Monday, December 31, 2012

365 Project

I love pictures. That's all there is to it!  I want to get better at photos, especially get some better photos of me.  Yeah I guess you can call me vein if you want.  I'm not trying to be.  I think it's more self-conscious.  All summer long I have found different blog posts about taking your own photo or doing a 365 a day project.  And yes 365 photos of yourself is a lot!  And I tried the whole 52 Photo challenge and have had difficulties, but I'm going to try this whole photo a day for a year thing and see how it turns out.  I put it off all summer waiting for January 1 so that I could do it January 1 through December 31.

Here are the links I've found:
Self Portrait Photo Recipe

Self Portrait Tips

365 Project

Self Portraits

365 Project
And while I'm at it, I'll finish out the year with the 2012 Photo challenge that I kind of failed at, but here we go :)  Bring on the New Year!

Here is the 2012 Challenge:

Jan 01 Newness

Jan 08 Cold 

Jan 15 Tired

Jan 22 Breakfast 

Jan 29 Macro

Feb 05 Sleep

Feb 12 Body Parts 

Feb 19 Romance

Feb 26 Spirit 

Mar 04 Vegetables

Mar 11 Underneath 

Mar 18 Spring

Mar 25 Planning

Apr 01 Fools 

Apr 08 Excitement

Apr 15 Work

Apr 22 Growth

Apr 29 Trees

May 06 Mother 

May 13 Up

May 20 Annoyance

May 27 Temptation

Jun 03 Looking in

Jun 10 Party
Jun 17 Father
Jun 24 Swing

Jul 01 Lighting Experimentation

Jul 08 Red, White, Blue

Jul 15 Family
Jul 22 Summer/Winter

Jul 29 Time

Aug 05 Water

Aug 12 Shadows

Aug 19 Peace

Aug 26 Defeat

Sep 02 Sunset

Sep 09 Spice

Sep 16 The Kitchen

Sep 23 Autumn

Sep 30 Tools

Oct 07 Colors

Oct 14 My Neighbors

Oct 21 On The Shelf

Oct 28 Memories

Nov 04 Texture
Nov 11 Wind 
Nov 18 Music 
Nov 25 Gathering 
Dec 02 Beyond Reach 
Dec 09 Smiles 
Dec 16 After 
Dec 23 Winter/Summer 
Dec 30 Oldness

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve/New Years and we'll see you back here next year!!!!   
Happy New Year!!!

p.s. Don't forget about the 2012 Review Extravaganza review!!  You still have time to link up and we'd love to review with you!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Garfields Restaurant & Pub

Once Thanksgiving hits our days spiral fast toward the end of the year between parties and trips and work in general.  Yesterday, hubby and I had a free moment, a breather if you will and we decided to spend the entire day together doing nothing.  Well seeing what sales were like after Christmas but pretty much, doing nothing and just spending time together.

We are probably two of the most indecisive people you will ever meet, especially when it comes to going out to eat or even what to eat at home.  Neither of us usually care and we can always find something to eat just about anywhere.

We were driving down 7th Street in Joplin throwing out all the different restaurants we could eat at when I suggested Garfield's. We realized right then that in the 3 1/2 years we've been together, we've never eaten at Garfield's together; it was settled.

As a little kid, I used to love to eat at Garfield's.  So much so that it was usually my restaurant of choice for birthdays.

Oh as always I look at the dessert menu's and just about drool, joke that I could eat dessert for my meal, but in reality I'm a savory person and too much sweet does me in, but my oh my doesn't that look fabulous!

For the most part hubby and I have given up drinking pop (or soda or soda pop or Coke, whatever you'd like to call it), so other than water, our treat is Sweet Tea.  I must say, they had some mighty fine sweet tea!

Now I did the Lunch combo where I got to choose from two options.  My first choice, a Caesar Salad.  Oh yum!  The right amount of dressing to lettuce ratio and the croutons were great.  I claim to be a crouton connoisseur because, well, when I was younger my idea of a salad was croutons, ranch dressing and cheese :).  I've grown up a bit since then and like my lettuce in there too!

For Christmas I got a new point and shoot camera and so I was playing around at the table with it.  I might have even been making the server nervous. ha!

The other portion of my meal was Penne Pasta with Grilled Chicken in a Garlic Butter Herb Sauce.
Penne Pasta with Chicken
A grilled, seasoned, Chicken breast served over a bed of penne pasta with your choice of marinara sauce, creamy Alfredo sauce or garlic butter herb sauce.
My first thought was to go for the Alfredo, but something about that Garlic Butter Herb Sauce just kept calling my name.  I think Pioneer Woman and Paula Deen would have approved!  I'm so glad I chose that too.  Other than I could ward off the vampires all afternoon (you know, garlic, vampires... anyway moving on), It was absolutely divine.

Hubby went with the 6oz Sirloin.  It came with a choice of two sides.
Garfield's Sirloin Steak
Our 6oz or 9oz tender steak grilled to perfection.  Served with Garlic toast.  Served with choice of two sides.
Hmmmm I don't remember the garlic toast, but the steak was cooked just right.  He (and I) goes with Medium Rare.  His two sides were Tater tots and loaded mashed potatoes. 

He cracks me up more often than not when he gets tater tots because he individually ketchup's them. (please ignore my nasty nail polish!)

And if this picture doesn't tell you what I thought of the pasta, I'm not sure anything will!


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