Friday, August 31, 2012

Iguana Azul - Nevada, MO

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Tuesday August 28th would have been my grandpa's 84th birthday.  Would have been is in the past tense.  My grandpa passed away in 2010.  It's hard to believe that it has been two years.

My Grandpa J and I had a special connection.  I went to his house every day after school from 2nd grade through 8th grade.  I also spent a lot of summers at his house too during the day while my parents were at work.

Now my grandpa liked food, you might almost say loved but I can't speak for him, and he always said you couldn't get good for unless you drove 45 miles or more.  I think part of that had to do with the fact that by the time you drove that distance you were so hungry it always made it taste better, but I'm not sure.

Back in 2009 I started the tradition of going out to dinner on my Grandma S. birthday.  She had passed away 2 years prior.  So when my Grandpa J passed away, my dad thought it was a good tradition to start.  It started with taking my Grandma J to dinner on what would have been their anniversary so she wasn't home alone.  Now it has carried to dinners.

Tuesday night my parents, grandma, hubby and I loaded up in dad's truck and drove to Nevada, MO to eat dinner at a restaurant called Iguana Azul.  Two reasons we chose this restaurant.
The first reason, Stating the obvious, it was more than 45 miles from home.
Second reason, dad, hubby, Tbug and I ate here back in March and we've been talking about it ever since.  So it seemed like a perfect fit.
Iguana Azul is located on the south Side of the Nevada Square across from the court house.  I believe they also have an entrance from they Hwy 54 side of that building with a parking lot behind the building/accessible from Hwy 54.

The funny from when we ate here in March was Tbug walking out saying, "Boy grandpa, that was good, but I'm sure glad we didn't have to eat any Blue Iguanas." haha.

Their chips are second to none.  I swear they were made fresh when we got there, but whether they were or they weren't, they were absolutely GREAT!

I ordered the Nachos Fajita which was a layer of Chips, Steak (or chicken), Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions under a layer of cheese sauce.  I'm fairly certain there were two types of cheese there two, but the menu didn't specify that, or if it did, I missed that (All together possible!).

My daddio got Chorizo Chicken Chimichanga with White Cheese sauce, Rice & beans.  Something about those beans caused both my dad and my husband to rave about how good they were.  I'm not a big fan of beans, but they said that the beans weren't like common beans... I don't know though.

Hubby and my momma got Fiesta Fajitas.  Fajitas served with Chicken, Beef & Shrimp served with Rice, Beans and Guacamole Salad.  Mom and hubby both commented on the good amount of shrimp.  I even tasted a shrimp, remember I don't like seafood, they were good.  Not seafoody (that's a word!!) at all.

Grandma ordered a Chimichanga, but I wasn't able to get a photo before she ate it.  She hasn't learned that I need/want my photos yet... haha.

Have you "liked" them on facebook??

**These opinions are all my own.  They don't know me.  Plus all pictures are mine taken with my iPhone or big camera unless otherwise stated**

10 Things to Smile About - August

Okay, for once I remembered to link up with EmmyMom for her monthly mem and it's great because we're sharing 10 things that made us smile in the Month of August.

1.  I really needn't say more here.  This man makes me smile every day, every hour, every minute of my day.

2.  Tbug getting carried away talking so much she almost forgot to drive down the driveway.

3.  Entering a Photo contest and actually placing.  It was the first contest I've ever entered and to actually place was friggin awesome!

4.  We celebrated my grandpa's birthday.  He passed away two years ago, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate it.  It ended in the evening with us going to the cemetery at 9:30 at night and as we pulled in I yelled, "Let me out Let me Out, No, Let me in, Let me in" and my mom cracked up laughing at me.

5.  We enjoyed a day and a half vacation together into an action packed weekend.

6.  We got some much needed rain, plus I hear we have some on the way today... hopefully I didn't just scare it off!

7.  I finally got to go on a date to the Drive in with my hunny that he asked me out on 14 years ago.  Great movies by the way!!

8.  I shared a hilarious video that I put together of my husband and me over different nights when we first started dating.  And yes, I might have mention I had to fart in one of the little clips.  If I really did or not who the heck knows.

9.  My husband loves me so much that when I got sick he brought me cold medicine at work on his lunch hour.

10.  Practicing with Tbug, getting her ready for her first horse show ever this weekend.  More details on that hopefully next week.

So everyone has something they can smile about, what's yours?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

PMM - I Want To Drive

One of the perks of living in the country is you generally tend to have a longer driveway.  Our current driveway is 1/10th of a mile long.  That's actually pretty good.  Just think 5 laps up and back is a mile. Yes, I'm a nerd, yes I clocked the length on my car odometer... moving on!

So one day last year I pulled into the driveway when Tbug was with me.  I put the car in park and told her to get out and come here.  At first she thought I was going to make her walk to the house, ha! but I didn't.  I put her in my lap and let her "drive" down the driveway.  Of course it was hubby's Tucson he had so he asked her who let her drive.  Anyway...  So there are a lot of times I allow her to drive down our driveway.  She's getting good at making the curves and not hitting anything, YEY!  Now usually I'm running the gas/brake.  But there have been a few times that she's backed my car out of its parking space so we can do something.  Usually someone sits in the passenger seat with our hand on the E-brake so if it gets away from her we can stop it.

Anyway... all of this was pre-curser to telling you this story.

Sunday Tbug got to come to our house on an off weekend.  We were out working with the horses and my dad took his truck out to the round pen.  Around lunchtime we all decided we were hungry and mom decided we should go to town.  When dad went out to get his truck, Tbug went with him and drove it over to the house, sitting on his lap.

We left and went to lunch, yada yada.  Once we headed back to my parents' house Tbug started asking grandpa if she could drive down the driveway.  Grandma was giving Tbug fits saying that she'd have to get out and walk if grandpa let her, etc.  So this got Tbug to yacking away about, well honestly I don't know what she was talking about.

So dad (grandpa) got to the driveway and Tbug is still just yammering away about something.  Dad slowly creeped in the the driveway, mom is looking at dad, hubby and I are staring at dad through the rear view mirror, we're all just looking like..... um.... are you going to let Tbug drive.  Then all at once Tbug quit talking and sat there.

Finally hubby said, "She never even noticed." and dad still slowly moving then all at once Tbug yell's
"OH GOSH!"  Hubby and I were in the backseat so we couldn't see her face, mom said it was hilarious but we were all cracking up at the Oh Gosh comment.  Just then she realized that we were in the driveway and she wasn't driving.  Dad stopped and she crawled over into his lap to drive up the driveway. 

Oh So Simple

One of those, Why Didn't I Think of This Moments!!
I would love to credit but... it came in an email and I don't know where it originated.

Happy Thursday My Friends!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lauren of Modern Day Wife

So I have a treat for you today, you aren't going to have to read my blabberings. ha!  Have you met Lauren?  We've taken over each other's blogs today.  Read about her here, then go to her blog and read my answers to the same questions; you didn't think I would leave you hanging did you? :)  Yeah I stole them from her and answered them myself.  I'm cool like that!  So without further ado, I want you to meet Lauren!


Hi "Life's a Beach" readers!
I am one of Nicole's brand new sponsors so I am excited to introduce myself :-)

I'm Lauren and I blog over at The Life of a Modern Day Wife!

Getting to Know "Modern Day Wife"...

1. Describe yourself in 10 words or less
Energetic, kind, wife, passionate, driven, fun, caring, organized, writer & professional 

2. What made you get into blogging? And inspired your blog name?
I started blogging after getting married in 2007 and wanted something fun to do with my free time and to document our marriage and daily life. I love anything modern, our wedding was very modern so hence the blog name :-)

3. What do you enjoy most about the blog world? Have you been a part of it for long or just starting out?

I love the friendships I've made most and the support the blogging world offers! I also love the products I've found through blog reviews and now LOVE!

4. What do you find yourself blogging about most of the time

Usually I blog about everyday life: marriage, my job(s), friends, family, events & parties, travel, fashion, products, etc.

5. If you had an endless budget… what store would you spend hours shopping in?

 I would probably spend it in Target honestly, I love that store!

6. How do you spend a typical Sunday?

Usually relaxing, sleeping in, going to the pool or gym/walking our yorkie Scoobie and spending time with my hubby and family. I also love brunch and could eat breakfast any time of the day!
Oh and watching lots of Lifetime(so addicted ha).

7. Tell us about your absolute must have item in your closet?
Cute and comfy jeans from GAP, they are my favorite.

9. Tell us about some of your favorites…
a. Favorite food
Pasta or greek salad!
b. Favorite color
c. Favorite TV show
Glee or Pretty Little Liars.

d. Favorite Book
I really loved the Hunger Games series.
e. Favorite place to visit
The beach, which is easy here in Florida :-)

{My husband & I on our beach vacation this summer}

10. If you could switch lives with anyone for the day, who would it be and why?
Maybe a celebrity, just to see what it's like..Reese Witherspoon?

11. What inspires you?
Many things, but mostly positive things that happen in the world and kind people.

12. What is your favorite fashion trend for the upcoming fall months?
I love coral lately...oh and Mexican food obviously!

13. Name a beauty product you use daily and would recommend to a best friend.
I use the toner by Mary Kay before I put on my makeup, love that stuff!

14. What are your favorite blogs to read (fashion, home d├ęcor, beauty, lifestyle, cooking, crafting, etc…)
I love all types, mostly lifestyle blogs though.

Thanks for having me today Nicole!

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Isn't she Great?!?!  Now get over to her blog to read my post and check her out more/follow her!  It's what all the cool kids are doing :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old Settler's Picnic

Saturday was the Moss Springs Old Settler's Picnic.

My dad saw a flier for it weeks ago and said they had a photography contest.  He mentioned that I should enter.  So hubby and I started going through our photos and debating which photos we'd like to enter.

There were 7 categories:
  • Black and White
  • Still Life
  • Portrait 11 and under
  • Portrait 12 and up
  • Animal
  • Floral
  • Landscape
I entered a photo in every category.  Hubby entered in 5 of the 7.

So when we arrived to turn our photos, things were in full swing.  The drizzling rain didn't stop anyone!  Here is a friend of my grandma's and my uncle competing in the Horse Shoe contest.

My mom entered an afghan.  And I'm pleased to say, she won!!

My grandma entered bread, fudge and one other category.  I haven't heard yet how she did.

And then our photos.  Here were our placings!!
  1. The Black & White feet was hubby's entry.
  2. The Floral was my entry.
  3. the Hawaiian Sunset was Hubby's entry.

  1. The boots entry was mine.
  2. The Horse Entry was mine.
  3. The picture of hubby was mine.
  4. The picture of Tbug was hubby's.
I entered the Las Vegas Strip Landscape.  I got a compliment from a Professional Photographer saying that it should have won hands down.

This was hubby's entry.

This was my entry.

This was my entry.

This was hubby's entry.

Really, for our first ever photo contest we were quite pleased with how we did :).  Have you ever attended your local Old Settler's Picnic?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gem Dandy's Pizza - Jasper, MO

Saturday night hubby asked me if I'd have dinner with him.  Well he should have known the answer to that question, but he proceeded to ask anyway.  On our way to Jasper it started raining.  Oh it was glorious!  We wanted to jump out of the car and dance in it!

Anyway, once we got to Jasper to Gem Dandy's Pizza it had quit.  I've been telling hubby for a while now we needed to go eat here.  Finally we made it!

Since he'd never eaten here I decided to let him decide what he wanted to eat.  That and I knew he'd choose what I wanted anyway :).  I'm lucky like that!

After we placed our order we went and sat down.  You get your own plates off the plate table.    While waiting for your pizza they have art all over you can look at (and purchase if you'd like).

Hey, look, do these people look familiar?  The longer we sat there, the hungrier we both got.

Pizza 1) Chicken Alfredo - Creamy Alfredo sauce, chicken, cheese & Mushrooms.
Pizza 2) Barbeque Chicken - Cheese, BBQ Sauce, Chicken, Onions & Jalapenos.

Yeah, I'm not going to lie, both of these were fantastic!  We took about half of each home for breakfast Sunday morning.  Hey, what's better than pizza for breakfast!! :)

And I wouldn't want to leave you hanging without giving you the chance to "like" them on facebook!

**These opinions are all my own.  They don't know me.  Plus all pictures are mine taken with my iPhone or big camera unless otherwise stated**

Blogging 101: Creating/Implementing a Button

I'm not claiming to be the Blogging Queen or anything.  Heck I'm still just "hit & miss" -ing my way through this like the rest.  All that coding jargon confuses me.  I know very little about technical names.  And yes, I'm married to an IT Man.  He humors me.  I act like I know what I'm talking about and he smiles & nods :).  Sometimes we have interesting conversations at my house :).

But, I taught myself how to make a button.  How to "code" it. etc etc.  And now, I'm going to share my knowledge with you.  I'm proud to say I figured most of it out on my own, with a little help from the hubster.

There are lots of different programs you can make a button in; Paint (the simple standard program on a windows based computer), Photoshop (Elements & regular for sure, not sure about Lightroom, don't have that), Gimp,, or the easy program of Picmonkey.  Why did they have to close down Picnik?  Another question for another day.  But your list of progams could be endless... I'm sure there are some I haven't thought of!

Ok, before you get started download this little white box.  It is sized for 150x150 which is pretty standard for most blog buttons.
150x150 (it's right above these numbers... hard to see it, sorry!!
 Right click above "These numbers" and you should find it... how the heck can I get a box around it so it shows up?

If you can't get that to work,  you can always go into, say Paint, Resize the white box to 150x150 pixels, save it and you're good to go!

Ok moving on....

Now go to  make sure you spell it right or it doesn't work.  Learned that the hard way :).

You'll click on Edit a photo and it pops up the dialog box where you select the photo.  This is where you want to select your 150x150 white square.

Now your screen should look like this.  On the far left you see those symbol looking things.  Go to the 5th one down (right below the P) and that is your Overlays.  Choose Overlay.

Now it gives you all kinds of options as you can see (geometric, hearts, stars, symbols, etc)  No one says your button has to have a photo of you, but if you have a symbol or emblem or logo saved to your computer or you want to use a photo, select Your Own.  It will pop up and tell you something about for now you can use royalties free.  I think you have to click ok, but when you click on Your Own, that allows you to get your picture.  I chose a photo of me as you can see.

It brings it in small.  Grab the corner and move it out.  That keeps it proportional.  If you want to distort it, hold the Shift button and drag the corner.  I went for proportional.

Next I wanted to add text.  I clicked on the P.  (That's your text, but that might be a captain obvious moment there...) Click the "Add Text" box and it places a box right in the middle of your photo.  No problem, move your mouse until you get the 4 way arrow looking thing and move it where you want it.  Btw, that top circle, that allows you to turn your text.  Something to keep in mind if that floats your fancy :).

Once you have your text, one of two things, choose your font first or... select all your text after typed and then choose your font.

And there's my button.  Now in the previous shot you'll see "Save".  Once you click on that it opens the save up on the left side of your screen.  Save your button to a name  you like.

Tip: My picture is small so you may not be able to see I have spaces in my button name, however I learned a trick after I did this that some websites don't like spaces, so use the underscore (_) as your space holder.

Once you hit save again it pops up this little box.  Click save and choose where you want it saved.  I generally save into a folder called Staging Folder when it is things having to do with the blog :).

Ok button is made.  Cool right?  Are we done?  Nope, sorry to burst your bubble.

Now you need to go sign up for a free Photobucket account if you don't already have one.  I had one, and told it to remember me so I was already signed in.  This isn't the opening page.  Click on the green Upload button there kind of in the center and it takes you here.  Now click the green Select your photos & videos button and upload the button name.

When it's finished you get a screen like this.  Click view album.

Now you can see my photo is in there.  If you hover over it, it gives this drop down box with all these different codes.  Click on the Direct Code and that saves that code for you. You'll need to save that code... but if you have your internet browser (ie, firefox, google chrome) set up where it has multiple tabs, just keep this tab open so you can come back and get that code.

Whew!  With me so far?  Sorry this is a long winded post!

Now go into your blogger account.  Click on the little down arrow next to your blog and select Layout.

And it takes you to this page. I have columns on both sides of my body (post) so I chose the left side.  Wherever you choose to house your blog button though, click on Add a Gadget.

It pops up a box like this.  Go down to HTML/JavaScript and click the plus out to the right side.

It pops you up a box like this.  Now, paste the code below (with changes) in this box.

Tip: if you're adding multipe people's buttons to your blog (sponsors, blogs I follow, etc) you use the same Html/JavaScript and then click on "Rich Text" To double check they are all the same width...

Then click save, arrange it by dragging it in the order you'd like your blog button to show.  And you are good to go.

Ok, below I have the code you'll need to use.  I have highlighted the areas you'll need to replace with your code.  The htt:// is where you put in your blog web address.  The other one that starts with http://i1234 is that code over in Photobucket.  The next set down is the same way and the last piece highlighted is the first part of your photobucket code.

Make sure in the coding you leave all the ">=, etc and the spaces just like they are or it will mess up the coding.  Html is that picky!

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>
class="tiny" name="1" rows="3" cols="18"><br /><a href=""><img
src="" border="0" /></img

And now that I've bored you to tears, hopefully not, I'm out of here :).  If you have any problems, please let me know!!  Have a fabulous week!

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