Thursday, February 25, 2010


Boy it's been a short while since I posted anything. So much has been going on though, that keeping up has been slightly difficult :). My mom has been traveling non-stop with her job so trying to plan a wedding and check budgets with her, etc has been rather difficult. I love my dad, he just sits back and watches :). We have our date set, Sept 4, 2010; our colors are teal & brown; we have our wedding party; I think we have the church although as of yesterday that didn't sound as promising as we thought... we'll see; we have the reception hall; and the bride and groom of course, haha! While in Branson we actually bought Prince Charming's ring and it was shipped in yesterday!! So plans are moving forward :). His ring is gorgeous... ok so he's a guy, it's um... manly, haha! We have created a wedding website also, you can take a peak if you want!! We even know our kitchen will be John Deere Green & yellow with John Deere stuff, but not all. Our bedroom will be brown and blue (that's why the wedding colors, incorporate some wedding things into our bedroom to always remember that special day... yep, I was thinking ahead). My mom will be at a trade show for 2 weeks but she said when she gets back, she & my aunt are taking me for my first dress shopping. Oddly enough I'm not looking forward to that, I want to be about 50lbs lighter :)... yeah like that'll happen but you never know :). Besides what's it truly matter, Prince Charming loves me just the way I am so whatever, we'll see what happens. Well I hope you have a GREAT day, I have other things to get done!!

Here's Prince Charming's ring. The photo doesn't do it justice, it was just snapped with a phone so we could email the photo to my mom so she could see. (Yes it is on my fingers in this photo)

I finally got my ring sized down and back on my fingers. I absolutely love it! This was also snapped with my phone. I was trying to capture the beautiful sunlight shinning off of it, but it didn't do so hot. (btw, yes I have a 4th finger, I wasn't worried about getting it in the shot!!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Branson - Part 1

While down in Branson, Prince Charming wanted to go visit the Wax Museum. It was cool but doubt it was cool enough to ever go again...

We're off to see the Wizard, The wonderful wizard of Oz (don't tell me you aren't singing it too)

Life is like a Box of Chocolates....

Now this is Shag-a-delix at it's best!

Is Shakesphere in Love? He looks MIA, Prince Charming took his place though :)

I can be a genie :)

Save me SpiderMan!

Yeah I forgot who he was...

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

Yeah I forgot who these were also...

I'm really wishing Prince Charming was helping me, he knows!!

Star Trek!

Beam me up Scottie (that's what he's saying)

Ghost Rider

I could so be an Angel

And a Bay Watch Babe!!

How about a Playboy bunny??

What do you think Mr. Heffner?

Nah I'd rather be a Bond Girl (he was my favorite James Bond!)

If James Bond were a real man, they say he'd be the only man alive to have all STD's known to mankind.

It's still Bond!

Now listen here Mr. Trump, You're Fired! ;)

Bonanza boys!

And we can't forget these guys...

to be continued :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project - Love

Boy wasn't this a wide turn of events. We postponed Project love and boy did we come up with some photos to share with you :)...


He loves me enough, He wants to marry me!

Prince Charming's:

Prince Charming loves this photo b/c I'm snuggled into his shoulder, yet I still am grinning.

The other word: Valentine's Day


I love when everyone asks... oh you got a ring for Valentine's Day, I look at them, grin say no I got a ring for "National Safety Pup Day" or "Lincoln's Birthday", I got a refrigerator for Valentine's Day :)

Prince Charming's:

We wound up with the same photo basically because Prince Charming got the fridge for Valentine's Day from me too :)

Next weeks word: Chair

Friday, February 12, 2010

And She Said Yes

This had started out as a pretty crappy day, I surely didn't know that it would eventually get better! I started doing the mail and got a phone call from Nancy at the front office that I had flowers at the front desk so I headed to the front of the building to go retrieve my flowers. (I work all the way at the back.) I passed Becky grumbling that "Prince Charming's so in trouble." although seriously what girl doesn't like flowers, especially when they look like this!!

Meanwhile back at my desk my mom brought Prince Charming into the building. Tracy got her camera out and Nicole got another camera that had a recorder out. Becky was standing guard in the hallway to announce to them when I got back. Then they all dove into different hiding places.

So when I came back Becky announces really loud that I had beautiful flowers. My desk has frosted glass around it and when I walked around the corner and I could see someone on the far side of my desk but I figured it was a coworker had dropped something or since I was having such a bad day, they were going to jump out and scare me (things like that happen to me from time to time) so I didn't really think to much of it. So I came up on my mystery guest and Prince Charming is down on one knee.

I just stared at him and he asked me "The Question" and I was rendered speechless. (yes I know, this doesn't hardly happen at all!)

I just stared at him and it dawned on me, SPEAK Nicole :)... so of course I said yes. He said he had to pry my death grip off the rose container to set them down on my desk for me; He said he thought I'd drop the flowers and he was prepared to catch them... LOL

Then he turned around and I tackled him in a bear hug.

Of course a girl has to try on the ring :)

Prince Charming says this is his favorite photo.

I'm officially ENGAGED!!!! I love my Prince Charming!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Project - Love Postponed

Well looks like we've decided to postpone Project Love again and make it in conjunction with Project Valentine's Day. This weekend was absolutely crazy! I guess a crazy weekend following a crazy week, what more could you expect? Friday night I got home from work and you guessed it, more lambs. A set of twins out of a rather crazy ewe. Prince Charming picks the lambs up and tries to coax the ewe out of the pen but it didn't work. So there was feed in the trough and I pounced on the ewe, got ahold of her, and she proceeded to drag me all around the lot. Now we've just recently had snow melt off and then it snowed on Friday (as you saw here) which melted away within an hour so the pen the ewes were locked in was a nasty sloppy mess. Well with her dragging me around in the mud somehow I lost my footing and went face first into the mud landing my right knee on a rock. I screamed and Prince Charming put the lambs down to come get me but then instantly picked them up b/c the ewe was going nuts. I got to my feet but I thought for sure I was going to hurl. I finally hobbled over to the feed trough and sat in it (and it was full of water). By this time my dad came up from feeding cows and started helping but didn't know that I had hit my knee so was yelling b/c I could hardly move. big breath of air!! We finally got the ewe and lambs in the barn and Prince Charming & I ran in the house and cleaned up so that we could go pick Tbug up after gymnastics. Friday would have also been my Grandma Smith's birthday so she and my grandpa's favorite place to eat was Red Lobster. On Wednesday would have been Prince Charming's step dad's birthday, so as a way to celebrate their lives, we went to eat at Red Lobster.

Saturday morning I was woke up (first to shooting knee pains) to a sick baby lamb. One that we'd brought in the evening before. We wrapped her up in a towel and set her infront of the fire place. Then proceeded to tube her to get milk into her belly. Tbug helped me with this. We'd planned on opening her a savings account that we will put money in for her good grades she earns so right before we walked out the door to go to the bank, we decided to tube the lamb one more time. That just brightened her right up. She looked at us bright eyed and we wound up putting her in a box so we didn't find her walking around the house when we got back. And then off to the bank. Tbug had a birthday party to attend for one of her friends and then that night for dinner she and Memaw had a dinner date. They went to Del Rio.

Sunday morning we woke up to the sweetest little lamb cries and then from inside I heard my dad cussing. I wasn't sure what was going on so I woke Prince Charming up and we got dressed and headed outside. We walked all around and couldn't find him. It turns out the bull was over on the neighbor's place so he had to get him back over the fence. Then Tbug had stayed the night with Memaw so we went to pick her up and give Memaw her Valentine's Day present (from Tbug) and then we ran into town to give Prince Charming's dad his Valentine's Day present (from Tbug) and then headed back to the house to band lamb tails and move momma/lambs and expecting around. Prince Charming gave Tbug a bigger lamb to carry and she said she couldn't. We told her to bring it as far as she could. She told us later, next time she wants a lighter/littler one. She was great help though! Then she went and helped my dad do chores in the barn. We got done with enough time to take her in the house and clean her up and then Prince Charming took her to meet her momma.

All plans we had of doing a photo shoot were wiped out with time restraints and bruises and swelling. Maybe next time. However I did snap a few photos of Tbug with my phone while we were doctoring baby lambs.

Daddy helping Tbug catch the lamb.

Daddy telling her how to hold the lamb so I can take a picture

A sweet girl with a sweet lamb!

Here she is staying out of the way but making sure she's not missing any of it

She caught me getting her picture.


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