Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why There Will Always be Lawyers...

At work we've been working on our quarterly newsletter and this is a clip that was included. I personally thought it was funny, some I've shared it with say they've heard it before but I hadn't. I liked it so I thought I'd share with you guys.

A North Carolina man purchased 24 rare and expensive cigars. Because of their value, he insured them against fire. After smoking all of his cigars in less than a month and having not yet made a single payment on his fire insurance; He filed a claim against the insurance, stating that he had lost his cigars in a “series of small fires.” The insurance company refused to pay, knowing he had simply used the cigars as intended. The man won the case because they failed to specify the type of fire the cigars were insured against. Because they failed to define an “unacceptable fire,” the insurance company accepted the ruling against them and paid the man $15,000 for the cigars he had lost in the “fire.” However, the best is yet to come. Shortly after the man cashed the check, the insurance company countered and had him arrested on 24 counts of arson. The man was sentenced to 24 consecutive 1-year prison sentences.

Can we say, "Here's your sign."

So this week has been an interesting one and we are just at Wednesday...

My Monday morning started off I was running fairly on time for work, ran downstairs, wrote out my car payment (I still mail it b/c if I pay it on-line they won't let me pay extra), grabbed my car keys, put a stamp on the envelope, ran over to the kitchen, grabbed a couple cookies (breakfast of champions), put my car keys on my finger (the ring around my finger), grabbed my purse, grabbed my house key, grabbed my cell phone and checkbook I left laying on the kitchen table, ran out the door, threw all that into the car and thought, now where are my car keys. Looked around, didn't find them so I grabbed my house key ran back up stairs couldn't find them in the kitchen or dining room so I grabbed the spare thinking I threw my keys back in my purse but didn't want to take the chance, ran back to my car and wondered what was on my finger. Yeah I'm sure you already saw this happening as I was blabbering. Found my car keys on my index finger where I put them originally... So I proceeded to pull out the driveway and called PC to tell him he'd left his door badge at my house but that I had it so when I jumped out to put my car payment in the mail I was preoccupied so I got back in the car, partial way down the road and couldn't remember if I put the flag up. Called my grandma who lives down the road and asked her too on her way to town. She told me later that night I hadn't put the flag up. Whew, glad I thought about that! This was all before 8am and I'm not a Morning person to the 10th degree :). My co-workers joke and say I don't fully wake up until around 10am. I think I somewhat agree with them!!

Monday I was given an award from Kathryn on my blog! Yey! But then when I came in first thing Tuesday, I'd lost a follower. Oh well... I'm still not sure who it was. There is another blog I follow Just call me Jo... that had the same issue. She lost a blog follower. I'm thinking it might have been a conspiracy :)... or not.

Today I got my first hate comments on my blog. Who knows... I guess you can't please them all. I've never tried. I just write b/c it's what I'm feeling or seeing or thinking or whatever.

So people do Wordless Wednesdays but as you can see, I'm not one of them so let's see, I think I'll still share a photo or 2... now which photo do I want to share.... I think I'll share the latest shots of our MIL Room. We aren't quite finished, when we get completely finished I'll show before and after shots :) Oh and we call it the MIL (Mother-in-Law) room because when my parents were building their house my dad always called the spare room his mother-in-laws room so to me that's what they're called :). I started it and PC picked up on it :)

Oh and I was way early to work this morning. I got grief over that one too. Usually I walk in right on time. Go figure.... I hope you all have a wonderful Hump-day!

Peace, Love & randomness,

One Year Ago... Part VII

Him: It's kind of funny a few weeks ago when I was home visiting I found some old pics of you and me and Taria in Florida!! What a time that was LOL

OMG I think my heart stopped!!!

Ok so I think I was way over reacting. So what if he found photos of us... he didn't say he was swooning over them or anything like that. He said he found photos of us and that was a time. Well heck yeah it was a time, it was a great time. A fabulous time.

So now remember where I told the part where I ordered an iPhone 3GS? Ok it now comes into play

Back to facebook talking:
me: I can't figure this phone out... I got a new phone yesterday and it'll allow me to read all inbox messages but yours... Weird!

Him: Weird are you using an iPhone?

me: I am now and it won't hardly show me your responses. I just got this Monday though. I did have a Pantec Duo.

Him: LOL. Sorry for your troubles... LOL. are you using the facebook App or Safari Internet?

me: I was using the fb app. sounds like you know about iPhones... In that case does that mean you have one and if so... that would mean you were at&t right? I could be completely assuming all of this though... but if you have at&t and you had unlimited texting... that would be so much easier. I don't think my iPhone wants us to talk... it lets me see everyone's message they sned me through here... geez...

me: and if not, I guess I'll use the dial up internet at the house... it'll make my desktop feel loved. I bought a laptop last Thursday night and I can't hardly stay off of it but it isn't hooked up to the internet unless I'm at a friends house.

Him: my number is...... (sorry ladies, I'm not giving it out... haha)

Oh crap... so now the ball is back in my court... how do I handle this, what do I say, what do I do now. Logical thinking, pick up where I left off or say hi or something, but we all know logic flies out the window in situations like this... Ok so if I can't think of hi or something, think of something clever... something clever, what is clever, hell what is my name... ok think, relax Nicole... deep breathes, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.... The next thing I know the cell phone in my hand starts ringing.

Hello Nicole, it's ringing, this would be where you slide the lever across and answer the phone by saying, "Hello." I think you learned this in Kindergarten right? Saying hello answers the phone. Ok Nicole if you don't answer this it's going to stop ringing and he's going to wonder if you gave him a false number. Come on Nicole, answer the phone. Yes somewhere in there I gave him mine but I don't remember where or how... come to think of it, maybe that was the clever thing I texted him... This is my cell number.

Finally my brain came back and I answered the phone.


"Hey! I didn't think you were going to answer... I was beginning to wonder."

"Oh yeah, I had to find my phone." Duh Nicole that was dumb... you had the dumb thing in your hand, you texted him your cell number.... I'm bright!

"Ah! Well I just figured this would be easier than texting, a lot faster too."

"Oh definitely!"

Big conversation huh? I know it went somewhere more than just the pleasantries but who knows where or who remembers. I was star struck, ok well not star, he's not a star, I was boy crazy... is that even possible at 25 years old... to be boy crazy, like I would have been at 15? Come on Nicole, You're 25 years old. Act your age! Seriously!

After a long pep talk to myself and a lot of reminding myself to breathe we had a wonderful conversation. A conversation that lasted for 3 hours. 3 Blissful hours talking to this stranger who I knew. Yes he was a stranger, he'd changed so much since high school. He was grown up, more mysterious, and very intriguing.

So how is it you can get so giddy talking to a guy who seems genuinely interested in you when you just went through hellacious turmoil the previous week? Oh that's right, when someone pays attention to you it makes you feel special. That was the minute I knew I wasn't going to allow myself to pick up a re-bound. I've had friends tell me that's the best way to get over someone, find yourself a re-bound, get over the other person and then leave the re-bound. Are they nuts? That only creates a place where you are constantly getting over re-bounds! Anyway in my book, that's how I see it. I've been told that I live in my own little world so who knows but that's how I see it.

So I planned on taking my time with this. If it developed into something, AWESOME and if it didn't, hopefully I would get a fantabulous friend out of the deal!

Now one of the wonderful joys of an iPhone (or other phones) is you can have headphones in while talking and be doing other things right. With me so far. Well that's exactly what I was doing... talking to the "Friend" when the ex starts texting me and trying to "clear" things up. Crap and I thought this was going to be a good night...

....To be continued....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Year Ago... Part VI

Yes the message was from none other than the boy from years ago. The boy who brought back flooding memories...

Him: Long time no see!! How've you been??

me: Definitely. Just working, How about yourself?

Him: SAME working in KY right now for the government!! Fun Fun
Where you at now??

me: Wow Kentucky... that's nuts... oh for now I'm back home with my parents working... in this economy it looks like We are lucky to have jobs. So Married? Kids?

Him: I am divorced with a 6 yo daughter!! You?

Sudden heart sinking in my chest. A bit of hurt or something, I'm not sure the emotion that came over me. I always said I never wanted to be with a guy who had been married or one who had kids. But wait, me, thinking of being with another guy, out of the relationship I just got out of... was I nuts? Was I losing my mind? I think so... Hell this guy never even said he liked me... we just talked through facebook for the first time in 10 years. I know what my problem is... Sleep deprevation is taking it's toll on me. I NEED SLEEP!!!!!

But I continued on:
me: nope to both. Been dating a guy for 5 1/2 years but that's on the verge of falling through.

Him: well that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that!! I hope everything works out okay!! Do you have MSN Messenger, it would be easier!!

me: Nope, and I'm not even sitting at a computer... I'm watching off the phone internet... LOL

Him: LOL I see!!

me: Although I was actually on a comp earlier when I found you. Gotta love modern Technology.

Him: LOL I was on my phone when I got the first message from facebook... LOL

That must be when my exhaustion took over and I fell asleep.

It was so weird waking up that next morning (Monday). Of all days of the week I usually dread Monday's the worst but for once even though things had turned sour, I woke up with a different outlook on life. I'm not sure what the different outlook was, maybe it was the fact that there was life after all... who knows.

And the most amazing part, I actually went to work dressed for work, in matching clothes and got compliments on how I was dressed. That right there is super exciting. I'm pretty sure the previous week I looked like a total train wreck.

In the previous relationship I had made a comment one time that if nothing happened at 5 years to the day (at least a ring) I was walking. My mom always said that I probably wouldn't do it and unfortunately she was right. I didn't walk like I had threatened. But I will give myself credit, I did eventually walk. It just took another 6 months to find my feet to do it.

But here was my biggest fear: Who wants an almost 26 year old who's been in a relationship for 5 1/2 years? Most all the good ones are taken and if they aren't... why? I actually had a past guy friend tell me that if a girl wasn't married by the time she was 25, there was something wrong with her. That always stuck in my head. Now I'm that girl so what is wrong with me? Am I the problem?

That morning I realized I had fallen asleep on him last night and that I should probably respond or he might think I lost interest in being friends or something. Who knows. So at 9am I picked my phone up and sent him a message... surely he's either at work or still asleep and I won't bug him so I figured it might open up the line of communication for later that night. That way the ball was in his court:

me: That's Awesome

Boy I sure hope he knows what I"m talking about... his previous message, otherwise he's going to think I'm a complete airhead or something... well whatever.........

me: (one minute later): Oh so how did you wind up in KY?

Him: I joined the army when I was 19 served 2 years at Ft. Campbell Met a few people then when I got out I went back home for a few years then I was offered a job down here. Been working here ever since!! Well not exactly here LOL I deployed to Afghanistan as a DoD contractor for a year!! That was fun LOL!!! NOT!!!

me: Wow! Well you deserve many thanks then for defending our country!

Him: I appreciate that! We should have a drink sometime when I'm home!! catch up!!

me: Sounds good... and you know, you really should put a picture up on your page... LOL
I wanted to see how he'd changed! Who doesn't want to know what who they are talking to looks like??!!

Him: Lol yeah I know I'm on myspace if you want to check it out!!

me: I don't usually play there but I'll have to check it out =)

me: Yeah so I tried that and it said that you were a 40 y/o in Sacramento CA... wow when did you age so much?

Him: Lol I mean I have gotten older LOL and I show my age LOL but I'm much wiser now LOL

Him: It's kind of funny a few weeks ago when I was home visiting I found some old pics of you and me and Taria in Florida!! What a time that was LOL

OMG I think my heart stopped!!!

and as always to be continued :)

Peace, Love & Suspense!

Monday, June 28, 2010

OMG Seriously??!!

Ok I'm kind of stoked! I just got an award! Yes, my very first! I always see everyone getting awards for their blogs and secretly hope that I might but I never do so I just go on my marry little blogging way! But I finally got my first award from Kathryn at This is My Story. Thank you so much!

These are the guidelines to accept this award.
1) make a post about the award, mentioning the person who gave it to you
2) put the award on your blog
3) Give award to 10 sweet bloggers

So it looks like I did the first 2, now I need to award the blog to 10 individuals and since I can't give it to Kathryn, I guess I need to find others :), Hmmm Let's see (in no particular order):

1. To Much To Do; So Little Time
2. Kayla Sue from In Every Good Love Letter There's a Soldier and his Girl
3. Carina the Blogarina
4. Lilly at A Pre-Life Crisis
5. Brittany at Unexpected Surprises6. Amber at Adventures in CrazyLand
7. CCC at Cowboy-Coping Cowgirl
8. Belle5 at 365 Project9. Leanne at Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After
10. Lisa at Life in Alaska 365

You guys are all awesome! I love reading everyone's blog so this was a difficult task. Yeah, I read close to 100 blogs and I only have 43 followers so hey there's a bunch of great ones out there!

Peace, Love, & Blogs :)

Show Me Your Bra's

Name that movie! (.... give up?.... Coyote Ugly!) I love that movie. In fact when I ran in one of the queen pageants I did a dance to the Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels b/c of that movie. They actually danced on the bar to that movie. Anyway we had our Relay for Life day here this month. I didn't get to participate, I wasn't on a team :(... but last year I was. We did a Ta-Ta Contest and I just thought I would share the Entries we had. There were some clever Ideas and some clever names! We got one of the local quilt shops to display them for us the month before Relay. It was a $5 entry fee, then a $1 a vote. Then we displayed them at relay as well and still had the voting. During the auction during Relay we also placed all 18 bras up for auction. We had no idea how they would do but surprisingly they sold. My favorite was a pregnant girl bought Got Milk. Boy, you want to talk about some hysterical laughs! But for a first time deal, we had 18 entries. Please look :)

1. Lucky Charms

2. Mermaid's Delight

3. Catch the Cure

4. All That Jazz

5. Made in the U.S.A.

6. Got Milk

7. Deere to Me

8. Bling out Cancer, Schedule your Mammogram

9. Red Hot Momma

10. Pirate's Dream, A Sunken Chest

11. All in Pink

12. Under the Big Tops

13. Mardi Gras Masquerade

14. Slam Dunk Cancer

15. Biker Babe

16. Lion Pride, Go Lions

17. Lavender Belle

18. World's Most Beautiful People

1st Place was - Deere to Me
2nd Place was - Under The Big Tops
3rd Place was - Lion Pride, Go Lions

We raised over $600 with this fundraiser to go to cancer research. The idea was based off an email that one of our team members ran across. In South Carolina during October they have a Traveling Bra series which are these decorated bras and for the month they travel around the state to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.

It's a cute and awesome idea and I just thought I would share ours. Unfortunately we didn't have a Bra contest this year but we had a lot of interest. No one just took the initiative :(. Maybe next year!

Peace, Love & Ta-Ta's!!

One Year Ago... Part V

So from Thursday to Sunday, there really wasn't anything new that had happened. Still fighting through text messages and on the phone with very very very little phone contact. I went out to dinners with my parents and hung out with my dad all day Saturday and Sunday helping with odds and ends around the house. Saturday night I wound up going to the movies with Kalem & Evelyn just to get out of the house. I needed to. I was going nuts. Oddly enough, I'm not sure I spent that much time there in one sitting. Sunday morning felt weird b/c I didn't jump out of bed, get dressed and head to his house or his church or anywhere for that matter. I got up from what little sleep I had and watched Friends re-runs and then went downstairs and watched some movie with my parents.

Life sure did seem strange but hey I guess that's what happens from time to time. You learn to deal with it or else you don't but I was, slowly but surely and truthfully it had only been what, right at a week so truthfully there isn't a whole lot of time there, right?
Later that afternoon Kalem & Evelyn said they were going to the J's house (Jason & Josh, easier to say the J's) to watch Anime and eat dinner. I'm not super crazy about anime but hey I thought it was another excuse to leave the house so I told them I'd meet them there.

So you remember that awesome post about buying a laptop? It is getting ready to come into play. I hope you read up if you didn't read the initial post :)

Since the J's live in town and have awesome internet, I thought hey, why not go steal their wi-fi. It beats the dial-up internet at my parents house, that's for sure! At home I wasn't used to the fast internet so I had to take the baby out for a spin and see what she could do...

One of my addictions at the time was facebook. I loved it, I cherished it, I called it pet names, ok not really but I was addicted. I checked it multiple times a day (my Pantec Duo had internet) to see pictures and status updates and anything and everything there was to see about my friends. So that night I got on facebook. There was a section there where it suggested friends that you should be friends with. Well it has/had a place where you could look up collegues and old class mates. I like to know where my old classmates have gone and what they're doing with their lives now so I thought, I'll go through and see who they show that I might not already be friends with... I started flipping through the pages reading the names, questioning who some of them were same town, different state.... not my school.

And that's when I saw a name that hit me odd. It was a name of a guy I had known since 7th grade. (our town had 6 grade schools and one Junior high so we all met in 7th grade) A guy that sang with me in Animal Science class when Ms. Rush pissed me off. A guy who conned me into carrying his sousaphone to and from parades and field shows because all I had to do was carry my clarinet, a guy who conned me into tying his shoes b/c he had to carry a sousaphone, a guy who I kept awake in English class, a guy who sang a song to me at Disney World in Florida that I fell in love with (Tonic, If You Could Only See), a guy who I had a crush on, a guy who my friend had a crush on, a guy who I drifted away from, a guy who I thought dropped out of high school and for all I knew fell off the face of the earth, a guy that the sheer sight of his name brought back lots of memories and feelings.

(good run on sentence huh?)

But just like up above, there were names of people that went to other schools in other towns with the same name as our town. I truly figured it was my imagination that was playing jokes on me. I truthfully didn't believe it was him. No way could it be, or could it?

So I did the next logical thing. I hit the button that says, Friend Request. I figured, no harm, no foul. I'll just see. In fact there are a lot of people on fb that I never have contact with except every once in a great while. I thought, well he may accept and at least I'll find out if it is him, right?

June 28, 2009 was the change in my life I never saw coming. I went home that night still thinking about that name, wondering if he'd hit accept or not.

I was again on nights of no sleeping or finally falling asleep due to sheer exhaustion. I laid down and tossed and turned and tossed somemore. In college I heard that if you could stress your eyes out just a bit it would help you go to sleep, ie stare at a computer screen, tv, phone, something bright in the darkness so I picked up my phone and thought, well I'll just check facebook. Maybe that'll help me fall asleep. And there it was a notification that he had accepted my friend request. And wait, what's that, there's a message in my inbox, it was from.........
to be continued.......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Becoming the Woman of His Dreams

Ok, so I'll be honest, I'm not usually one to do a book review... to me that is to much like those days when we had to do book reports back in junior high and that just brings back bad memories. Especially because in Junior high I didn't read enough books for the quarter and got a referral which meant I had an 8th hour (detention) and had to go sit in the teacher's room and read for an hour. Well long story short, my dad didn't agree with that so the teacher and my dad worked out an agreement that I had to read all my books for the current quarter AND all the books for the previous quarter and the referral was removed, otherwise it still stood and I had to serve the detention. I got my crap together, read a lot of books and the referral was removed. And at the time, I HATED books and I HATED reading. Hate is such a strong word and usually lasts forever, well I'll have to admit, my HATE for books has changed and oddly enough I don't mind reading them now.

Anyway sorry for the trip down memory lane... but I thought out of all my babbling that I would share a book with you.


As you can see, it's called, "Becoming the Woman of His Dreams," by Sharon Jaynes. A co-worker gave it to me to read since I have my up-coming wedding. She told me that marriage is great. It isn't always easy but it's the best thing in the world and gave me this book to help start our marriage out right. Now it is based off Christian beliefs and the bible, there is scripture all through it, so I guess if you don't believe in the Holy Bible or God (I'm not here to push my beliefs off on you), then I'm going to tell you right now, this probably isn't the book for you. But my opinion, It's an excellent book.

A while back I had PC answer the 6 questions that Sharon had on her survey that she sent to gobs (yeah I can't remember how many she actually interviewed but it was a lot :)) of men. I wanted him to answer the questions but had him change wife to fiance, since well, we aren't married yet. Makes sense huh :). Anyway I asked him to answer the 6 questions and oddly enough he posted them on here. I didn't even ask him to, I just wanted his answers before we were married. Then I told him that on or around our one year anniversary I wanted him to answer them again. I wanted to see if I was still "The Woman of his Dreams." I can't wait to see his answers come 1 year and 69 days from now (434 days and no I won't keep a count down for that... just yet anyway). Yup, we broke the 70 day barrier.

So here are the questions, they are found on page 9 of her book:

~How would you describe the woman of your dreams?

~What do you wish your wife understood about you and your longings?

~What does your wife do well that other women could learn from?

~What has been the greatest struggle in your marriage?

~How could your wife help alleviate that problem?

~What is one thing you wish women understood about what a man wants in the woman of his dreams?

Ok so it's a great book and I don't think you'll be unhappy if you read it. Oddly enough, it makes you think, or it did me anyway. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I worked on our house all weekend. We are having a 4th of July party next weekend and I wanted our house to look awesome for the technical First showing to friends and family (other than parents). I'm now exhausted and ready for bed and it's 8:48pm. How sad am I?

Good night all!

Peace, Love & Excellent Books!

Friday, June 25, 2010

One Year Ago... Part IV

So now we are up to Thursday of last year. I am on day 5 nights without sleep or very very little. I finally started passing out from exhaustion after midnight every night but for someone who loves sleep, this definitely wasn't enough to get me through! We are to dress up 4 days a week at the office and I'm pretty sure by this point, as long as I found clothes to wear, I didn't care. I made it to work and I wasn't in my pj's.

I talked to people all day long because of the constant question, "Boy you don't look like you feel good. Are you ok?" That I swear is the dreaded question to hear!

Still can't talk to that person on the phone, all that ends of it is yelling which leads to more sleepless nights. Text was the only possible method and you so can't tell tone through a text message so it was bad!

To me, the world is ending or something. It's a pretty hard feeling. Heck I dated this guy longer than a lot of marriages last... Think about that for a minute. It was almost as if we were getting a divorce however we weren't married and we didn't live together.

So leave it to me, in all of this, remember the iPhone I ordered. Ok so I also had a desktop PC that was really old. Well my friend Kalem had just bought a new laptop and I really liked it so what did I do... I used my non-sleep to my advantage. I started looking for laptops. Then, I found it. The laptop that was going to be mine. While I was at work that day I sent my mom an email and told her I found a laptop I was going to buy. (I was apparently in the mood to spend money!) She asked me to send her a link so she could look at it. I also sent it to Kalem, Jason & Josh (my techy friends) to look over and tell me what they thought. They said, for me and what I do with computers, it was GREAT and really beat my desktop. So right after work I called Best Buy in my town and wouldn't you know, they didn't have it. My mom got the idea, let's look and see if some of the surrounding Best Buy's had it. We wound up driving to Rogers, AR. (1 1/2 hrs away for a silly laptop, I know, right)

So now you are probably thinking, what in the world does any of that have to do with this story. Oh TRUST ME it has EVERYTHING to do with where this story is going, but again, I'm going to be mean and say.....

***To Be Continued***

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Macaroni & Cheese Lasagna

Interested yet? This is something PC and I make quite often when we are in a hurry to find something for dinner and nothing is there... it's a real go to meal! I didn't however got a picture of the list of ingredients so here you go: pictureless....

Mac & cheese & all the stuff needed to make it. (from scratch or out of a box, your choice)
Spaghetti Sauce (out of a jar or homemade, again, your choice)
Garlic Toast (and hey if you don't have any, improvise!)

This is actually left over Spaghetti sauce from Father's Day dinner. PC does an excellent job making this and I might just have to do a post on this sometime.

Start the water to boiling for your macaroni noodles. PC is in trouble, he peppered my water just to see if I would see the black specks and dump it out, or at least question... grrrr

In the mean time add some cheese to the spaghetti sauce.

Now if you are like us and realize that you don't have garlic/cheese toast, hey improvise. Butter some bread, garlic salt or powder it and add cheese. Ok so PC is back on my good side, this was his idea :)

Looks good doesn't it.... Only difference between this and the store bought is the thickness of the bread :)

In the meantime the noodles are done so dump the water out. I thought this picture was funny... PC made it blurry :)

I cheated, I used boxed mac & cheese. I haven't mastered making the homemade version of mac & cheese....

In my case Stir in the powdered cheese mix, the butter and I had to use water, the milk went bad. Wow I'm getting good at this! Now water can't be improvised for just anything though... another story for another time!

Now dump the mac & cheese into the sauce and mix.

Ok so I'm a sucker for Mac & cheese, it's my fave!

So this is what it looks like.

Now add a little more cheese if it is a little runny. We chose American slices b/c well, that's what we had...

Next top it with more cheese. This time we used fiesta b/c again, that's what was in the fridge... use whatever type tickles your fancy!

mmmm cheese. We wound up using 2 cups of shredded cheese. Use as much or as little as you desire.

Here is the toast after it came out of the oven. 425 degrees for about 7 minutes.

Normally we put this in for 15 minutes at 350 degrees, however since we put the toast in at 425 we put this in for 7 minutes at 425.

Mmmmm eat & enjoy!
Peace Love & Mac & cheese!!!
Nicole :)

A Little Dab of This, A Little Dash of That

So I got on to catch up on my blogs and what was one of the coolest things I saw? Take a look:

You see it right there?? Right there under Winners, Nicole J from MO... oh wait, hey that's me! Woohooo I won! I never win :) I signed up for a contest at The Coupon Goddess and I won! Woohooo, go me! You should check out her website, she's got some great info and awesome giveaways!

In other news... One last weekend before we have our first house unveiling to PC's family. We are having a big 4th of July get together at our house with his family and some friends. I'm getting nervous but our MIL room (mother-in-law or else spare room) is getting so close to being finished and my opinion, because that's really all that matters, it looks gorgeous! It'll look even better D-U-N (done)! I might be jealous of my spare room... the verdict is still out, we haven't done much to our room yet. Waiting until after the 4th.

So over on To Much To Do; So Little Time (check her out, I love her posts!!), she has signed up for the FlyLady... Don't know what that is, neither did I, in fact neither did she until she did her research! Woohooo and I benefited from her research! Haha I signed up for the emails and PC & I have a joint "wedding" email account... that's the one I used, I think he's annoyed with me b/c I haven't had much of a chance to read the emails yet... Anyway one of the things TMTDSLT talked about in her post about this was the first task was to make your kitchen sink shine and boy did hers!!! Well newsflash, I did that last night. Made me feel so much better!

Over the weekend we had Father's Day dinner at our house (our as in mine & PC). Our house finally FINALLY looked more like a house than a wreck! Little projects are starting to come together (FINALLY!!!!) and you could actually see the living room floor. We made Spaghetti (PC's famous concoction!) and had garlic toast and a small garden salad. For desert, Peach Cobler & ice cream. All I can say is, THAT WEDDING DRESS BETTER FIT COME SEPTEMBER, or else PC is going to run my butt off the entire month before hand, and he was in the army, he knows how to drop the weight!

So we put up our mailbox finally last night. Yey, now we can get bills, oh wait, that's not a good thing, that's BAD!!! Very bad!!!! Bill's Bill's, stay away go to someone else's house, so they can pay you!

I love the Gorillacam app for my iPhone. It lets me zoom when I'm sitting in the truck waiting on PC :)... Sorry PC I didn't mean to get a butt shot, you just kept it pointed at me, I think....

All last night I kept teasing my mom b/c she hates her iPhone and kept telling her, There's an App for that :).

So I haven't taken pictures of the latest Kitchen changes but these were from a week ago. It's really starting to come together. In fact, Almost done!!! Yes our kitchen is John Deere themed (green/yellow) but I have a nice variety of John Deere & just green & yellow stuff so if we ever get tired of the JD we can just go another direction and not be out to much! See I was thinking!

Over view shot of the paper & border with the trim and tile, just remember and keep in mind, it has changed again...

Here's an upclose of the border.

Whew, who knew changing a house would be so much work. At least we are doing this before our wedding! Then after we're married, we can just come home to a beautiful house! And anytime I say the word or spell the word Beautiful I hear PC quoting a movie line, "B-E-A-utiful!" (name that movie, give up.... Ace Ventura.)

So I've been telling a story. Probably getting on some nerves b/c I won't just out with it... but I promise I'm getting there and it'll so be worth it, and well if not, it's at least worth it to me :). If you have missed any of it, get caught up b/c I'm working on the next part of it. I know you are quaking in your boots or stilettos just waiting :)... patience my friend!
One Year Ago....
One Year Ago.... Cont'd
One Year Ago... Part III

My mom's been working on Tbug's bedspread for her room! It's going to be so stinking cute! Here's a sneak peek... It's hard to see the brown bows but there are 2 just to the left bottom side! I think she'll be super duper excited! I am. I might even be jealous of her room come to think of it!

I'm not sure if it'll be done for the fourth party but when T-bug gets back from camp it'll be waiting for her. Last night my mom & I already re-arranged her room b/c I wasn't happy with how it was. I think I like the set-up better, until I change my mind again! Which might happen since I'm a woman and it's my prerogative!

Well, I'm not sure much else has been going on in my life. My biggest goal lately has been to NOT cuss anymore or at least less... but when dumb people show their heads I get annoyed. I guess I cussed yesterday [under my breath] loud enough the guy in the office across from my desk heard me... Woops... Bad Nicole. Must work on that! And I was doing so well too!!!

Otherwise it's been a slow week and I haven't taken many pictures even. All these I think were predominantly supplied by my iPhone...

I'll leave you with our lovely weather Forecast for the next 6 days... hopefully I don't melt away! Although I absolutely, positively DON'T complain about being hot because I HATE WITH A PASSION being cold! :)

Peace, Love, and iPhone supplied pictures :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Year Ago... Part III

So thinking back to a year ago the next few days, get a little hazy because I was on day 2 of no sleep. Add in there the fact that the night before lead to a lot of "talking" through text messages if you want to call it that because I couldn't speak to this person on the phone without one or the other of us yelling at each other.

So now we are at the Tuesday after Father's Day and still no sleep and still beating myself up over all the turmoil. Then it really starts, I get emails from the sister. Oh Joy... Me, I ignored them. It was best that way. She was just stirring up more trouble than any of this was worth.

***Ok so the next bit of information, is a little off topic, but it is important to the rest of the story so I need to break in to inform you of some information!***

I mentioned yesterday that most of my friends had moved on with their lives. Well I eventually made new friends that I hung out with a lot. The best part about this was I'm a country girl and well, they weren't... but we got along GREAT! They on the other hand were techy's. And what do Techy's have? Techy's have iPhones! And what did I have? A Pantec Duo. I hated my phone with a passion. My mom's phone line was coming due for an up-grade and I wanted more than anything to have an iPhone. And this just happened to be the summer they released the iPhone 3GS.

So by the time mom's phone line was due for an up-grade (which she let me have because she's the best) we had to decide if I was going to go with the 3G or the 3GS. This was the day she was available for the upgrade, and go figure, since the 3GS had just been released earlier in the month, we were still having to order them. It wouldn't be in until next week. NEXT WEEK, are you out of your mind... Ok fine so we ordered it and went home.

***So remember that was uncharacteristic of this story but I promise it plays importance!***

To Be Continued

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Burgers ala PC

It's funny at our house when the word We comes out of my mom's mouth that means me and/or PC so Friday night, We made dinner :) Our favorite type of burgers are half hamburger, half buffalo but we went to a different Walmart than normal and the guy looked at my mom like she had horns growing out of her head when she asked if they had buffalo burger...

1 lb hamburger
1/2 onion chopped
Worcestershire Sauce
Garlic Salt
Onion Salt

PC mixing up the Hamburger

The Onion smell was getting to his eyes! Oddly enough, it doesn't usually affect me so I'm the Onion chopper queen

Packing it in

All ready to make patties

He's making the patties :)

1 down, 3 to go :)

Ready for the grill!

I love this shot for some reason, you almost don't see our spatula.

As a side dish, frozen mozarella sticks & jalepeno poppers filled with cream cheese out of the oven... I know we cheated :)

In the mean time Remember the PW cookies I wanted to make but couldn't find Malted Milk? So I wound up making my grandma's cookies? (if not read here)... Well I finally found Malted Milk!!

So I made cookies again!

Peace Love & Food (yes I'm hungry)


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