Monday, January 31, 2011

It's a list, That's what I'm feeling!

1.  I've been watching forecast after forecast of what the weather is supposed to do.  It keeps getting worse and worse... but I'm from the Show Me State, I'll believe it when I see it... and Nope that's not a challenge for it to happen!  I'd rather it blow past and I'll go to work tomorrow thankyouverymuch!

2.  I have a headache.  I don't know why... I wish it would go away!

3.  My husband has decided I need to quit with the projects or else he's going to get something to tinker with himself.  I'm about done with all 3 (one is complete) so I'll show you when I'm finished with everything I've been working on.

4.  My step-daughter had a Cheerleading competition this weekend and we were able to attend.  My parents went down with us.  She did excellent.  I laughed b/c one of the first things she asked me when we met up with her was, "Did you take any pictures?"  I told her I sure did :)

5.  Saturday morning I was awake at 5am.  Sunday morning I was awake at 6:30am and this morning I was startled awake by a bad dream at 10 minutes to 5am.  Someone needs to tell my system that it is morning, it's sleep sleep time!

6.  My bad dream was my husband and I were out and about and had to go fill up his vehicle.  We went to pay for it with a debit card and their system was down.  They had to have cash.  Usually he's the one who will have a couple dollars on him, not me but this time it was the other way around so I went out to my purse to get the cash and as I was digging in my wallet I caught a lady out of the corner of my eye.  The next thing I knew I was fighting her for my wallet.  I woke up with goosebumps ALL OVER and ever hair on my body I swear was standing up on end!

7.  So far our lamb count is at 1 set of triplets and 3 sets of twins.  We lost one set of twins :(.  It sucks to lose them as babies.  Well it sucks to lose them at any time but still, it's so sad!

8.  I had a package that was coming to me Fedex.  I had it shipped here at work.  They tried to deliver it on Saturday while work was closed so you'd think the next logical thing would be to ship it on Today's delivery truck.  Apparently they missed that memo so it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.  You know, when we have all this "historic" snow.

9.  They've even bumped us up to Blizzard levels.

10.  Refer back to Number 1.

11.  I went on a date once... it was a blind date.  He asked me if I'd like some water (we met at a club) and I said sure.  He brought it back to me and I took one drink and got the weirdest look on my face.  When he asked me what was wrong my response was, "Water, it makes you pee."  Oddly enough we went on a couple more dates.

12.  I only bring up that rather odd piece of info because well... I've drank A LOT of water today!

13.  So on that note, I'll be happy that my kidneys work great and I'll jump off here and go relieve my bladder.

14.  Sorry, TMI??

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Husband is the Bomb Diggity!!!!

So the other night I went to a Zumba class with a friend.  The cool down song was great.  I love the song... so I thought, well I'll come home, tell my husband and he can find it for me... WRONG!  But not on his part, wrong on mine.  I couldn't remember the name of the song, who the artist was, the tune or even any of the words.  I was so bummed!

So last night we spent hours googling it... but go figure, I wasn't sure of words... I just thought I knew a few.  So before we went to sleep last night my husband FINALLY figured out my song.  How awesome is he!  especially with NOTHING to base it off of.  He's fantastic.  So now I'll share it with you, plus it'll be here so I'll remember.

The best part is I've asked him 4 times this morning, Now who sang that song?  What is the name of it.  I think he's getting tired of me asking!

Peace, Love & Saturday Mornings

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ground Hog Day Storm

This really turned out to be, well, not much more than you see right here....

Then we got hit with this....

And NOW they're calling for this.....

The Groundhog Day Storm May Affect over 100 Million People
A large winter storm forecast to unfold could adversely affect well over 100 Million people next week from the Rockies to the Plains, South, Midwest and Northeast, if it develops to its full potential.

The latest indications continue to point toward a large storm forming amidst a building temperature contrast over the middle of the nation.  Precipitation and strong cold air/warm air circulation around that storm will affect many millions of people from the interior West to the Atlantic Coast as next week Progresses.

We are calling this system the Groundhog Day Storm, and it will likely severely impact ground travel, and lead to canceled flights, school delays and closures.  The storm is not only a concern for Wednesday, but for much of the week as the system moves along.

Warm air building over the Plains now will be dramatically replaced by a charge of Arctic air that will lead to blinding unslope snow along the High Plains and the Front Range of the Rockies.

As the air charges southward and becomes more shallow, a substantial ice storm may unfold for portions of the southern Plains.  Meteorologist and former resident of the southern Plains, Heather Buchman, states, "This is the type of storm that could shut down the region with high winds, plunging temperatures, ice, snow and rapid freeze-up on roads."

Expert Senior Meteorologist John Kocet points out, "Some parts of the Plains and Rockies may have a daily temperature drop of 50 degrees or more, caused by the storm."

If the storm develops to its full potential, parts of the Plains will experience life-threatening RealFeel temperatures.

Nasty cold air, marked by near-or below zero temperatures, could possibly grip areas during the day as arctic high pressure builds over the norther Rockies and Plains as the storm passes by.

The charge of cold air clashing with warm air will likely lead to heavy, perhaps severe, thunderstorms sweeping eastward through parts of the Mississippi Valley and South.

Depending on the storm's configuration as it heads to the eastern half of the nation, a zone of heavy snow and ice may form from parts of the Ohio Valley to the mid-south and mid-Atlantic.

Depending on the track of the storm and how quickly it re-forms along the Atlantic Coast, heavy snow could blast part of the Great Lakes and much of the Northeast.

Some benefits from the storm would be more needed rain in the Deep South, moisture from the southern Plains and the stirring out of fog over parts of the interior West.

How nasty the storm gets and the primary form of precipitation for the Northeast, Midwest, interior South, and Plains depends on the exact track of the storm, still days away.

The storm will have many negative effects, especially in parts of the Northeast, where snow-removal budgets are blown and roofs are stressed to the failure point from the magnitude of prior record-breaking snowstorms.

According to Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, "Kids in portions of Kentucky have missed over two weeks of school already this winter."

Meteorologist Mark Mancuso stated, "This storm and perhaps a second storm could impact travel to the Super Bowl in Dallas next weekend, potentially from areas of ice, snow, high winds and cold."

The system expected to parent the storm over the middle of the nation was located 500-1,000 miles off the coast of the Northwest US Friday.

Keep checking in at for updates on this storm that will threaten lives and property.

Oh boy, I dunno about you, but I can hardly wait!!!  As for our unseasonably warm temperatures today... I think I'd rather Spring come next week than this mess!!!

This is what says about our area... Let's hope they are more accurate!  Especially with it Lambing time at our house.  So far 2 sets of twins and a set of triplets have been born... That was last I knew as of last night...

They always pick the best of weather conditions to be born in :(... {sigh}

Signing off,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Helpful Locations

Don't you just love Google Analytics?  It tells you about how people found your blog... What search engine they used, or which blog/website they came off of, or the most popular internet provider... Lots of different things.  They don't tell you who is actually coming to your blog, but hey I don't care, people visit, that's important ;).

So I got a kick out of key phrases typed into search engines that got you to my blog.  Here they are in order of hits (most to least)

1.  "Show me your Bra"

  • Well yeah I had a post on that.  It more had to do with our Relay for Life fundraiser but yeah, I showed you my Bra (it was the JD one, remember it? oh you don't?  Ok I'll share it again :))

2.  "November 25, 1978"
  • Well yeah, I had a post titled that too... Wonder what else happened so fascinating on that day?  Hold on let me go google it and I'll get back to you.....
    • Supposedly it was a Saturday
    • Tais Araujo was born... whoever that is
    • The Bayou classic was held in the Louisiana Superdome
  • I hope that helped you in your quest for information on November 25, 1978.  
  • Here's what was so significant for me on that day....

  • Well Yes, I did do that.  Thanks for remembering!
  • That may or may not be what you were looking for... but here, let me show you my look.... see if you were looking for this:

to This:
  • What do ya think????
 4.  "Blogspot "Locks of Love""
  • By chopping my hair, that's where I donated it.
  • I even got a certificate that they received it
  • You should do it too if you ever get the chance.
  • It is so worth it!  Great feeling
  • Here is their website:

5.  "Girl dresses blogspot"
  • Hmmm... that's a new one on me... I didn't realize that they had Boy dresses...
  • Good luck with that one.
  • I am a girl and I wear dresses :)
6.  "Spanking"
  • Oy....
  • The only kind of "spanking" you'll find here is from the Diva Paddle Party
  • Which was a lot of fun!!!

7.  "Box Mac & Cheese with Spaghetti Sauce"
  • Mmmmm now that's one of my faves and super easy!
  • We like to refer to it as Mac & Cheese Lasagna
  • definitely try it tonight!!!

8.  "I have endless reasons why I love you"
  • Wow, and my husband and I get made fun of for being sappy!!
  • I really wonder what these people are looking for.....
  • Do they want a man
  • or a woman's perspective??
Yup, I was looking for a reason to throw that in ;)

9.  "P90X Nicole "That's Life""
  • Holy cow, how did they know I did P90X?  
  • I'm Nicole
  • This is That's Life
  • and I have done P90X
  • How did they know???
10.  ""Cooking" "Gracie Allen""
  • Oh Oh OH  I can help them with this!!!

I hope by me putting these all in one easy location I can save people a lot of time searching for what they are looking for :)

Until next time,
Peace, Love & Search engines!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sign on the Dotted Line

I had to run over to the dealership where I bought my car last night...

Boy, now those guys are funny!

But you know, sometimes funny is what makes it all worth while.  If you have a dry boring salesman, you are less likely to work with them, than if you have one who jokes around and tries to make your car buying experience great.

I swear, when they see me walk in though, they probably think, "Oh crap what does she want now?"

My car came with a 1 Year dealership warranty so any chips in the windshield, door dings in a parking lot, (2) tire rotations, and a few other things (part of which I'm drawing a blank right now) will get fixed.  Heck I already have to take advantage of that... I hadn't had the car a week and got hit by a flying rock.  That puppy hit hard too :(  2 days later I walked in to give the title to my old car and the extra key to Steve and told him what happened to my windshield and he was shocked.  Yeah that's just my luck... <sigh>

**Sucky photo by my iPhone**

So anyway, back to the story at hand... So I walked in last night and Steve really wasn't expecting us until today (woops, sorry Steve!) so when he got done helping his current customers he came over to chat with us.  In the mean time, Josh, the General Manager, walked over and said, "Don't ever ask her to sign on a line." laughed and shook my hand.

So maybe I should explain that story, since that's kind of where this post is going...

Back in 2006 when I was looking to buy my Mustang, I went to deal with a Ford dealership that really ticked me off.  My dad was with me, he was both shocked and proud of me for standing up for myself. (I really do have a shy side to me...)  So we test drove a 2007 Mustang that they had on their lot that particular day.  I thought well I really like this car (even though I found my dream one on another Ford lot that was a 2004) so I decided that maybe a 2007 was the way to go, so I was ready to talk money with them.

We went in the dealership and way before they even ran my credit report check or anything, they came back with outrageously high numbers.  That right there pissed me off.  They knew I didn't currently have a car payment (car was paid off), I was getting way better fuel mileage on the current car, my insurance was lower on the current car and they wanted 3/4 of my paycheck a month in car payments.  I told the guy he was flippin out of his mind.  So at the bottom of that piece of paper he drew a line and placed an X on it.  He said, well I'll go back and talk to the general manager and try to lower the price for you if you'll sign your name on that line that if I get it to the price you want today you'll buy the car no matter what.  I said, "Excuse me?  If you get where I want, I'll probably do it but you can't make me sign that line."  He said that I had to sign that line or else he couldn't go back to the general manager.

Let me tell you I was one mad person.  I looked at my dad and said, "That guy is flippin out of his mind, I'm not doing business with them, let's go."  The guy just stared at me like, is she serious?  I grabbed my keys and walked out.  I was fuming.

So dad and I went to the Ford dealership that had the 2004 that I really wanted, they joked around with me, laughed with me, laughed at me, made my car buying experience pleasurable and I never looked back.

That was a Saturday.  The following Monday the General Manager of the other Ford dealership called me still trying to sell me a car.  He explained that the line was so that they knew the customer was serious and not wasting their salesmen time.  I explained to that guy that my time was way more valuable than that and I didn't care if I wasted their salesmen time or not... it was my time I wasn't about to waste.  Time is valuable and then I proceeded to tell him that I already made my purchase from a dealership that wasn't worried about me "Wasting their time."

So jump forward to the year 2011, the date January [whatever date I bought my car], and this nice handy guy named Steve who so choose that day to deal with me :).

I won't bore you with the details of test driving cars (it's in this post) but when we went inside to talk numbers, I warned Steve first off that I would not sign on any line that was drawn by him on a piece of paper saying I would buy then... it isn't a binding contract so it's pointless to sign and I WON'T DO IT and if he wanted me too I was just as happy to walk out of the dealership right then and there, save us all some hassle and go somewhere else.

He told me not to do that, he wouldn't do that to me.  After the negotiating rounds, at the end, with one final negotiation he drew the line and the X.  I said ok give me my keys I'm leaving (They had my keys b/c they were looking at my car).  That's when Josh the General Manager walked in and said I could deal with him personally.  I told him about the line with the X and how I refused to sign it.

Well as you all know, I bought the car so I didn't have to sign on a hand drawn line with an X.  I did however have to sign on official papers.  I'm cool with that though.

So last night I told the guys if they'd draw a line on the window with window chalk (or we did it in dry erase marker) that I'd finally sign it.  And I did too :)

It doesn't show up the greatest and of course my point and shoot camera battery was dead so this is again with my iPhone... and you can barely see my smiley face, but we all got a good kick out of it :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sad Day

It's a sad day in our family :(

Our beloved Laredo passed away :(

Even though he is a Steer (male beef animal who has been castrated) he was still like a member of the family.

When I was little my parents had Santa Gertrudis cattle.  Someone driving by my parents place offered my dad money he couldn't refuse for them and that was it, we were out of the Gert business.

They then decided they wanted cattle again so they bought a herd of Long Horns.  They were cool.  one even had the shape of Texas on her forehead.  But then they decided to get out of the Long Horn business when someone else driving buy decided they wanted them and offered my dad a price he couldn't refuse.

He did however decide to keep Laredo.    As Laredo grew his horns did too.  When my parents sold their place and we had to move our cattle back to my grandparents house, Laredo had to lower his head and cock it to the side to get in and out of the stock trailer.  Luckily it was only about a 10 mile ride from our house to my grandparents house.

Then my parents wound up buying a piece of land right next to my grandparents house, but decided to leave Laredo with my grandpa's Gerts.  He was a good babysitter.

Well we are now back in the Gert business.

But my parents were dreading the day that Laredo would pass on.  But he's been with our family for 17-20 years or so (we've lost count it's been that long).

So Dear Steer,

I hope you are in a much better place eating on all the green grass your heart desires.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goofy Learns to Ski

I absolutely loved this video when I was a kid.  Oh heck, I still like it!  It's classic!!!

Hope you are having a warm and safe Sunday afternoon!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cooking 101 with the Youngan

So for Christmas from Santa, Miss Tbug got some cooking supplies and a couple cookbooks.  Today we are going to share with you our first recipe.  We are making Paula Deen Pancakes out of the Paula Deen's My First Cookbook

So Here's a shot of all ingredients needed (including the daughter ;))

First you measure out the cup of baking mix.

And dump it in the bowl.

Measure out the baking powder

Then read more of the directions.

Now we need to measure out the sugar.

And dump it in.

Crack the eggs one at a time into a separate dish so you don't get shell in the big bowl.

Then dump them in the bowl.

Whisk all the ingredients together.

Scrape down all the sides of the bowls so that you get all ingredients incorporated.

Then continue whisking.

Now read all the rest of the ingredients/directions so you are ready to go.

Now make sure daddy set the griddle to 375 degrees... oh wait he chose 350 so they didn't burn... eh, it's all good.

Now use the 1/4 cup to measure out the pancake batter and dump on the hot griddle.

And wait for the pancakes to get done on the other side (they will bubble on this side)

Now use a big spatula to flip the pancakes.

And let them finish cooking on the other side.

Once the pancakes are done, place them on a plate, butter and syrup (or however you like to fix them).  Then pour yourself a glass of  your fave breakfast drink.

and Enjoy!!!!

And who doesn't like see food every once in a while?

Hope you enjoyed this cooking lesson as much as we did!!!


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