? I got home after 3 and the cake was needed by 6. I started to panic.

I enlisted some minor help from hubby, he was working from home that day thankfully! He cut out the shapes for me out of the sugar icing. That was a HUGE help! And I went to decorating this second set of cakes. I am happy to inform you they worked much better! Hubby wondered if it was because I wasn't trying to do this in the wee hours of the morning.... I cracked up because I looked up at the clock and realized I was doing this same thing 12 hours previously :).

Because hubby cut out my shapes for me, I had this baby iced and finished around 4pm. 2 hours before it was needed! A Dr. Who/Tardis Birthday cake. And I must live under a rock because I have no idea who Dr. Who is, I had to google it!

Because my vanilla wasn't real heavy to push the chocolate out, it didn't quite turn out zebra like the inside of the other one, but it was good and it worked! Score!

And that was how I spent my Friday morning/Friday afternoon... lol :)

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break Tuesday

Tuesday morning we got up and went downstairs for breakfast. Wow do you see a pattern? I actually took a picture of my breakfast this time. See, doesn't that sandwich look GREAT? It was friggin awesome! Their orange juice was great too. Every day we stayed there I got seconds on the OJ. It was that good.

Check out time at the hotel wasn't until noon but about 10:30 I was ready to do something. Especially since we stayed in the hotel all day the day before. We went ahead and checked out and then made our way to the Plaza. We had massage appointments at a place called Massage Envy. We got there early and they checked us in early. Hubby thoroughly enjoyed his. Mine, I had to lay on my side and I lost feeling in one arm and then when I rolled over, my shoulder went to sleep on the other side. :(. Bummer! The guy who gave me my massage told us about a restaurant to try at 47th and Broadway called Oklahoma Joe's. It was a BBQ restaurant in a gas station. We got there around 1:15 and the place was packed, so we decided to find somewhere else to eat.

Earlier in the weekend when we went to Buy Buy Baby hubby saw KC Chiefs onesies that we should have bought then but didn't so we made our way back there to get Peanut some Chiefs onesies.

Across the street was this Joy Wok Chinese buffet so we thought we'd give it a shot.

The menu showed the different animals applied to the year you were born. I took pictures of the families animal. Mom and Tbug actually shared the sheep.

It was a buffet so you had a choice of a lot of things. I think there were 4 or 5 hot bars, a huge salad bar, a huge dessert bar, a Hibachi grill, a sushi bar and ice cream. YUM! The food was quite tasty. Hubby's favorite was the Coconut shrimp. He said that it was battered fried and then served in a coconut sauce instead of covered in coconut like most coconut shrimp. I tried Hawaiian chicken, yum! There were stuffed mushrooms, crab rangoon, egg rolls, etc etc. I can't even begin to tell you all the choices! That dessert was a brownie with raspberry icing!

So it's really hard to add "in bed" when it says I have a dream.... time to go to bed (in bed, really?) :).

From there we went to Trader Joes and then decided it was time to head home. The night before at The Melting Pot we had a coupon for chocolate covered strawberries. On the ride home, we were eating them! YUM!

When we got home, it was 70 degrees and windy. I fought a head wind the whole way home. I volunteered to drive since I had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to recover :) and hubby had to go back to work. Crazy that there was snow on Sunday (here and in KC).

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Week 25

How far along? 25 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain/loss: I should just totally do away with this question :)

How big is baby? Baby is the size of a head of Cauliflower. During month six, the average fetus measures about 13.6 inches to 14.8 inches and weighs about 1.5 to 2.5 lbs.
  • She's enjoying her new sense of equilibrium - she now knows which way is up and which is down.
  • She's growing more fat and hair too.

Maternity Clothes? Part of me wants to run into the bedroom right now and try on some of my prematernity clothes. But I'm too lazy to run. Ok so confess sesh, I actually had on a pair of regular jeans Wednesday night. (I wrote this on Wed afternoon). They dug into me but I got them on!!

Stretch Marks? I have the one on the right side, then there are some dots on the left side (2) and they're starting to become more prominent.

Best moment this week? Getting to sleep in on Wednesday! I slept Sunday and Monday night but Monday and Tuesday I was exhausted so it was nice to sleep in on Wednesday. I woke up a little more refreshed.

Movement? I really think she likes to tap dance on my bladder.

Food Cravings/Aversions? Okay so I really like SWEET TARTS this week. OY! And I'm back to Chicken Sandwiches from Burger King, make sure it has the Mayo. The other thing is Limeades. YUM!

What I miss: Being able to get out of the chair easily. That and moving things without everyone yelling at me to not overdo it.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting my memory back. Please tell me it comes back, right?

Nausea/Vomiting? We're good on this home front this week! I would be a bit better if I could shake this cold. We're on week 8 of it. For the most part it is gone, it's just a horrid cough (I actually got asked if I was a smoker) and extra snot.

Labor signs? Good heavens lets hope not, but would I really know what they were since this is my first baby?

Gender? We have had them verify it's a girl 3 different times. Think it's a girl?!?!

Belly Button in or out? Oh this week I cleared my throat and my belly button jumped out of my skin. I screamed, hubby got mad at me because he thought I was having contractions or something. It was a joyful night. (remember belly buttons freak me out anyway)

Wedding rings on or off? I'm still stubborn and haven't given them up although I'll probably have to very shortly :(.

Sleep? I've been sleeping minus the couple times I get up to go pee but I just can't seem to get refreshed.

Weekly Wisdom: I'm not sure I have any. I think it went out the window with my memory.

Due Date: Thursday June 26, 2014 was what we originally thought. Then I was told June 30, then July 4th, then June 26, then June 27 and after the 3-D ultra sound June 28. I guess she'll come when she's ready, right?

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

St. Patty's Day, Absolutely Nothing & Melting Pot

When I say we didn't do much on this trip, I'm not joking. We woke up Monday morning, got up and headed downstairs for breakfast. Heck I didn't even take my camera, but this is what I ate :). What's really funny is this is a photo in the elevator and I kept looking at this telling hubby, that looks soooooo good!

Being St. Patty's Day I shot Tbug a text and asked her if she was wearing green. She asked if I was and I shot her back a picture showing her I was. She was wearing camo.

We then went back upstairs and watched reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and laid around and did nothing. Around 10:30 or so we did pull out the extra piece of cheesecake we still had from The Cheesecake Factory.

Then around noon while we were sitting in the hotel, we started smelling something funny. Then the fire alarms went off. I had my laptop sitting on my lap so I closed it up and brought it with me (it was right there) and we went to leave the building. Funny thing is no one else was leaving. When we got to the first floor (we were only on the 2nd) NO ONE was upset about this so we went to the front desk to ask what was going on. The front desk told us that they were working on the elevator and nothing to be concerned about. We thought it would have been nice to know this in advance......

So we went back to our room and hubby grabbed some left overs we had between The Cheesecake Factor and Buca di Beppo and went to scout out a microwave so we could eat lunch. Then we vegged all afternoon until around 4 when I was tired of laying around and wanted to get up and move.

We had dinner reservations at 6pm at The Melting Pot down on the KC Plaza so we got in the car and headed that way. We got there a bit early so we walked around the Plaza for a while and finally decided we'd just go ahead and show up about 30 minutes early for our reservations.

We were seated at 6pm (after happy hour). Hubby and I both ordered coke to drink.

We did the 4-course meal option. That included a cheese, salad, entree and dessert. Our Cheese was the Fiesta blend. It was a blend of cheese and jalapenos and I can't remember what all, and sadly I can't find it on their menu right now :(. It was good though, let me tell you. It was served with a side of tortilla chips, apples, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots. YUM! I actually ate apples dipped in cheese which I've never understood but it wasn't bad.

I went with a Caesar salad and hubby went with a dinner salad with Ranch Dressing. The ranch was good! My Caesar salad was good too! YUM!!

Then we chose our entree. Now I'm still having issues eating steak so hubby went The Classic which had Certified Angus Beef Sirloin, Memphis style BBQ Pork Medallions, Pacific White Shrimp, herb crusted all natural Chicken breast, and teriyaki marinated Sirloin. The chicken and pork was awesome in my opinion. I tried each steak but dang it, steak just really isn't doing it for me, it's all Peanuts fault. Hubby loved the steak, especially the teriyaki marinated sirloin. The joke was I went for the Vegetarian option, simply so we'd get vegetables as well. Very seldom will you ever hear me do that... lol. Mine came with edamame, Portobello Mushrooms, and asparagus served with Thai peanut marinated Tofu (never had tofu before this), spinach and artichoke ravioli, and wild mushroom sacchetti. Oddly enough the tofu wasn't half bad.. although it had a weird texture in my opinion. The ravioli and sacchetti were awesome. The mushrooms were fabulous and that's all I tried. I didn't do an asparagus, but hubby did.

We were stuffed by this point, but still had another dish to come... dessert! We went with the Cookies 'n Cream (although I'm not finding on the menu to describe by their terms). It was milk chocolate with flambéed Marshmallow cream and topped with oreo cookies. OMG it was awesome. I was a bit nervous at first because I'm not a huge marshmallow fan, but they went light on it and it gets mixed in so I didn't even taste it. Holy cow was it yummy! Now being as though we're not into marshmallows we asked they left those off the dipping plate so we got extras of other things. They were out of Cheesecake so we got, Red Velvet Cake, Brownies, Rice Crispy Treats, Bananas and Strawberries as dippers. YUM!

The cool thing was when we got their earlier in the evening, we found a spot to park on the street. It just so happened to be right outside the door to the Melting Pot so when we left, we had front door service. I was actually standing in the doorway taking this photo.

And that was our Monday!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break Trip Part 2

One thing about our trip to Kansas City is we planned on doing absolutely nothing. We had very few plans, a couple dinner reservations but that was it. We did want to go to the KC Farmer's Market but we did that on Saturday after we saw the weather forecast and the potential chance of snow. It was hilarious because every news station up there predicted anywhere from a light dusting to 4 inches. None of them actually agreed on anything. I did like our forecast better than home's forecast though!!

We got up that morning and I looked out the window, it was snowing but nothing terribly bad. Nothing to make us stay in, yet we were also okay with staying in because we had no plans!!

We got up and headed down to the lobby for breakfast. Today's breakfast options were pretty much the same as Saturday's options. Still yummy and those Lemon Poppyseed muffins (in my opinion) were da bomb diggity. yup, I just said that.

Then we ventured back into our room and proceeded to watch tv. Reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and movies. Can't knock it or beat it!!

Finally around 11 we got up and got dressed. The night before we saw the word baby on a building so we headed back in the general direction of the Best Buy we'd gone to to see what the Baby on the side of the building was. Turns out it was a Buy Buy Baby. We'd never been to one, I had found it on line about a week prior so we decided to go. As we were turning into the parking lot, we saw the Five Guys Burger and decided we NEEDED to eat lunch :).

From there we went on to Buy Buy Baby. I saw this onesie and thought it was really cute. I should have bought it for the Peanut but I didn't.

We then moved on across the street to the Super Target where we got lotion (for me), Cadbury Eggs (not for me) and Sweet Tarts (for me), what an interesting combination, right? Then we went back to our hotel room and vegged out all afternoon. We finally watched the first Hunger Games movie. I wasn't sure how I felt about watching it... kids killing kids... but it wasn't too bad. Then when it was over we watched another movie, War of the Worlds maybe. Finally around 5 we decided to leave and head somewhere to find dinner. By the time evening hit, the sun was out in full force. We went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory!! YUM

And that would be how we spent a Sunday. We're real exciting I know, btw, Red Slug Bug, no Slugs back (right there in the middle bottom!!)

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