Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our 1st Shower

We had our first wedding shower yesterday (on my birthday). One of my co-worker's Nancy threw it for us. When trying to decide the date we chose my birthday because I was planning on taking off the day (so I just took off the afternoon so I could take the presents home and clean and put them away). Also come on, who doesn't like to open presents on their birthday :) (might I add this post is loaded with pictures, but what's new :))

We have some awesome co-workers is all I have to say!

Nancy forgot her camera so I was trying to show her how to use mine (well PC's). At this point I was taking Rachael's picture because she was taking mine :)

See, here's Rachael :). She got caught

We're good at getting pictures of Nicole (right) with food in her mouth. haha! Theresa is on the left.

Here was our cake. It was half white, half chocolate. It was good!

Here was the cake and punch table. Nancy was laughing because the table cloth just showed up. No one fessed up to bringing the brown table cloth.

Here we are. We got to go to the front of the room.

Here was Nancy (pink shirt) telling us about the joys of marriage and the hard times we'll have and that if we put everything in God's hand, he has a plan and he will see us through. Then she went around the room and gave everyone in attendance the opportunity to give us advice that has or hasn't worked. She also bought a book and passed it around and left everyone there write us messages. Later we were told we could use the book to record memories throughout life.

There's my dad. The only picture with him in it. (he's on the left standing up). My mom is in the blue shirt on the far right of the picture. Kalem, one of the groomsmen is standing up talking to my dad.

It's present time.

All I can say is we have some excellent co-workers and friends!

Reading cards.

I'm a little shy when it comes to being in the "spotlight" like this. I was shaking at first. Once everyone started eating cake and talking I relaxed a little.

I would so like to know what was being said to cause that look on my face :)

I think we were both concentrating here :)

We got the Rachael ray Brown & Bubble pans. I wanted these so bad! They are awesome!

Here is our present table.

Here is a shot of everyone in attendance.
Nicole was mad we didn't have to do a toast or drink with arms entertwined or anything like she and Ed did a year ago. I was like yeah but we're having a real wedding you ran off. We all laughed. She was like you better do this at your wedding. I told her not to worry, we had all the stuff to do that :)

This is my big Boss Jim talking to us. (He is my bosses boss.)

This is how our table was decorated in front of us. Super cute!

I read on a blog you should do something nice for the people that throw you a shower. They go above and beyond to throw this for you. I thought that was a sweet idea so we put together this small Thank you gift for Nancy. What I read was to base it around "showers". Well this was hand treatments. Also there was a small heart cup & saucer with a few little bags of tea.

Peace, Love & Great Friends!

Friday, July 30, 2010

One Year Ago... Part 24

He stayed at the house with me for a while until it was time to head to bed and then he went home. While he was driving I hopped in the shower. When I got out he was home and we both went to sleep.

Up to this point we hadn't had a whole lot of run-ins with the ex wife. She kept to herself, we kept to ours other than when PC would go to pick up his daughter or we'd take her home. Unfortunately, that all changed.

I am an avid Dancing with the Stars fan. I try to not miss an episode. In fact I want to take Ballroom dance lessons myself someday just to say I can do it. Monday night is the competition with the results show on Tuesday nights.

This particular Monday night PC came over to watch. He wanted to spend time with me, it was his first night home where I was back in town as well and since I watch so did he. This is also the night I started loathing Facebook.

Everything was going off without a hitch, I got home and chores were done. PC and my dad saddled up horses and worked them. Then they came in and I had dinner ready and we all sat down and started watching Dancing with the Stars. He posted a status on facebook saying that he was sitting with his baby and her family watching Dancing with the Stars. It wasn't even half an hour later after the post and he started getting text messages from his ex-wife about how he shouldn't be spending time with me, he should be spending time with his daughter, especially now that he was home and she had told her that her daddy would spend more time with her and it upset her. She was at home upset that her dad wasn't spending more time with her and on and on and on. Of course that made for a very unpleasant evening. He was upset, I was upset. Eventually it was time to go to bed so he left and both of us were so upset. I didn't sleep well that night and I don't think he did either.

The next night when I got home from work he was there with chores done and of course we all rode horses again. This is how it went the rest of the week.

My friend Nicole and her fiance Ed were due to get married on October 24th so before their wedding they had a Showerception thrown for them on the 10th. It started out as a wedding shower and quickly turned into a reception since they were headed to Eureka Springs to get married.

I had been taking photography classes and so earlier in the afternoon on the 10th PC and I went around town playing with my camera and doing photo shoots. Eventually we wound up at the Showerception to celebrate with Nicole & Ed. The next morning we got up, went to church and did another photo shoot. This is how our weeks went along with every other weekend we'd have his daughter.


November 14th was dinner club, this time out we headed to a town an hour from here for dinner. After dinner PC and I decided to hit the cheap movies. Tickets were $2 a piece so we thought heck why not. While sitting in the movie theater his cell phone vibrated. It was his ex wife texting him saying that she and her family had been in Branson for the day and were headed home. His daughter wanted to stay the night and she said it was okay so could she drop her off. This was a weekend that wasn't our weekend to have his daughter, that's why we'd decided to head out of town for dinner and then a movie. He sent her a message saying he wasn't home. She proceeded to reem him a new one through text again about how he didn't have a job and was going out on the town, etc. At this point I told him to point out the fact that I was the one buying. That calmed her down a bit but she still continued to reem on him about spending time with his daughter.

By this point I was getting upset. We had paid to watch a movie and now neither one of us were watching it because she wouldn't quit texting and he wouldn't quit answering her. Finally I told him to tell her that we were in the movies and that he wasn't going to answer her anymore and for the first time he took his frustration out on me and snapped at me. I slid to the other side of my seat and kept to that side the rest of the movie.

I was upset. We'd paid to go to the movies. We were out on a date which didn't happen a lot. We were out together by ourselves and he allowed the texting to ruin the mood of the evening. I was heartbroken. I had a feeling this is how the rest of everything would be if I stayed with him. I couldn't handle that. I didn't want to handle that. I didn't want to be second rate to his ex-wife. That's why they weren't married anymore.

After the movie was over we went out to my car and I drove home. Once I got to his house, I let him out of the car, I didn't linger, I didn't dottle, I just said I was tired and I headed home. This had given me a lot to think about. I was the master texter, I sent and received a lot but when I was out for an evening I quit taking messages or slowed it down depending on the situation. Anytime his ex-wife would text, he immediately dropped what he was doing and answered which usually ended up in a texting fight. I couldn't handle it. I didn't want to be second rate, especially not to an ex-wife. I was hurt and everything my mom had said before about always being second started filling my head. Here was a great guy that I loved but I was afraid I'd always be second. I know his daughter is important and any issue dealing with her is absolutely important but for the ex to just start chewing him out and ruin our mood completely was a little more than I could deal with.

He called me as I was leaving his house to talk. It was hard to talk to him. I had so many mixed emotions going on. I loved him so much but the fact that his ex ruined our mood a lot was so much to deal with.

I was driving down the back road talking to him when all the sudden I screamed.

Oh yeah, I'm that mean... to be continued...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Annoys You?

We had a meeting with the preacher last night. This was our second meeting and basically our last. We have one more but it is to just discuss the details of how the wedding will run and in what order. It's the week before the wedding week. Not a big deal.

We've had a bumpy ride throughout all of this but it's all worked out in the end and that's what really matters.

Our first meeting with the minister he had us take a "test" although he said it wasn't called a test, it was just a survey, but when you fill out your answers on a scantron sheet, I'm thinking Test all the way! Anyway based off how each of us answered the questions, he uses it as a tool to see where we might need counseling before marriage.

The closer to 0% both answers got you, the better. We had a couple columns that were all the way at 0%. In fact he said out of his counseling there has only been one other couple in the recent past that has scored as well on this as we did. I should have kept that paper for our scrapbook but I left it there :(

There were a few areas that he just asked us a few questions on but my favorite was:

Preacher: Ok I'm going to ask you this one and I think you both might be able to answer for the other.
We both look at each other with, um... ok looks.
P: who wants to go first?
I pointed at PC, he pointed at me.
P: Ok What annoys you the most about Nicole. What is something she does that absolutely annoys you?
PC: Nothing really...
P: So nothing she does even gets on your nerves?
I grin...
PC: Ok I guess the fact that I have a backseat driver.
P: Oh I know that all to well.
me: Yeah well when he's driving down the road looking out the window and a car is stopping in front of us and he isn't paying attn I can't help myself.
PC: I have it under control.
me: I've even volunteered to jump in the backseat if need be.
P: Oh so add insult to injury
we all grinned and got a good laugh out of that.

P: Nicole What bugs you about ?
I grinned and looked at PC
PC: The fact that I don't always remember to put the toilet seat down.
We all crack up laughing.
P: Well yeah I learned at an early age to do that from a woman at church but I've heard many counseling sessions where the woman says she goes in in the middle of the night and doesn't see it and falls in.
I shutter!
Me: No it isn't so much that, it just looks gross in my opinion. I always watch for it. He knows he's in trouble when I GRRRRRRR! at him.
PC: She is phobic of the germs
me: That's not it, it looks gross!
We all laugh again.
Me: The fact that when I get tired, I get cranky and just try to get everything done so I can go to bed and that's apparently when he wants a hug or to slow down my pace.
PC: I can't help it, I get Lovey Dovey when I'm tired, and she just gets cranky.
me: Yup, I just want to go to sleep.
We all laughed again

Then there were more serious type questions that he asked us, but really I think he only addressed maybe 5 questions. I think we wound up taking close to 40-50. The hardest part that PC and I had filling out that survey was it was either agree, disagree or uncertain. Sometimes that isn't always an option when you are thinking about questions.

Anyway it looks like he's going to let us get married :). Whew I was sweating that. haha j/k.

This weekend the guys are getting measured for tuxes, we are meeting my great aunt at the church to see what all the church has for decorations (she's in charge, how cool is that), next week we are talking to our reception place to finalize details. We've been in contact with the caterer. Slowly but surely getting RSVP responses to the wedding. It's all coming along, and I still have all my hair in tact!

Speaking of hair, I have a lot of it and need to start deciding what I want to do with it.

Peace, Love & Annoying people :)

Last Day at 26 Years Young

Oy! I swear, everyone thinks I'm kidding but this birthday is hitting me harder than any other... It must have something to do with everything that is going on, that's all I can seem to figure out. It isn't a milestone birthday...
16 - Driver's License - Been There, Done that
18 - No longer a "kid" - Nope
21 - Oh now you can drink if you want to - Not all it's cracked up to...
25 - Hey your insurance drops - or in my case 26 but whatever
30 - You are no longer in your 20's - Check, still there... for now
40 - Start hearing the Over the hill jokes - Oh boy I can't wait
50 - More over the hill jokes - Yeah
60 - Approaching Retirement Age - definitely looking forward to this one but by the time I get there I probably won't be able to....
70 - Becoming a kid again - Still up in arms about this...
80 - You have the world at your fingertips
90 - Woohooo you are still alive!!!
100 - Seriously?? Imagine what all you've seen in your lifetime at the age of 100!

Nope 27 doesn't fall into any of those categories. I think I might only have 2 more birthdays, then I'll do what the norm is and stick with 29. I've even heard people subtract once they hit 30. They say they are 29 minus 1 :) haha. Truthfully I think age is fairly irrelevant to an extent. My great grandma died at 94 years old and no one knew how she was until they put up her headstone. My other great grandma made it to 101. My great grandpa was 10 days shy of his 108th birthday when he passed away. See you just never know.

Over the weekend we had PC's daughter so we celebrated my birthday then with her, that way she could be involved. It was funny because I gave her a hug and thanked her for my present (a new standing jewelry box) and she goes, why you thanking me, I didn't have any part in buying that. haha... Kids are brutally honest!

We had my mom & dad, my grandparents (who my grandma and I share a birthday), Memaw, Tbug, PC & myself at the house for lunch. PC smoked a pork Tenderloin and his fabulous cabbage. My mom made my favorite potatoes. My grandma brought a Peach Cobbler. Memaw brought a triple decker cookie cake (like I had last year) and Tbug made me a single layer cookie cake.

As I said, PC, Tbug, dad and mom got me this:

My grandparents gave me money.

Memaw gave me this cookbook. This lady is outstanding. You can also go to YouTube and search for her, she has her own facebook page as well. She's 94 years old. Reading this cookbook is fun! She gives stories from living in the Great Depression.

So people ask this question, Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc. Then later they ask, well are you where you thought you'd be 5 years ago, 10 years ago, you get the picture. I wish when I was 20 I'd have written down where I thought I'd see myself in a few years because I can tell you that no, I'm not where I thought I'd see myself. Is that a bad thing, absolutely not.

I'm not sure I want to answer that question anymore, I think I'll just stick to the day to day matters and see where those take me...

I hope you all are having the most wonderful Thursday. Me, not crazy about Thursdays, it's just a tease it isn't Friday but I'm not sure I want Friday this week, it'll make a year older... but hey one good thing to come out of it, PC and I are having our first Shower (minds out of the gutter please), I'm talking wedding shower, bridal shower, what ever you'd like to call it. We both work for the same company and so they are throwing US a shower :). Looks like this will be our only shower. Oh well, at least we get the experience of having one :)

Peace, Love & Thursdays!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Operation: Happiness

Jacin over at She Said Yes! Posed a very interesting question,

What Makes You Happy?

Then she posted her 15 things and made a challenge...

You know, with all the hard times in the world lately, if you think about it you do get caught up in the pessimistic side of life instead of the optimistic side. In fact, this sounds bad, I love to know the news and what is going on but I hate having to listen to what the news people want to talk about. There are great things going on all over the world but they all have hidden agendas and I got fed up with it. In college every morning I woke up and watched the Today Show. It was my favorite up until the most recent presidential election and I got so mad listening to them that pretty much I gave up watching news. Now I hunt it down or wait for someone to tell me there is an interesting story because it came very apparent that News is a business, not reporting things but trying to get people to believe what they wanted them to... Anyway I'll stop on that before I really get started!

Back to the Question at hand, 15 things that make me happy...

  1. My Sweetheart! He loves me, cares about me and is there for me when I need him. We deal with tough issues together and we have each other's back.

2. My Family! Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. They have backed me and stood behind me 110% of my life!

3. Working. Ok call me odd, that's fine but I'm not going to say so much that I have to get up and go to work every day, I like the benefits of working, Great co-workers and money which gives me the satisfaction to pay my bills.
4. The smell of Fresh cut Hay & Grass. Nothing beats it but a close tie would be when you smell a rainstorm blowing in
5. Traveling. I love to travel. I don't care where I go, I want to go. My goal is to go to all 50 states and a few more countries!
6. Riding & Showing horses. There is so much freedom there!

7.  I Love to see my dogs bound out at me, even when I'm pulling in the driveway and they won't get out of the way. It just means they are happy I'm home!
8.  I love to cook! I have way more cookbooks than I'll ever be able to use I'm sure. I could have a different recipe every night and not make it through all my cookbooks but I love cookbooks and I love to cook!
9.  It makes me happy to have a clean house.
10.  It makes me happy to spend time with my [step] daughter. Even if I do feel mean sometimes :(

11. Sleep and naps make me happy as well. I like to feel refreshed, not exhausted!
12.  The time in the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas makes me happy. There is something in the air, in the people, just an all around happy feeling.
13.  I'm happy when I can put away my coats for the season. I don't like being cold and when the heat rolls around I'm happy!
14.  I'm happy riding around on the tractor helping my dad mow, rake & bale hay. There is peace there, except when you get annoying songs in your head.
15.  I am happy spending time with my grandparents. I always thought they were invincible until I lost one set a couple years ago. Now I know not to take them for granted.

So what makes you happy?

Peace, Love & Happiness

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Year ago... Part 23

So Thursday night my mom and I had plans to leave for Texas. We were going to drive as far as my aunts house in southern Oklahoma and then on Friday morning drive on in to Weatherford. Sill me had forgotten something at home that morning and when PC found out he made a special trip to my house just to pick it up for me. He was waiting for me when I came out of work that afternoon to say good bye and bring me what I forgot. I hopped out of my car and ran around to his truck and gave him a bear hug. I was so excited he was home and so sad I was leaving. Again my mom asked if I still wanted to go to Texas. I told her yes. She said ok then quit hugging him and let's hit the road.
I'm a big stickler about Don't Text and Drive so I didn't get to talk to him much on my way down, I was driving. But you can bet every time we stopped I took the opportunity to if nothing more, at least tell him where we were in the state. Once we got to my aunt's house I called him and talked to him while I got ready for bed.

Turns out that evening he had gone over to my parents house and rode horses with my dad and hung out for the evening. He had just left to go home shortly before I called to say we'd made it to my aunt's house. It tickled my heart that he was comfortable enough to just hang out with my dad and there was someone to keep my dad company while mom & I were out of town.

Friday morning my mom and I got up and were out of my aunt's house by 8am to head on into to Weatherford. The whole time we were on the road (night before and that morning) all I could do was talk about my PC. The way he treated me. How special he made me feel.

We got to Weatherford, navigated all the road detours and wound up at the Brazos Arena and met up with my Aunt. We got there just in time to watch my uncle show. After he showed we went down to the show floor and talked to him for a bit. Of course they were interested to know about this "New" guy, especially since they realized I was standing their texting him the whole time I was talking to them. I tried to play it cool, it just wasn't happening.

Then my uncle jumped on his horse and rode over to talk to other people about his ride. My mom, aunt & I continued to stand there and talk when all the sudden I got this text. I just about died laughing.

Ass Hole

I shared with my mom & aunt and then proceeded to forward it on to my uncle. Wouldn't you know he didn't receive picture texts so all he got was "Ass Hole". I about died in my tracks when my aunt told me that and I saw the look on my uncles face. I immediately made my aunt take my phone over to my uncle to show him the picture. I think that's the minute my uncle liked PC and he'd never met him.

We all proceeded to walk around the show grounds for a while and I took PC pictures of everything I saw. Then mom, my aunt and I decided it was time to go do girl things and go shopping so my aunt changed her shoes and shirt and stole my uncle's ball cap and away we went. We all piled into my Mustang and took off for a day of shopping.

Eventually we wound up at this very cool western store that specialized in material and western house apparel. I wondered around and that's when I saw it. Blue & Brown material. It was the stuff bedding is made out of, or you use to upholster furniture or the opportunities are endless, all I knew is I loved it!

So here's where awkwardness plays in, not once had PC and I talked about marriage or the future or anything of the sorts, but I found this material and knew that this was "the material" for my bedroom someday. Someday when I was a Mrs. married to the Mr. I got this weird haunch too that maybe I had found the Mr. for my picture. I used the camera on my iPhone and took a picture and sent it to him. Just asked his opinion. Never implied anything, just more of a curiosity thing. He said he really liked it and wondered what it was for. I said oh I don't know, I just saw it and really liked it, so someday when you get a place of your own, what color do you want your bedroom. I didn't wait for a text back, I immediately called him for his answer. He chuckled and said I don't know, I never planned that far ahead. I told him I never had either but I was really feeling a blue & brown room, what did he think of that. Again a chuckle and he said he liked it.

That was it, I knew I had to have this material. I ran it past my mom and asked her what she thought about making me a blue & brown bedroom (she sews) someday. She said sure she'd make me a bedroom outfit out of it. That's when my aunt jumped in and said she'd buy all the material if I wanted for Christmas. Wow my Christmas present this year from her was easy :).

We left there and ran to Target where I proceeded to buy a highlight kit because my mom said she'd do the highlights in my hair and back to the hotel we went. I have enough hair it seemed like it took forever. Finally 2 1/2 hours later we met back up with my aunt & uncle and their hired hand and went to dinner.

When we got back to the hotel I didn't want to talk to PC in front of my mom so I walked out of the room in my PJ's and boots and wandered the hallways talking on my cell phone telling him about my day.

Somewhere around this trip my mom's attitude toward him started to change for the better. I'm not exactly sure when, why or how but it did and it was obvious.

The next day was a lot of the same, shopping & horse shows. Then we got up to drive home early Sunday morning. PC kept asking where we were on our drive home. 7 1/2 hours later when I pulled into my driveway, the big red truck was waiting for me.

.... to be continued...

Monday, July 26, 2010

I need Thicker Skin!!

Wow, I learned this weekend I need THICKER skin. Kids say the darndest things and I'll be honest I don't have much experience with kids in the first place, but WOW they are brutally honest. Even when they don't know what they are talking about or don't realize they are doing it.

Last year I was on the Victoria's Secret website and found this shirt.

I fell in love with it! But I'm a little on the shy/modest side so I feel very self conscious wearing stuff like this, plus I was dating a guy who didn't compliment me hardly at all. I finally got you look "good" but that could be in a ratty pair of jeans or an extremely expensive evening gown so my thoughts, Why Bother! Anyway I watched this shirt for months. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and I had to buy it. I bought it in blue. Well he didn't appreciate it, go figure but I loved it. But again, being self conscious I hardly wear it.

Now jump forward a bit, my fiance, LOVES when I dress up and he lets me know it. He likes cute shirts, etc. So yesterday I wore this shirt. I hadn't in a while, I thought if I went outside maybe I could get rid of some of my tan lines, I love the shirt so heck why not.

Tbug proceeds to tell me that I have on a shirt that is too small and doesn't fit me right. I'm not sure what she was basing it off of though... All I've ever seen her mother in is t-shirts so maybe she doesn't wear tube tops? Maybe Tbug figured since it was a tube top, she didn't know what that was so she thought I was trying to make something fit that didn't? I truthfully don't have a clue but I'll tell you it hurt! I proceeded to explain it was a tube top and that's how they were supposed to fit... trying to describe a tube top. She said oh ok and walked on... Yeesh!

Take two....

This doesn't require so much thick skin really as just, KIDS! We all jumped in the pool yesterday afternoon. PC had 3 noodles, I had 3 noodles and Tbug stuck with her tube.

We also had 2 lounging floats. Well PC decided to put his noodles on the floating lounge. Me, I had the other floating lounge and was using it to wheel around the pool jumping up and down on the noodles so I didn't go completely under water (hard to describe but short point, I was using it). Well when PC did this then Tbug wanted noodles so she got 3 and then wanted the other floating lounger. Well since I had it and was using it I didn't give it up so she was mad. Said she didn't get the noodles just for that, even though we knew she did. So then eventually she put her tube on and came to the deep end with us and latched on to the floating lounge I had. Well I got something in my eye so I let go to rub my eye and she snatched on to the floating lounge. I asked for it back and she said, "But I had it first."
I said, "Excuse me who had it first?"
-I did.
-Who did? I believe I had it first and you took it from me.
-No I didn't. I had it first.
-If you had it first then why did you have to ask me for it?

Yeah that stopped her. I guess I was kind of mean but I made her give it back to me because I'd told her she couldn't have it before she took it. I just thought if I didn't she'd try me again later.

She did make me extremely happy though, she cleaned up her room before she left to go home yesterday and she kept it clean the entire weekend. Plus she helped move her clothes wherever they needed to be but boy I'm scared to be the hated step-mother.

Peace, Love & Thicker Skin!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I love you Baby!

Can you believe it, it has been a whole year.

Taken at 3am with his Blackberry

I love you with all my heart baby! One year ago today we went on our first date. The date that changed both of our lives. I'm not sure I could imagine being where I would be today with any other person.

Taken again with the Crackberry

Really in what short of time we've been together, we've been through a lot too, but I wouldn't change it for the world although sometimes I wish we wouldn't have had too, but that's pointless because it's already happened, can't change it so might as well just smile and say, "We made it through!"

Playing around with his Nikon PAS

As I'm sure you've seen I'm trying to get our story down. I'm trying to be as accurate as I can and some days it is hard to remember a year ago.

Dinner Club - Roswitha's - German Restaurant

Other days it comes way to easy! It's odd how I can still hear conversations or certain phrases that have been said when I think about it.

Playing with the Crackberry again

With our wedding date approaching fast the time seems to be flying by. I don't want to lose this time, or forget all the feelings that have gone on from day one.

Practice shots with my new Canon XS at the Church we're getting married at.

I'm just as excited to see what the future brings us as I am scared out of my mind!

Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house.

It's crazy how in just one short year we have moved from friends from long past to engaged to be married.

Packed and ready to head to Ft. Worth

And I know I'm marrying my best friend.

@ Joe T. Garcia's in Ft. Worth

The one who knows me best.

Taken by his ex-wife's mother at Christmas when Tbug got her new saddle.

And the one who has seen me at my worst.

Yucky Snowy Missouri Weather!

And I couldn't or wouldn't ask for anything more. You have been there for me through thick and Thin.
Will you marry me?

And put up with crazy thoughts and ideas to some of the most brilliant we've dealt with.

Branson on Valentine's Day Weekend

And I truthfully don't believe we'd be where we are today had we gone on that date all those years ago. We were to young and foolish and wouldn't have seen the best thing that has come our way.

Rain Forest Cafe in Nashville Tennessee Easter Weekend

I sure hope we are as crazy about each other "Someday" as we are now.

cooking dinner together at my parents house.

Because you truly mean the world to me. And I thank God every day that he brought you back into my life. When I needed someone the most, no, when I needed YOU the most!

Engagement photos

And I know we will endure some tough times through out our marriage but I plan on sticking by your side and making it through. We've been through tough times already and are still going strong. Here's to the next year and the next chapter of our life. Who would have thought 1 year ago today would have changed our life, would have been what we needed? Not me but I'm sure glad it did!

I love you baby! I'm So glad you are in my life!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Man it was Hot Today!!

I'm seriously not one to complain about the heat... just because I hate being cold! So I'd rather be hot than in frigid temps, especially with no electricity! But I thought this was too cute not to share and pass on :) Again, another email. Can you tell I've been cleaning out my emails?

I was working when I heard an ice cream truck and thought I'd grab some ice cream to cool off. I didn't get there fast enough... It must be the humidity...


Ok so earlier this week I got another Blogger award from Jenna over at Legally Brunette. I wasn't feeling well earlier this week, but I think I've nailed this thing in the butt again, I sure hope anyway! So thank you again and I didn't mean to put it off! I truly appreciate the award!

So 7 random facts about me... wow I'm starting to run out of facts, if they are a repeat, sorry!:
  1. I wore the same size jeans from the time I was in 8th grade until I was a Junior in college, so I had 30+ pairs of jeans.
  2. Oddly enough I'm not a big fan of Capri's (even though I wear them once in a while) so for work clothes in the summer I wear dresses/skirts, a lot.
  3. I'm truthfully thinking my 27th birthday is freaking me out way more than any other birthday!
  4. I sprained my right ankle in 2006 so it was bigger than my left. Last summer I sprained my left (doing Zumba, I was working out trying to be good) and now they are back to the same size basically.
  5. Cleaning out my room at my parents last weekend I found my old 35mm camera. Yup I still have it apparently.
  6. We had a German Foreign exchange student live with us when I was in 8th grade.
  7. I wear a double horse head ring on my finger that my grandma gave me when I was in 4th grade. I still haven't lost it, it still fits, and she'd had it long before she gave it to me.
Now I need to pick 7 other blogs. It doesn't say anything about having to be newly found blogs which is good because lately I haven't found new ones. So Here are the 7 I'll choose for today in no particular order:
  1. That's Why her Hair is so big..
  2. Synfully Delicious
  3. Beer Budget Bride's Musings
  4. He Popped the Question... She Said Yes!
  5. Newlywed Adventures
  6. NYC Island Gal
  7. ooh! Piece of Candy!

So way back when we had gone looking for tuxes. The second place we went we really liked what we saw so we decided, we've found what we're looking for, let's just stick to this and call it good. Then we bought our house. After that we did the number crunching for the tuxes and I freaked out. I was like you guys can just wear jeans. PC said no, I'm only having one wedding, we'll do this right. Plus he has his heart set on tails so we decided this weekend we'd go hunting around for better prices. Thursday at lunch I had to run to town and get my car inspected so I can get it re-licensed before the 30th. They got done with it fast so PC and I used the rest of the lunch hour to try some places around town. We found the place! Just like 5 blocks from the church, cut our tux rentals in half, and they got theirs from the same places as the other so we were able to get the exact same everything. SOLD! So the 31st all the guys are going in to be measured. Wow 42 days. This is approaching quickly and I'm not 100% sure everything is done or even close to being done. Ack! Oh well I've always worked fairly well under pressure, I just get a little grumpy but everything gets done with time to spare and it is right! Whew :) Cool part about this, I don't have to do it all by myself.

Ok I'll give your eyes and brain a chance to rest and quit rambling. Have a fabulous day!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The House

Ok so we haven't done much to the outside of the house, but really there isn't much we can do. It's a rock front... But we did paint the doors. I'll show you the before and after shots :)

Here's before:

And here's after.

When taking pictures of the outside I should learn to move my car!

You can also tell some differences in the landscape, that's what you get from the first of April to the middle of July :), Green Grass and lots of it :)

The red doors can actually be seen from the road and the house doesn't completely face the road either. We absolutely love the red doors! You can also see my 4th of July wreath. The previous owner had one as well so it doesn't look like much change but there is :).

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend! My birthday is next Friday (the 30th) but we have PC's daughter this weekend so Sunday we're having everyone over to the house and cooking lunch so she can be involved in my birthday as well.

Peace, Love & Weekends!


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