Thursday, September 30, 2010

Navy Pier - Tuesday Part 1

Tuesday morning we got up, still full from dinner the night before, so we decided to walk some of it off! We headed for Navy Pier. Navy Pier is full of lots of fun. During the summer at night they have firework's shows. The last one, Sept 4th, our wedding day so we weren't able to witness one of those. See another reason to go back :) Not that I really need a reason other than I want to :)

I feel like a gal out of a movie, like I should be singing and dancing (and no not "pole" dancing...)

I love Mac & cheese THIS much!

My honey and me!

Ok this is how windy it was... look at my poor hair!

I was aiming to get the skyline in the background... I don't think I succeeded!

The beautiful skyline!

My baby with the skyline

and me with the skyline :)

Pretty flowers :)

I asked someone to take our picture with the skyline.
I had to hold my hair b/c the wind was wicked wild!

The Anchor off the U.S.S. Chicago

I was attempting to shoot it like he was touching the top. I misjudged just a bit :(

And of course, me with the sunglasses....

We ate lunch at Capi's Italian Restaurant. PC RAVED about the tomato basil soup. It was pretty good and I'm not a fan of tomato soup.

His Chicken Parmesan

My Cavatappi and Mushrooms in Gorgonzola Sauce

Then we went to their botanical gardens.

Next came the BIG Ferris Wheel. I'm not a fan of Ferris Wheels but I couldn't pass up riding it either. It never stops, it moves slowly and you "run" to jump on it. It is 150 ft tall. It's a replica of the 1893 World's Fair Ferris Wheel.

See I'm doin good... :)

And it's a breeze for this one!

Once you got to the top it felt like you weren't moving b/c the wind was whipping the car around so bad....

Here are some views from the Ferris Wheel:

Once we got off the Ferris Wheel we went in and had this ring made and did a build a bear. The build a bear we named Honeymoon and she sits on our bed with the ring bearer pillow when we get the bed made :)

I have a lot of photos from this day as well so I'll break it up into a 2 posts so you don't go on photo Over Dose :)

Peace, Love, & Tuesdays (on a Thursday re-cap)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100 in 1001 days

Ok I jumped on the bandwagon! Although this is difficult!!! I used help from Amber at The Survival Guide for the Young, Fabulous & Newlywed, Jordan at The deFlon Family, Lindsay at A Small Town Kind of Life, as well as Day Zero Project and then continued to rack my brain. Coming up with 56 was fairly easy... 101 took me a while... oy! So here are the things I would like to try and accomplish in 1001 days (2.75 years). Starting day: September 29, 2010, ending day: June 26, 2013 (boy I hope I did my math right ;)).

To help me keep track so I didn't hopefully put something twice I broke them down in categories but I seriously could have even put something twice :(.

Wish me Luck!!!

1) Complete 15 push-ups in a row
2) Set a weight goal
3) Reach my goal weight
4) Wear the "skinny" jeans hiding in my closet
5) Floss every day for a month
6) Donate hair to Locks of Love (again)
7) Donate blood
8) Find a dentist and go regularly
9) Find a new hair dresser that I like!
10) No pop (soda) for 1 month
11) Improve my Posture
12) Join a book club
13) Dye my hair
14) Get the Pink Hair extension for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
15) Join a Relay-4-Life Team

1) Create an Emergency Fund
2) Increase contributions to church
3) Save for/buy a safe
4) Have emergency fund of at least 3 months pay
5) Pay off my Mustang
6) Enroll in 401K
7) Start a savings account for PC's future business
8) Start an Etsy (shop, page, whatever their called)
9) Get everything changed over into my new name
10) Save for an upgrade on my camera

1) Make a homemade berry pie from fresh picked berries
2) Host a holiday party at my house
3) Make a "from scratch" dessert
4) Keep my car clean for a month straight
5) Find a red wine I like to drink
6) Try a drastic new hairstyle
7) Host a dinner party
8) Make my own jam
9) Grow a garden and eat something from it
10) Can my own tomatoes, sauce and salsa
11) Make homemade soup from scratch
12) Print out digital pictures and make a photo album
13) Make 1 new meal per month
14) Take a monthly photo and change it out on my wall for 1 year
15) learn photo shop
16) Learn the ins/outs of my camera
17) Make my floors clean enough to eat off of for 1 week
18) Make a quilt out of PC's old Army uniforms
19) Make PC's quilt (bought the material last year)
20) Finish Evelyn's blanket and get it to her
21) Go through my shoes and get rid of some
22) Get everything put away in our house
23) Plant a garden
24) Learn to can my own vegetables
25) Purchase all equipment to can my own vegetables
26) Remodel my bedroom
27) Keep our house picked up for one month

1) Take the GRE
2) Love my job or find a job I love
3) Decide if I want to get a Master's
4) Learn Spanish fluently
5) Take another Photography Class
6) Take an office in PEO (again)
7) Write a book
8) Enter into a Master's Program

1) Go skiing
2) Go berry picking
3) Fly in a hot air balloon
4) See the Grand Canyon
5) See Niagara Falls
6) Swim with a dolphin
7) Do a wine tasting
8) Visit Canada
9) Go on a vacation with just PC and myself
10) Go on a road trip and site see along the way
11) Spend a night at a Bed & Breakfast
12) Visit 3 new states
13) Do the wine stomping while at a vineyard
14) Try 15 new Restaurants
15) Plan an unforgettable 1 year wedding anniversary
16) Go to the lake for a weekend
17) Go Camping
18) Go to the Dixie Stampede
19) Visit Apple Butter Makin' Days
20) Go to the Maple Leaf Parade
21) Qualify for the AQHA World Show

Just for Fun
1) Take Scuba Diving Classes
2) Read the Bible cover to cover
3) Read a new book a month
4) Show grace when it is undeserved
5) Have a garage sale
6) Build a snowman
7) Go to church every Sunday for at least 2 months
8) Surprise someone with a random, generous gift
9) Join a Bible Study
10) Pray each day
11) Sleep under the stars
12) Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet
13) Kiss in the rain
14) Visit somewhere out of the norm and speak with an accent for a day
15) Take Ballroom Dance Lessons
16) Do a photo shoot for 5 friends
17) Keep up my blog
18) Make all recipes in the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook
19) Do a yearly post wedding Scrapbook page
20) Write a blog entry for each item crossed off my list

Whew I set the bar high... let's see if I can do it :) Wish me luck!!!

My Bear is Missing :(

A few weeks ago we went to PC's mom's house and Bear went with us. I guess there was a neighbor dog in-heat and Bear jumped out of the truck and came up missing. We found him 6 hrs later waiting for us at PC's mom's house looking like, why'd ya leave me?

PC said we weren't taking him anywhere anymore if he was going to do that. I agreed! Then he became a "Good Bear" and stayed with us. So the 23rd we took him to my parents house with us and my dad's dog was in-heat... oy! All the male dogs got into a huge fight! He loaded up and went home with us just fine!

Friday night (the 24th) we went shopping for groceries and while we were out we bought "Bear" bread (my dog LOVES white bread, it's his treat). Then we went home and while I was mowing the lawn and PC was re-wiring a light bear was around. We got up Saturday morning though and he was nowhere to be found. I figured he was out gallivanting or something but he'd be back. Here we are, Wednesday and he still isn't home. We can't find him anywhere :(.

Here are some photos we took of him Thursday night on our way to my parents house :(

Peace, Love, and I miss you Bear Bear!! (I just hope if someone stole him that they realize he smiles and he isn't aggressive when he shows his teeth!)

Chicago - Monday - Part II

On a quick side note, my friend Jacin over at She Said Yes is on her honeymoon and I'm a guest blogger there today. Go check out her blog and of course while you're there read what I wrote :). It's about the Love List. It looks/sounds like she planned a beautiful wedding (Sept 25) and I can't wait to see photos!

Ok here's the rest of the Monday Photos from our honeymoon. So I found some photos I took on my phone also so again as usual, this blog is Jam Packed full of photos! What can I say, I love them!!!

This was just a skyline shot. It'd have been great if that light pole hadn't jumped in my way :)

Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears

Lakefront Drive... can you guess where it runs by ;) (hint: Lake Michigan)

I don't know what the name of this building is (look at the black thing just over the tree line). It is a convention center. The tour guide said it is as long as what the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower) is tall.

Shedd Aquarium. The tour guide said this was an excellent aquarium but we didn't have time to visit :(. This just gives us a reason to go back!!!

So about a year ago a company from London called Willis bought enough of the Sears Tower to get naming rights. They chose to re-name the famous Sears Tower to the Willis Tower. Everyone still refers to it as the Sears Tower and the tour guide said that Willis "Gained some popularity" with the name change.

Buckingham Fountain is located in Grant Park. Again had it not been for the stupid light pole jumping in my way, that was a great shot of it :)

Here is a shot of Navy Pier in it's entirety. The tour guide said this was one of the only shots available to see the entire thing. (Look for the Ferris Wheel, see it... ok you're looking at Navy Pier) :) It started out as Municipal Pier #2. There were plans to have 5. 1, 3, 4, & 5 were never built.

Here is a full shot of Trump Towers and the back of PC's head. Woops :)

Here's a view of the Chicago River on one of the bridges. Here's a cool fact about the Chicago River, every year around St. Patrick's Day they dye the river Green. (I've seen it, pretty cool). A motor boat weaves back and forth dumping green coloring into the river.

This building here has a blimp (Zeppelin) docking Station. You see the Yellow Ball on top? When they used to come into the city via blimp, that was where they docked and then there were spiral stair cases that took you all the way down to street level.

Here is the car/walking entrance to Navy Pier

This is Centennial Fountain. It was given to Chicago in their Centennial year. It goes off every hour on the hour for 10 minutes. The boats plan their schedules around the fountain because it stops water traffic for 10 minutes.

Haha, here we are again. We didn't get lost I swear! And yesterday I saw someone ask, was it windy... you can't really tell by this picture my hair is in my face, but one from yesterday's post it blew my bangs right in my eyes when the camera took... Monday was extremely windy and the tour guide said the wind had actually picked up in the last few days.

This would have been a pretty church had they not been remodeling it. It is actually the church that was used in the filming of My Best Friend's Wedding.

This was looking up at the Hancock Center. those Dang Street Lights!!! I swear :) The criss crosses that you see going up are actually there for stability. The building is actually wider at the base than at the top. They say most sky scrapers sway 3-4 feet, the Hancock Center only sways about a foot either direction so they had to figure out a way to stabilize it for the Chicago Winds.

This was one of the hotels we had the choice of staying in. I personally took the photo because we have a place here at home called The Drake.

Hard Rock Cafe.
We actually wound up eating dinner there on Tuesday night. The arches in the background is the McDonald's next door :)

The Civic Opera House. If you notice in house it has a V instead of U. We noticed this with the PVBLIC Library as well. We aren't sure what was up with that...

This building just fascinated us :)

This is the famous Sears (Willis) Tower. Now you've seen emails about the deck around the 102nd floor (give or take a few floors, I can't remember the actual floor number). I kind of always wondered if they were truly there... well wonder no more, I saw them with my own eyes!

And here is the Chicago Theater. The famous place from all those pictures!

So we finally made the loop of all of our tour guided bus tour :) When I came here with my mom and aunt in March of 2006 one of the guys my aunt works with said we HAD to eat at Gino's East Pizza while in Chicago. He even says they have the best pizza around and has them shipped down to Southern Oklahoma. We found this "excellent" pizza place. It was pretty darn good pizza!!! Then one summer day a few years later I was sitting at home watching the Travel Channel (yes I needed a life) and saw the difference between New York style Pizza and Chicago style Pizza. New York style are large slices that can be folded in half and eaten more like a sandwich on the run. Chicago style was created by a guy who wanted to eat pizza with a knife/fork, that's why it's deep dish! Ok sorry maybe TMI but now you know :)

So one of the things that I wanted to show PC while we were here was true Chicago Style Pizza. Gino's East was the place they raved about on the Travel Channel (Rays was raved about in NYC, my NY followers, do you agree?? and I have eaten at both!! :)) So we set out to find Gino's East. I was going to google it on my phone to make sure there weren't more than one but PC said oh let's just put it into the google maps app on my iPhone and see where it takes us. Boy did it take us out of our way, 4 miles to be exact. It took us to the Original Gino's East Pizza in Lincoln Park. (the kicker of it all, the one I had eaten at previously that I really wanted to take him to, was less than 6 blocks from where we were standing :))

We got to go on a lovely walk around the city, seeing the residential side I had never seen before. It was a great walk, we even got to walk in the rain in Chicago :)

Gino's East

Our Yummy cheeseburger pizza.  Oh I'm hungry just looking at this!!!

While we were walking over there we realized there was an L going over us at one point and figured we had to be really close to an L Station. Sure enough, we were. 4 blocks. One of the guys at the pizza place told us how to get to the L station and we rode the train all the way back to our hotel front door!

Once we were back at the hotel we weren't really sure what to do. We were full, we were tired and it was only like 4:30. So we took showers and cleaned up and watched a little tv until we decided we were bored with that and decided to go out for the evening, we just weren't sure where we were headed. What did we do? We wound up going to eat dinner. Yes we were full and had only eaten just a couple hours before that but what else was there to do... haha.

We decided to go to The Melting Pot. It was expensive but boy was it excellent! And our waiter was the coolest. He found out we were on our honeymoon and brought us Wine on the house. Usually they do Champagne but they were out and we don't much care for champagne. But he brought us Moscato di Asti wine. It is a lovely dessert wine. When he brought it he told us what it was and we told him that was our absolute favorite. Later he wound up bringing us a second glass telling us that we needed it on our honeymoon :)

Here was the appetizer Cheese. We got the Fiesta Blend. It comes with unlimited bread, carrots, celery, apples, and tortilla chips.

It was so yummy! And we were so full... LOL

When the waiter brought the wine, he also brought us a rose. The wine glasses also had those light up bracelets on the stems.

We had our dinner and then it was time for dessert. We chose the Ying Yang. Our waiter told us this was the best ying yang he'd ever done. It was white & dark chocolate.

Dessert comes with unlimited (until your chocolate is done) strawberries, bananas, rice crispy treats, brownies, cheese cake, and marshmallows covered in Oreo cookies & graham crackers.

I swear we walked away from this meal 50 lbs heavier! LOL
It was EXCELLENT!!! It might be a little pricey but definitely worth it once in a while on special occasions such as this :)

We even woke up Tuesday morning so full from Monday that we didn't eat until lunch, but that's another story for another day because well, this was a really long post. Sorry!

Peace, Love, & the love of food!


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