Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Project 365 - 92-122 - {December}

92/365 - Kicking my feet up and watching the CMA Christmas music special.

93/365 - Santa's Little Helpers.

94/365 - A guilty pleasure after class tonight... Sometimes it happens...

95/365 - December dive club meeting. Merry Christmas, did you know Santa could Kayak? Pretty cool huh?!?!

96/365 - Lunch with my momma on her birthday! Happy Birthday MOM!!! We all love you!! Oh and this was a Philly Cheesesteak in case anyone wondered with a side of southern green beans... because why not? 
97/365 - Santa Baby!

98/365 - A little bonding through afternoon naps, it does the body good!

99/365 - My view most of today. If The Rape of the Lock doesn't kill me, I'm not sure anything will... Hello Finals week. Hopefully I come out on the other side!

100/365 - Go Chiefs! And happy 100th photo to me. I've stuck with it 100 days... only 265 more to go!!

101/365 - Her sleeping position of choice. Every time I moved her she wound up right back in that position...

102/365 - What's sexier than a cowboy holding a baby? My cowboy holding my baby!

103/365 - 5 1/2 months old, I've ridden a horse, been to 5 states and now ridden a Longhorn Steer.

104/365 - Someday when I grow up I'll buy a horse listed in a book like this!! Come on Masters Degree! Lol 

105/365 - Got to meet and have breakfast with her Great Aunt Jan today at Ol South in Ft. Worth, TX before we headed home.

106/365 - Setting up for a fun Christmas photo shoot . Ah, I love this time of the year! Although this has been a trying year...

107/365 - Someone needed a nap before bed. She's now seeing her picture on the computer and screeching at it 

108/365 - What do you say about the dog who uses your foot as a pillow? She's smart. (because it beats a hard floor!!)

109/365 - I finally decided to wrap presents today. I've been putting it off... I just don't want Christmas to come because it goes by so fast and I love this time of year. I guess I've been living in denial... It'll come no matter what so I better be prepared.

110/365 - Shhhh, it's nap time. We'll get back to you in a bit. (p.s. thank you daddy, I like your pillow best!)

111/365 - Time for Christmas Cookies! Sugar Cookies. Check. Neiman-Marcus Cookies. Check. Cinnamon Roll Cookies. Check. Swirl Cookies. Check. Oh and a Ginger Bread House. Check.

112/365 - Isn't this how you open a Christmas present?

113/365 - Dinner at Cheddars with AC and UB. Life is good! (and socks are overrated)

114/365 - The Kitty watches the baby from a distance... and the baby watches the kitty from a distance.

115/365 - Merry Christmas. Love Candlelight service! Now it's time for bed so Santa will come!!

116/365 - Someone had the best haul this Christmas... this isn't even half the toys she got.. plus clothes galore! Thank you family, friends and Santa! Merry Christmas!

117/365 - I'm 6 months old today. I'm quickly making my mommy feel OLD! I (momma) wish time would slow down anyway where this baby girl is concerned!

118/365 - Sugar Free and Low Calorie... hmmm... the real test... does it taste good? The answer... why yes, yes it does. Tastes like the real full calorie, full sugar thing!

119/365 - Leave me alone mom, I'm napping!

120/365 - Just for you Timmy. So glad you guys were able to come see us!! So I know you were here in October, but let's not wait 4 years like we did prior to that... deal?

121/365 - two days in a row Tim made my 365 project... Does that mean the world will implode? Nah, but this is what happens when you give two grunts a knife and a turkey.

122/365 - Watching the clock strike 12am January 1, 2015 in Eastern standard time. Happy New Year East Coast

The Tops and Bottoms of 2014

I did this last year and it was a lot of fun so I thought I would do it again for the end of the year.

Midwestern at Heart's Top 10 posts of 2014:
1. The Saturday Post {35} Posted 2/8/14

2. The Saturday Post {37} Posted 2/22/14

3. The Saturday Post {41} Posted 3/22/14

4. Hours by Pictures Posted 1/30/14

5. The Saturday Post {43} Posted 4/5/14

6. The Saturday Post {42} Posted 3/29/14

7. Emotional Roller Coaster Posted 1/31/14

8. Week 33 Posted 5/22/14

9. The Story Part 1 Posted 6/30/14

10. The Saturday Post {40} Posted 3/15/14

Last year the posts were mainly recipe posts... This year they are the weekend wrap up posts. Who knows...

My top referring sites:

Top Word Searches:
1. 50 reasons why i love you
2. camera
3. 50 reasons i love you
4. 4th of july toes
5. chocolate chip oreo cookies
6. happy friday the 13th
7. puppy eyes
8. accent seasoning
9. driving topless (huh??)
10. dun che lao ren (huh??)

Some of those surprise me... um... okay whatever :).

I had a total of 320 posts this year, down from 408 last year. Slacker!

The least viewed posts of the year:

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly from 2013 :).  Happy New Years Eve!

10 Things to Smile About December

We're now at not only the end of the month but the end of the year. How did we get here, it just seems like it was January 1st. But it's time to link up with EmmyMom with her 10 Things to Smile about mem so here we go, in no particular order:

1. Our 2014 Christmas Tree. Baby Girl has already walked her walker over and started playing with her ornaments or the lights or the tree :). I hate to say it but I absolutely LOVE it!

2. We helped with Newton County Christmas 4 Kids. Not nearly enough, but we did get to help!

3. We went to the Missouri Governors Mounted Guard Christmas Party.

4. We took baby girl to her first NCHA Futurity in Ft. Worth, TX.

5. Baby Girl got to meet Santa! It was a Cowboy Santa at that!

6. Slow days spent snuggling my baby and wrapping Christmas presents.

7. We continued our Cookie Tradition.

8. Baby girl turned 6 months old.

9. Tbug got to be with us Christmas Eve through Christmas Day. We also attended Candlelight services on Christmas Eve.

10. Tim and his family came up and hubby got to see/spend some time with his brother from another mother.


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