Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Her First Show

This was a pretty rough weekend at my house as some of you may have seen on my Facebook page.  Oh, you didn't know I had a blog Facebook page?  Well I just recently set it up.  If we were friends on my personal Facebook page I sent you an invite, however you're all invited to "Like" my page and keep up to date on things!

In fact, those of you who follow on Facebook will have seen I was going to post about this on Thursday, but plans have changed (obviously since you're seeing this post today and not tomorrow).

A few weekends ago when Tbug was at the house I mentioned to her that there was an AQHA show the next weekend we had her (this last weekend, Labor Day weekend, whatevs) and if she'd like, maybe we could get her there to show.  She kind of seemed interested but I wasn't sure so after she went home to her mom's house I called and talked to her mom and made mention of it to her mom.  Simply said if she was interested I needed to know and we'd get her there.

Well Tbug decided she was interested, so that meant, we were going.

Now, we show cutting horses, not pleasure horses.  I mean a horse is a horse, but at the same time you breed for different characteristics as with anything you do, you go for certain things to your hobby's specifications.  A cutting horse is very flexible, compact, athletic; basically they have to be able to spin on a dime and go back the other direction, fast :).  A roping horse is generally athletic and taller because you're going to dally off a rope to that horn to stop a cow.  A pleasure horse is bred for height, etc.  you get the point, right?  They're the same but different.

We knew this going in, but Tbug isn't ready to show cutting horses yet.  So I thought putting her in a pleasure class, in a bit more of a controlled atmosphere would be good for her.  Give her the chance to go out and show, but with cutting horses, you don't always know what will happen, it's hard to explain because I know what I'm talking about and I feel I'm talking in circles.  Just know, she went to show!  That's good enough!

I am pleased to say, she did excellent!

In halter classes, she placed 2nd.

In the Walk-Trot class she placed 3rd.

And then the poor kid got thrown in another Walk Trot class with a pattern and placed 3rd.  She was told by her daddy and grandpa (my dad) to stay in the ring, watch the other kids, and do it.  I was, on the other hand, trying to figure out why she wasn't coming out of the arena.  Then hubby said, I told her not to.  Oh, ok, that makes sense, right?

Kiddo's in her class got to choose prizes from the Treasure Chest.  She got Side Walk Chalk and something else for the 2 classes of Walk-Trot she was in.

And then my mom, aka Grandma, yelled at me for this stunt.  She seems to think I had something to do with this....

Should I plead the 5th or fess up?
I guess with that answer, this is my doing... but not this particular day, in fact I was talking to her step-dad about pictures when she did this.  Then we both got yelled at because we were the 2 standing there with cameras in our hand not paying attention.  About a year ago I was razzing her about standing on the back of Aloha.  I don't know why, I just was.  I got conned into doing this at her age on another horse, so I was giving her fits to see if she'd do it.  We may have a stunt double in the making.

Disclaimer: Yes, any horse can have a day where they want to throw a fit, it happens to the best of them, even the kid proof horses.  Aloha is fairly kid proof and there were people standing all around Tbug just in case, I just got them out of the picture.


  1. Congratulations to TBug!!! Happy to hear she did well in her first competition.

  2. Well done, scary pic at the end but the horse took it well and she seemed secure so... couldn't find your FB blog page

  3. Way to go TBug! And that picture of her standing on the horse makes me VERY nervous!! lol Brave little girl!

  4. Good for her!!
    I used to stand up on my horses all the time, bout' gave my mom heart failure every time!

  5. I would never stand on a horse, but she looks awesome doing it!! I liked your fB page ;)

  6. She sounds like a natural! And I can't believe she's standing on the horse! What if the horse decided to run?! (And yes I know NOTHING about horses lol.)

    Happy WW!

  7. Whats the point of being a kid if you can"t stand up on a horse now & then? Lol my brother and I used to get in trouble for jumping our horses off bridges Wild Hearts cant be Broken style :)

  8. Haha.

    Well, congratulations to T-Bug! That is fantastic. :o)

    Glad she didn't get hurt, too. ♥

  9. How awesome for her, love the outfit too :-)

  10. Beautiful photos! She looks so happy up there :-)

    Congratulations!!! I liked your photo so much that you were FEATURED this week on Sunday Snaps!

    Come Check it out and be sure to grab a "Featured" button to brag with! :-)

    Thank you so much for linking up with Sunday Snaps last week, and we hope to see more of your work linked up in the future!

    Sarah B Texas @ City Girl Gone Country



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