Monday, March 29, 2010

Roll Call

It's about time we do roll call of the horses... Make sure they all show up... it'd be terrible if they were late or tardy or worst of all not present!!!!

First up, Squirty, you here?

Leave me alone, I'm not a morning person

Ok yep she's present.

Next: Mini Me?

Are you going to seriously let me outside to play???? huh huh huh huh huh???????

Calm down, where's your Ritalin?

Ok KG?

huh? Did you call my name?

Present will work but ok moving on...

Aloha, here today?

yes? May I help you? What are you doing on the ground???



nom nom nom

No eating in class... boy don't you look like Mr. Ed. I think I see a resemblance....

ok anyway moving on: Munchkin


Again eating.... boy what else would I expect I guess....



How Rude!!!! Wait who is that on the other side of Cricket?

hello, do you have a name?? Hey hey you on the other side of Cricket... what's your name? Quit ignoring me I know you can hear me.....

Who me? I'm Sis

Oh that's right, you're Prince Charming's mare. You came over to hang out with Munchkin for a spell. How you liking your new temporary living arrangements?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Go Cards!!!!

Ok sorry for the confusion, this is not a baseball post. This is a Red Bird story post that is near and dear to my heart.

So the year was about 2005, I was home one weekend from college and we were all sleeping peacefully one Sunday morning when all the sudden we hear, Peck, Peck, Peck, Peck, Peck.... etc. You get the point. Anyway there was this pesky red bird that was flying in to the big circle top window in the front of my mom & dad's house. It was annoying, especially at 6am when we were all snug as a bug in a rug in our beds. The funny part, this continued every morning for the next 2 weeks at the exact same time of day. We'd go, shew him away but that wouldn't detour him, he'd wait until we we're gone and he'd be right back at it.

So I was at my grandma's house one day and told her about this pesky red bird and she told me a story. It ended with Red birds mate for life. I thought, ok that's interesting... is he mating with himself (reflection...)? Anyway I went on about my business. The company that my mom works for, she travels a lot and when she goes she's gone for usually anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks at a time. So as she'd travel I'd notice the bird would go away and when she'd come home, the bird was back. Well me being the jokester that I am had to tell my dad so he and I got a good laugh about it on a pretty consistent basis. So one day we let my mom in on the joke and said that the red bird mated with her. If you can imagine, that just thrilled her.

So here we are, 5 years later and the dumb red bird is still coming around. I'm beggining to think my grandma might have been on to something. This bird annoys my mother and the rest of us because, well... he constantly pecks into the windows. We can't explain it.

So back up to Christmas 2005, I thought it would be funny to give her a red bird Christmas tree ornament that I found. Well of course the red bird made the Christmas tree that year (and every year after, that's what she gets for making me put up and decorate her tree. If she wants him to go away she should quit asking me to put up her Christmas tree... LOL).

So it has become a tradition to see how to get a red bird in on one of my mom's Christmas presents ever year. And they have to be different. It is quite challenging but fun. This year she looked at me and said, Don't get me a redbird this year. Well I halfway listened... I'll explain in a minute.

Christmas 2005 (no picture b/c it's put up) was the Red Bird Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas 2006 I was at Hobby Lobby and saw this cute cowboy hat ornamental bird house. Well I thought it would go great in my mom's cowboy bathroom and ornery me decided to wire a red bird on the perch. I wrapped it so when she opened the box, that was the first thing she saw. Funniest part, after 4 years the birdhouse is up and the bird is still on it.

Christmas 2007 I was on a mission. This time I found a circle of friends candle holder with a red bird in the group of birds. Yeah it still sits on the counter......

Christmas 2008: My mom collects these things called Painted Ponies. They are very cool but that's besides the point. This year Painted Ponies came out with a 4 seasons special edition, one for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. Well when I saw the winter one I started giggling and my mom glared at me. I told her I was buying this one for her for Christmas. So technically she knew about this one, but hey she liked it b/c it was part of the special edition...

Christmas 2009: This year I was told not to get her a red bird. Well I somewhat listened..... The picture up at the top (the first one) yeah well... for Christmas I thought my mom would like a digital photo frame, I hope you went there b/c yup you guessed it... the picture wound up on the picture frame. So she thought she got away with no red bird until we set up the digital photo frame and Prince Charming made it a point that that was the first picture to show up. We got yelled at... LOL

So this post isn't finished yet... jump forward (or backward however you want to look at it) to 2 weeks ago. While we were at Horsefest we were walking through looking at all the displays and ran across the wind catchers and I spotted a St. Louis Cardinals one and got my dad & Prince Charming's attention. Long story short it isn't Christmas but we bought it. This week my dad got a hanger and this morning Prince Charming hung it up on the Porch (actually where the bird always hangs out. I don't think my mom has seen it yet because she hasn't yelled at us, however I'll tell you one thing... the bird was mad. I went outside to get this photo and the bird was chirping and flying around like crazy.

(and yes, we still have some Christmas lights up... if Mudflap had his way, they'd be down)

So if you look in the tree, there's the redbird. He was flying around like crazy and chirping. He's mad but I don't think he has pecked at the windows today, just keeps flying past this red bird wind catcher and chirping... tree to tree to tree. It's hilarious.

I hope you get as good of a laugh about this as we all do, although I'm sure being a part of it like we are helps but I had to share none the less. Especially because we hung up the catcher and my mom hasn't seen it and the bird is ticked off. I'll try to keep you updated as to what happens with all of this :) but I bet the catcher will stay up if it keeps the bird from pecking at the window.

Friday, March 26, 2010

OSHA 10 Hr

When I was hired on for my job, one of the questions in the interview I was asked was, What do you know about OSHA. I was like, um... I can tell you what the initials stand for :). yeah I knew nothing unfortunately, but hey I still got the job... must of helped that I have a college degree (not in OSHA though.. haha but of all things, Agriculture.....), yeah maybe not... Maybe it was my willingness to learn... well whatever it was I got the job. When they offered the job to me, they said I might have to attend some different classes to learn some of this stuff. Hey no problem for me, oddly enough I like learning things I don't know. I'm thinking at times that makes me a nerd but whatever... call it what you want. I was at this job (not the company just the job) a year last November. I've been learning as I go. I've met lots of people through email and phone and throw my co-workers off when they blurt out a name and 95% of the time I can blurt out the branch or visa versa but I deal on this on a pretty consistent basis.

The first part of January I was hit up by 2 co-workers to help take on a project. One of them is based out of our office but lives in New England, Dave & the other is based out of one of the Illinois branches, Colby. Colby is certified to conduct OSHA trainings and we were going to host one here for our company based off our company issues.

I got to order bunches of products with someone else's money, I got to locate a doctor to come speak, I got to book things, I got to come up with lists of participants... boy it put all my planning skills to work, and I'm not sure I even thought I had any. Well then it was brought up that since I'd never been through OSHA trainings, I got to also be a participant. I was cool with that idea :). The part I was most excited about, putting names, branches & faces with some of these people I talk to all the time through email and the telephone. When we did one of our initial ice breaker games, people heard my name and kept introducing themselves to me. It was GREAT!!!

Hey the cool part, I was able to answer a few questions on the games (no I didn't cheat, I didn't read the questions ahead of time) which caused me to win an umbrella, a coffee mug, a key chain & a hat plus..... I took the test and did excellent! I can now say I took & passed & am OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Course certified :)... I have the card & certificate to prove it :)

This was taken at the end, some people had to leave to catch flights back home but here's who all was left :). We had 48 participants.

This is the fire extinguisher I got to expel off :). It was fun. unfortunately no pictures of me actually setting it off :(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Cause :)

It's such a cute story I just have to share. Last night my mom decided to start walking on her treadmill. (remember my wedding is coming up.....) I was sitting in the living room reading my new cookbook (The Pioneer Woman Cooks, more to come about that!!) waiting for Prince Charming to get done taking a shower so we could make dinner and then watch The Twilight Saga: New Moon (my baby loves me, he bought it for me, again I'll address that later). Anyway I was reading my cookbook and I heard Mudflap just barking and raising cain. I thought what the heck and then I heard my mom start laughing. Next thing I knew Mudflap was standing in front of one of the French doors in the living room barking then he ran down the deck and started barking again. Of course I had to get up and investigate. My parents house has 6 sets of French doors along the back side, one in their bedroom, one in my mom's sewing room (where the treadmill is) 2 in the living room, one in the dining room and one in the other living room or fireplace room. The treadmill sits infront of the sewing room door and Mudflap was barking at my mom. Then he'd run to another door bark, as if he was trying to tell someone something then he'd run back to her door and bark some more. I was laughing so hard but knew I had to get a picture so I hung out one of living room doors to get his picture. He ran over to me, looked at me, barked, ran around a minute and ran back to her door and started barking again. He did this the whole time she was on the treadmill.

So the cookbook. If you haven't read the Pioneer Woman's website, you are missing out. She's hilarious. She has a part called Confessions, just her random blog. She has a part on Photography, she has a part on cooking, recipes plus photos!!, she has a part on home & garden, she has a part called Tasty Kitchen where you can post recipes, etc. Well last fall she had her first cookbook published. After about a week of debating, I knew I had to have it so I ordered it from and it showed up in the mail yesterday. I started reading it while Prince Charming was taking a shower and ran across a Chicken Spaghetti recipe that was to die for! We had chicken that needed to be used and it was that or Chicken soft tacos... the spaghetti won out!

The the other story, I'm not a die hard Twilight person, however I have read the first 2 books, working on the 3rd one although I've been working on it now for a year... Well the second movie came out March 20th at 12:01am at a Wal-Mart near you. I didn't go to theaters to watch it b/c yes I wanted to watch it but again not a die hard Twilight person to stand in those lines!! So Prince Charming knew I wanted to see it so he ordered it for me and it came in yesterday. So last night was filled with barking dogs, chicken spaghetti & New Moon. Not such a bad night for a Wednesday night!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dad, Prince Charming & I went to Horsefest in Springfield Sunday March 14th. (It was a 3 day event March 12-14th) There was a lot of good information that was given out. We watched Kerry Kuhn from Kansas give a demonstration on this 3 year old. The owner said she'd been ridden 1 time last fall and that was it.

He said the first thing you need to do is build the horses trust. Get the curious as to what you are doing and let them see you won't hurt them.

He got the horse to quit running and at least face up to him....

He's finally gotten the horse to follow him and allow him to get closer.

It's about time to put the halter on

By now the horse has calmed down and he's able to saddle her....but.....

That didn't last long and she took off bucking!

They had this arena set up in the Exposition center on concrete. There was probably 4-6 inches of dirt/sand to give it cushion from the concrete. Then they had these panels in there with boards at the bottom to keep the sand in. They had the boards on the fence with ziptie's. Yeah those boards kept breaking lose and sand was going everywhere. Not the brightest way to attach boards!!

Hehe I got side tracked... I liked this shot!!

back to the horse. He finally got her calmed down enough that he started messing with her again. Now he's throwing his Chinks over her to try to desensitize her from things flopping on her, such as a human :)

Then he started jumping up on her, climbing off, jumping on, climbing off, etc.

He said if they breathe real hard through their nostrils, that actually has them paying more attention to you and they think better.

continuing to climb on and off.

He's now just sitting on her.

But that didn't last for long.........
He got to go for one heck of a bronc ride.

By the end of the hour he actually had her calmed down where he could sit on her. He said later in the day they'd work on other things but still work on this also. We didn't attend the session later, we went to watch Stacy Westfall.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3rd Annual Buffalo Show & Sale

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to the MoKan salebarn. They had the 3rd annual (4th one... think about it, the 1st is just the first, the second is the first annual....) Buffalo Show & Sale. Yes we are the proud owners of a few head of Buffalo. They are cool however Buffalo are still considered wild animals, haven't been domesticated. You have to watch them b/c if they want, they'll clean your clock! A cow if you throw your arms at them will usually stop and run the other direction... oh heck not a buffalo. The first year Dad & I went we bought 3 males (they have all since gotten sick and died and we aren't sure what from...). Well we had a cow out one day and I went running through the field to get around her as she was running up the driveway and I had one of the male buffalo hot on my heels. I hoped the metal fence and he plowed right into it. One thing about them, you keep your eyes on them and you make sure not to do any sudden movements. They don't like that! Anyway the second year we went, we bought 3 females. No we didn't do it with intentions of breeding them, it is just how it happened both times. This year we bought 2 more females (remember all males have died now, but you can breed a beef animal to a buffalo, that's how they get the breed, Beefalo's.)

Anyway this was the beginning of the sale. They were actually doing an auction to raise money for the Missouri Bison Association. (MBA)

Tbug got to attend her first Buffalo Sale

This was when they were selling the females. For a while they sold them 1 at a time.

The minute they open that gate, they all charge out of the sale arena.

Toward the middle they started selling them in groups. Still broke out the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners but all others from a particular seller went at the same time.

Again like the individual, once that gate door was open they charged out. Some even came in all bloody b/c they don't quite get the confinements. Most are hauled in from large buffalo operations.

It was also Prince Charming's first Buffalo Sale to attend also.

Tbug was tuckered out from the sale.
Prince Charming was too but his might have been from the early morning wake-up call. Another story for another time!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st Day of Spring

So today is March 20. March 20 is the first day of spring. The first day of spring, shouldn't that start seeing the sun (daylight savings time), green grass, March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb, April Showers bring May flowers, flowers in general.... Not this...

This was about the time we hit Lamar... When we left home it was just misting

We we're headed to the Buffalo Sale at the MoKan Sale barn, This was just a random field around Sheldon

This was closer to Nevada... about 10am this morning

This was south of Rich Hill headed home around 2pm

This was back at our house around 5:30 tonight... blach!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Goals Accomplished......

Hmmmm.... well let's just do a rundown of the goals I actually got accomplished today.....

1. Quit Rambling - Nope still doing that.... *sigh*
2. Don't Cough up a Lung - Well that's been an on going process, verdict is still out....
3. Don't fall asleep at work!! (ooo that's a good one, I should stick to that!!) - Yey 1 accomplished!!
4. oh wait I dozed off..... - remember I lied here!!
5. haha, j/k... thought it'd be funny, back to goals
6. sign photo release - Goal 2 accomplished
7. choose 10-15 photos out of about 130ish.... sigh.... to many good ones to chose from
8. narrow my list down from 26 to 10-15..... - nope still working on this.... :(
9. oh crap I forgot about the b&w, sepia, color enhanced set... - Yeah
10. back to the drawing board - well not sure this counts or not.....
11. I guess learn how to draw if I'm going to the drawing board - nope unless you count stick figures and I don't do them so well.....
12. Find more caffeine, that'll keep me awake, right? - Don't think I did this.... I can't remember, I lost my brain apparently.... maybe I should have added, find brain!
13. get stomach to quit lying about being hungry - If you ignore it long enough it realizes it isn't... :)
14. Keep bobble head (my head) in up right position - I guess I accomplished this....
15. Turn photo release in - Well I didn't, but Prince Charming did, he had to sign it after me so I guess technically this got done, yey another goal completed!!!
16. Quit making so many to do things - nope, failed again
17. Remember to get clothes out of washer tonight so they don't get musty smell - Woohoooo I did this!!! now in the morning, out of dryer!!
18. Go to bed!!!! - Yey I'm laying there right now... just get off computer Nicole!!!!!
19. Enjoy my Friday! - sure why not!
20. Enjoy your Friday too :)- I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt that you did this too! That way I get another goal accomplished :)

Oh boy if you thought this was a list of things to do.... just ask me what I have to accomplish tomorrow.... ack I don't want to think about it, I'm going to sleep now, especially after I keep the lung down and find my brain :)

Happy Friday!


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