Friday, May 28, 2010

What happened?!?!?!?!?!

Oh I thought I'd share some more photos of us.  These are more recent but they are still in our slide show for our wedding.  I'm not sure what happened from there to now but oh well, it's us :)

PC on Graduation day

Running in Queen pageants (boy I wish I still looked like this!)

Sgt. Welch, PC, and Sgt Macahagan before deploying to Afghanistan

Me with my Grandma & Grandpa Smith

PC in the back of an Army plane

Chelsie & me showing my Ewe, Allie, at the MO State Fair

Ah, isn't he cute! :)

It took these 2 ladies 3 1/2 hrs to braid 96 braids into my hair.  It took 1 1/2 hrs for my mom to take them back out.

PC's a workin

I love this look on my face.

He looks so serious here!

Man if you've never been white water rafting, GO!!!

Not sure what the deal is with the peace sign

Their Dairy cows in Costa Rica look way different than ours.

Again with the peace sign

My Friend April got married

Mark & Tim in Afghanistan

This was when Squirty was born.  Now we are waiting for Aloha's baby any day!

I love to listen to this boy pick and sing!

One of the rare photos of my mom & me.  She hates having her photo taken and refuses.  This was on the Statue of Liberty in NYC

Don't ask me, I don't know :)

This is my mom's sister.  AC

Here is Greg (deployed last week), Tim (deployed first of May) and Sgt. Welch (deploys in August) with Mark when we went down over Easter weekend.  We wanted to see them before they all left for Afghanistan.
My friend Josh took this and I just love it.  It makes me look skinny :)

This time I just grabbed a handful.  There isn't much rhyme or reason other than since it is so close to Memorial Day I wanted to share photos of PC and his gang while they were and are serving in Afghanistan.  Please remember to say thanks for all the troops that are risking their lives and leaving their families so that we can go off and milk cows in Costa Rica or go white water rafting or run in queen pageants or do whatever else your heart desires.  It is because of them that we can have this freedom!

Peace Love and Freedom!
Nicole :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May = Memorial Day

We are approaching a very special holiday, Memorial Day.  It is a day that we celebrate those who have fought and fallen for our countries freedom.  You pay respect to those who have passed on to heaven and you pay respect to all the service men and women who give us the chance to actually have the freedom to celebrate this magnificent day.  Yeah people use it as a 3 day weekend and for basically the beginning of summer and to go to the lake and to have parties and whatever else, but truth be told, it is to pay respect for those who have helped make this country great.

It's odd, I received an email a couple different times this week with the subject title, "Remember the Reason for Memorial Day" and it is filled with cute little joke pictures that I plan on sharing with you, in case you haven't see this particular email.  Thing about this email, I've received it many different years, it is one I think someone just saves and restarts every year around Memorial Day but this year it hit me harder than it ever has before.  The pictures refer to veterans and oddly enough, I'm going to be marrying one here in, get this 100 days.

Now in the past had you asked me what a veteran is, I know what they are, they are men and women who have served our country, but to me, they were always older than me.  I guess that I'm 26 (I think, I can tell you my birthday easier than I can my actual age) I have had 8 years of veterans that are my age but to me the generation my dad's age or older were the veterans.  When PC told me that he was a veteran, a disabled one at that, I laughed because I didn't think of it that way, he isn't 70... (and neither is my dad but you get the picture).  So when I got this email this year it just hit me funny, I'm marrying a veteran.

I've always had the ut-most respect for Veterans and for those who are currently fighting here and over seas for our safety and our freedom but this weekend, I hope you remember what the actual reason for the weekend is and say a special prayer for those who are away from their families, for those families that are here hoping for the safe return of their family members, for those who are now veterans of wars and service and for those who died for your freedom to celebrate this weekend!

Now without further adu, here are the cute comics that made me want to write this post:

I hope everyone has a safe and splendid weekend!

Peace, Love & Thursdays
Nicole :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Only Wednesday :(

OMG I swear this week is dragging by, but why is it you ask?  Well it's because we have possession of our house now!  PC and I are so super excited to get in there and start remodeling making it our home that we can't stand ourselves!  Of course he is moving in before me but still I'm just as excited.  I'm anxious to put our stuff in it, to decorate it our way, to have pretty tiled kitchen floors, and new carpet in the guest room and, and, and, I might explode waiting for Friday night when we start packing up the trailer!

I graduated from college May 13, 2005.  That spring semester I moved back home with my parents.  It was a 45 minutes from college to my student teaching school and it was 45 minutes from my parents house to my student teaching school, so to me, SAVE MONEY went through my head and I moved home in February 2005.  Oddly enough, I haven't left, YET...  It's boring living by yourself!!  At least at home there is commotion!

There is stuff in my parents basement in a small room of my stuff that I haven't seen in just over 5 years.  OMG you can't believe how excited I am to open those boxes!  It's going to be like Christmas all over again in May!  We have a game plan for this too!!  We have a dishwasher and a sink.  We are going to wipe down all the cabinets and put shelf liners in them.  While we're doing that the dishwasher will be running and someone washing dishes in the sink.  That way all things go into the clean cabinets clean!  Plus we are painting/re-wallpapering some of the rooms so someone will be busy doing that.  We've gotten some new carpet for the spare room so we'll have to lay that, and the linoleum on the kitchen floor is coming up and we are laying the most beautiful tile!  I'm not excited, can you tell :)

We were out there the other night changing the locks on the doors and the codes to the gate, I just walked around the house in a glow and wished I'd had cleaning products right then and there!  We were out there again last night showing some of PC's dad's friends and again he and I were just like oh I wish we had cleaning supplies here!!!  I snapped a few shots of the original house as it stands right now.  Then while we are doing the remodeling and cleaning etc I'll try to grab a few shots (if I don't get yelled at for not helping... LOL) and then I'll take some once everything is in place.  Please sit back and relax and enjoy the show :)

On a side note: I clocked it mileage wise the other day... 12 miles from my parents house to work.  12 miles from our house to work.  12 miles from our house to my parents house.  We live in the 12 mile Triangle :)
PC gets to clean the pool!
Doesn't my car look so pretty in the driveway!!!
The office
The kitchen (all lit by skylights)
The Dining room area looking into the Laundry room
The "big" bathroom
The Guest bedroom I also refer to as "My Mother-in-laws" room
Tori's Room
Our Room (and PC's butt... lol)
Still our room
PC's bathroom (and his rear again)

Anyway I hope you enjoy our house... it's soon to be a Home!
Peace, Love, & Home Improvements
Nicole :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action

Ok you remember this photo right? From one of my posts... Well if not, this was the first photo that I photoshopped for Doti & Wade. I had a good suggestion of using the cloning tool, however so far, haven't gotten it totally figured out. I found tutorials that told me how and we've googled it a couple times, nothing has worked so far so for now, tree line has to stay like it is....

So Then I went and played around with some of the photos again, attempt 2. My goal was to make the inside of the heart show up, the outside Black... well again I found a tutorial, followed the directions and instead of turning it black, I got black and white and inside the heart color. I actually like how it turned out better to be honest than my original thought. Now if i could figure out the dang cloning tool I could get rid of the window in the right corner!!

I think I see a pattern here, I need the cloning tool to get rid of the barbed wire fence but whatever, I like the photo other than that! And that might just be getting to picky on my part, I'm not sure. You only see the one strand....

Here I used some of the Pioneer Woman's actions on the photo. I think I used 70's and sharpen. I forget, I did this a couple days ago. I might have even run a couple of them twice.

PC and I really liked this photo just because it's like they don't even know anyone is around them. Just a nice walk through the woods. It was a great set up! And it was at their house. Wade made a couple funny faces from time to time and Doti asked why and he said he wasn't real used to being in front of a camera. I think it helped to do the shots at their house.

I tried to do some engagement paper style photos so that when they put the announcement in the paper they'd have something to choose from. I'm still trying to figure out this cropping thing though!

Here again, the cloning tool could have been handy to get rid of the clearing, make it look like they were really far in the woods... maybe I'll figure that darn thing out!

This is actually their house that we used as the background. I really like the color/texture that it gave to it. And they just look so happy there!!!

Maybe one of these days with trial and error I'll figure it all out. Sunday night I was working on the heart thing and it was late and nothing was working, I was getting so frustrated and tired, I told PC I better to go bed or else I would throw the computer... LOL. Hope you enjoy :)

Peace, Love, and Photoshop (I think)

Nicole :)


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